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Thread: TDM FM: The Phrase Book by Sotha (2012/05/12)

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    TDM FM: The Phrase Book by Sotha (2012/05/12)

    Thomas Porter is back in a TDM FM called...

    The Phrase Book by Sotha

    Release notes:
    If you find something called "softened lead ball" do note that it will not KO AI in TDM 1.07. Once 1.08 comes with its new features, the ball should work. While waiting for 1.08, the ball might still work as a distraction.
    The mission uses heavily RITs, so guard activity should be more interesting and challenging.
    The mission randomizes the location of few critical objects upon map start, so that coupled with the AI RIT behavior the mission should be more replayable than any other missions TDM has seen thus far.

    Please use spoiler tags. I do not recommend you read further as someone always fails to use spoiler tags.



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    Thank you!

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    new version:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sotha
    Increased font size to make briefing easier to read.
    Fixed a stupid unpickable door issue.

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    Yeah, the perils of copy-pasta...

    Here is the TDM thread:

    Here is the Mission Download page:


    Here is the Moddb gallery of screens:


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    Quote Originally Posted by edudrekib View Post
    the link is actually shortened with "..." instead of whatever is supposed to be there. I'm hoping it is a thread with more screenshots!

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    Awsome mission , a well designed city with beautiful houses to explore. Very enjoyable gameplay, beautiful music choosen for the outside, relaxing atmosphere and nice story.

    Many thanks for this high quality mission

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