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Thread: Who's Planning On A Mission Release for 2012?

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    Who's Planning On A Mission Release for 2012?

    I think the "What are you working on now" thread has gotten so large...

    I'm curious as to who is planning on releasing a Dark Mod, T2, or other FM this year? LarryG and I have been tossing the ball back and forth on a collaboration. Who else?

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    I am.
    End of 2012, or early 2013...
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    I am.

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    I am, the rest of my Prequel campaign. But then I "planned" to release Finals in 2010, and barely made it under the wire for 2011.

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    I've got several projects on the go. I hope to release at least 1 this year

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    Here too. I got hooked making that contest mission, now I'm doomed.

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    My FM has been thorougly beta-tested and I'm ready to release it, but I have tons of RL work to do before that, unfortunately.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Me and Rob have The Drymian Codex with Tannar, which should make it out within 2 months. Then it's back to the behemoth DCE, which probably won't make it out this year either. It's now been in development off and on for a decade - Polygon made one of the missions used in it in 2002 - so what's another year, eh?

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    I've got two half-finished FMs still on my harddrive (a reloaded Soulforge project and a Lost City mission) and right now feeling very motivated and eager to get something done with DromEd

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    I'm working on an improved version of Shadows In Our Blood.

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    I'm working on a black & white mission but I'm not sure if it will be ready this year. Just having fun with it yet when I have time.

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    I'm planning to release Xavier's this year. Of course, I planned to release it last year too, so I guess I'm not the best planner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricebug View Post
    I think the "What are you working on now" thread has gotten so large...

    I'm curious as to who is planning on releasing a Dark Mod, T2, or other FM this year? LarryG and I have been tossing the ball back and forth on a collaboration. Who else?
    I hope to release a TDP mission by end of summer or in the fall. City, lots of caves, climbing and monkeys. Due to real life getting in the way, this mission is taking forever.


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    I've been working on a 64' cube mission. No idea when it's going to be done. Probably this year, but I've lots of other obligations with grad school and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbb View Post
    I hope to release a TDP mission by end of summer or in the fall. City, lots of caves, climbing and monkeys. Due to real life getting in the way, this mission is taking forever.

    That's great to hear. I mean, about it being worked on, not RL getting in the way.

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    I was planning on releasing chapter 1 in my mini-campaign this year, but now with a lot of other stuff suddenly going on, the release might be postponed.

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    NewDark 64³ Contest Winner
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    I have one coming out in about a week.

    I also have another one that will hopefully be done by Christmas.
    My experience with the contest mission has led me to severly cut back the size of my other work-in-progress. The thing was way too massive I guess. That's what I get for aiming for a 12 hour play through. I removed about 40% of it in one night and just kept the parts I liked.

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    I'm hoping (but not promising) to get mine released some time this year. I've got three more missions to create.

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    Me with Sturmdrang Peak. I'm in beta technically, but the last mission is getting a major rework so it'll still be a while yet.

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    I may, but I'm not so positive of that. Right now I'm working on mission 2 of my campaign (A haunted estate). Mission 1 (city mission) isn't done yet, but I got bored.

    My campaign is largely inspired by a series of recurring nightmares I've had since i was a child. I seem to have nightmares not just about a particular house, but several, and the town they are in. MIssions 1 and 2 are partly completed, and I have some brush work and texturing done on missions 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10, but I haven't started 5, 7, or 8 at all yet. I'd say more to make it more interesting, but I don't want to give too much away so I'll be vagueish. My campaign is roughly as follows.

    Mission 1 - City, Garrett meets two lords with a job for him to do, but they have more on their agenda than they tell him. This is the mission I was working on back in 2006.

    Mission 2 - Farm estate (think sleepy hollow), haunted yes, but not by a horseman. 3 new AI introduced.

    Mission 3- City, Garrett goes back to the city to reckon with the two lords and finds much more going on than he thought. More new AI. This mission was partially inspired by autumn in lampfire hills.

    Mission 4- Graveyard/Cathedral, Graveyard=big, sprawling, hilly, catacombs, mausoleums, overgrown, neglected, and a BIG cathedral right in the middle of it. New AI. Not inspired by THC or RTTC actually, more so by a tremendous cemetary in a city I used to live in.

    Mission 5- Mountaintops/glacier/monastery, Someone is very unhappy with Garrett, and strands him up here to die. (I'd like to say who, and why, but it is integral to the campaign). New AI.

    Mission 6 - Mountains/Caverns, Escaping the icy clutches involves passing through an ancient cavern with a nasty surprise. 2 new AI. I started this as an entry to the vertical contest, but got sidetracked.

    Mission 7 - City/Deserted Sanitarium, Someone has gotten Garrett's undivided attention. Now he just needs to find out who. New AI. The cradle/house on haunted hill, enough said.

    Mission 8 - Stowed away on a ship, Now Garrett knows where to go, he needs to travel there, and the only people going where he's headed don't like passengers. New AI. This was derived from a text adventure I created back when those were actually in style.

    Missiion 9 - Tropical town/Sizeable swamp, Garrett needs a way in to the castle/manor house on the cliffside, but first he's got to find the gate key, which just so happens to be in the hands of someone very unpleasant deep in the swamps. New AI. Think New Orleans meets Haiti. Lots of voodoo, zombies and witches. May end up being split into two missions.

    Mission 10 - The manor house has a very dark history. I won't lie this was partly inspired by Clive Barker's Undying.

    The number of missions, mission order, and other details are subject to change without notice, which is why I've never said much about any of this before. All the new AI are either things from my nightmares, or things I think would be cool. I'd like to describe them, but again I'd rather surprise people. I'm not content to populate renditions of my nightmares with just the standard haunts and zombies. I know this is a hell of a lot of work, and god knows if I'll finish any of it, but I have been toying with the various missions on and off since 2006, so some of the work is already done.

    I may actually have mission 1 or 2 ready to go sometime this year. If I finish mission 2 before mission 1, I will likely release it in a typical estate heist version and rerelease the intended version when I'm done with mission 1.
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    Why don't you release it in 3 separate installments? If not, you're probably looking at 2015.

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    DromEd Archmage
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    I am. I don't know when it would be finished. The end of the year, or next year... No idea, it is too early to know.

    By the way: Is someone know where can I find a beautiful huge craig texture with snow?

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    Here you can watch the first little Screenshots!

    And don´t worry, the FM will be translated. I hope you like the Soundtrack

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    For seven years I've been planning to release a mission any day now!
    I keep getting over-ambitious and burning out after weeks of work, but it'd be nice to release at least one map for these games that have given me so much pleasure.

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