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Thread: Thief 1/2 in 3D : install/setup instructions

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    Anybody know how to get this to work in windows 10? So far I haven't had any luck. Was working great in Windows 7.

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    TriDef 3D would be worth a try. It runs in Windows 10 and I managed to get some decent 3D effects with anaglyph technique. Should be working with HDMI 3D too.

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    Okay, I've messed around with this a bit now and... well... TriDef basically works. But it looks horrible. Mainly due to the auto-focus feature which I simply couldn't turn off... Might give this another try someday but for now I wasn't successful...

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    I finally got Thief 2 working in 3D again after several years of not playing in 3D. The TriDef drivers definitely work. First, I downloaded the trial app from TriDef to make sure they worked before I paid $39.99. Once I installed the TriDef drivers, I setup the TriDef program to run 3D in side by side (recommended) mode. Then I opened the TriDef 3D Ignition program and made a profile for both the thief2.exe and the shortcut to the FM Selector. You need to open the FM Selector and the regular game from inside the TriDef Ignition program. Once inside the game, it will switch to two screens side by side. Then you turn on the HDTV 3D side by side mode and enable the 3D glasses. Using the TriDef keyboard shortcuts, you need to adjust two very important settings (percent in front and scene depth). If you don't change these two settings then the 3D will not look like much at all. I lowered them down to zero first and then set the percent in front to 30 and the scene depth to 18. I would not recommend setting them higher than this. Now, I am playing all the Thief 2 FMs in beautiful 1080p 3D on a Samsung 60" 3D-HDTV.
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    I've found another way without TriDef or any commercial tools to get Thief 1 + 2 working with 3D vision. However, you have to live without the post-processing of NewDark. Here's what I did:

    1. Download dgvoodoo:
      Extract the files from the MS folder into your Thief folder.
      You can also extract and use dbvoodooCpl.exe to remove the watermark.

      Only for Thief 1: When you're already there, rename thief.exe into thief1.exe.
    2. Edit ext_cam.cfg and place a ; in front of use_d3d_display.
      Thief will now use Direct3D 6 which will activate DGVooDoo which will wrap it to DX11.
    3. Download NVidia Profile Inspector.
      Look in the profiles for Thief 2:The Metal Age. Scroll down to the "Stereo" section and change these values:
      Stereo Profile = Yes
      StereoTextureEnable = 0x00000001 COMMON_STEREO_TEXTURE_ENABLED

      For Thief 1: Next look for the "add application to current profile" and add thief1.exe to this profile.

      Click on Apply Changes and close nVidia Inspector.
    4. Start the game and set a 3D resolution (in my case 1280x720). Play and enjoy the game again in stereoscopic 3D.

    Hope this works for you too.

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    Nice one ChildofKarras, ill try that with my 3d setup.

    Anyone using Iz3d right now at all. I am having an error come up when i start it

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