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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

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    83: Whenever you hear footsteps, you think: I didn't put an AI patrol here!
    84: When you try to read a novel and it starts with page 1, darn it!

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    83: Whenever you hear footsteps, you think: I didn't put an AI patrol here!
    84: When you try to read a novel and it starts with page 1, darn it!

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    You say 'Taffer' A LOT more.

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    86. You have 2 days off sick with flu and spend them trying DromEd for the first time. Now you have a headache, eyestrain and a really bad level to make you feel better.

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    87. Your last mission got a review of 4.5 Silver Hammers and you think "I could do better."

    88. You sit in church with a notepad sketching out the chapel because you think the architecture looks cool.

    89. You find yourself carrying around a digital camera so that you can take pictures of cool textures.

    90. You start refering to all wallpaper, carpet, grass, etc. as 'textures'.

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    Digital Nightfall

    91 - You find yourself constantly irritated at "real word" architects, because they don't have to worry about those damn scene complexity errors!!

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    92 When aksed to tidy your room, you stare back blankly and think "But you CAN'T put things back in containers"

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    88, 89 and 90 have happened to you already, now you are waiting for 87.


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    93. You are amazed at how people walk up steps.
    94. You get exicited when opening doors because they don't fly away.
    95. when you go swiming you wonder how they got the all the water to be the same color.
    96. You have a file cabinet full of printed out dromed tutorials.
    97. You have alphebatized your dromed tutorials.
    98. You laugh at newbies.

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    99. You get the sudden hurge to black jack someone when you get pissed off with them...

    100. You look at a building and start thinking how it was created with fill solid and fill air brushes. (I've done this)

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    101. When in a maths exam you try writing "dump_answers answers.txt", but get no success (if suggestions towards your mental health don't count).

    102. On a lesson, you wonder how many invisible, imfrobbable and immaterial buttons did they have to use for linking all those teacher's conversations together.

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    103. You get cold and shiver and get hunger pangs if you go without dromed for very long.
    104. Your constantly worried that you might trigger something when walking into rooms.

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    105. You replaced 'the_eye' music with B.A. Barracis from the A-team saying "shutup foo."

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    106. You ask your friends to lie down in the tub to see if there is enough shadow to hide a body.
    107. You constantly fidget with the light bulbs in your room and move the furniture so that you can hide behind the bed in darkness and jump up and blackjack people as they walk in.
    108. You come across odd misalignments in carpets and walls and laugh at the oversights of the builders... or spend 3 hours running over and over them thinking they might contain that last 75 loot you were missing last time you tried a mission.

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    109: You find it terribly difficult to resist the urge, while standing in the kitchen, to pick up a spoon, and hit your mom in the back of the head.

    110: You walk around with a black sock full of quarters "Just in case.

    111: You sneak around your house because you can, and try not to laugh when family members don't see you.

    112: BIGGEST REASON: You find yourself whistling along with the gaurds.

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    113: You are constantly amazed when opens counterclockwise and doesn't disappear
    114: You step outside for the first time in 3 days and are amazed you can see all the way down the block without screen complexity errors
    115: Every time dromed crashes Andrew Dice Clays phones telling you to tone down the language.
    116: Andrew dice clay goes broke from long distance bills
    117: Your friends look at you funny when you tell them you want a pet burrick, and reply by saying "I'll just set metaprop "GoodGuy" on it

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    118: You see a stack of coins lying about in the open and try to find a better place to hide them.
    119: You walk into a dark room and question whether you put light_bright on or off.
    120: You walk into a bright room and try to Alt-E into the editor to make some shadows.
    121: You're asked to wash the dishes and reply with, "Should I use a 'fill water' or a 'flood' brush on the sink?"
    122: When they tell you to use the tap, you reply, "Don't be stupid! Everyone knows you can't frob taps!".

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    123: When you see a man jogging down the street, you wonder what the motion name is, and how you can get your guards to use it.

    124: When someone asks you "How's it goin'?" you feel an irrepressible urge to wait for him to go by and then whack him in the dome with a blunt object.

    125: You wonder where the textures for the stained-glass windows in the local church are stored.

    126: Where IS 0,0,0 in the real world anyways, and how come nobody's ever been there to tell us about all the weird, detached projectiles floating around?

    127: The pathfinding AI of a seeing-eye dog dumbfounds you.

    128: When you measure a "real life" room for porting into Dromed, and find it only 8 feet high, you scoff and say: "That'll look stupid! It'll feel like you're bumping your head!" And then proceed to add more air brushes to the "real life" room to make the head clearance more acceptable for jumping and other athletics.

    129: You always enclose the term "real world" in quotation marks.

    130: You wonder how long it took to portalise the world.

    131: You then figure out how long it took to portalise the world.

    132: When your friend asks you a good way to lose weight, you say "Edit your Properties:Physics:Attributes and change the Mass field to something lower, then use Datoyminaytah's reskinnable humans pack to make your model look thinner.

    133: When your friend looks at you in confusion, you just stare right back at them and say: "You know? Datoyminaytah? The conversations guru? You can get the reskinnables from"

    134: When your friend still doesn't understand, you just roll your eyes, sidle around him, and whack him in the head with a blunt object.

    The above was a public service announcement from the new Riff: Bigger, warmer and fuzzier than ever before. Until his camel spits in his eye, that is.

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    135. you dream in wireframe and always attempt a "solid plus selection" before waking up.

    136. You are always on the lookout for white wedges from hell.

    137. Whenever you see a pillar you still can't believe that it's round.

    138. You constantly remind the builder to optimize when he finishes your new house.

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    139. You know you can't die because you haven't added a mission to your life yet.

    140. You jump of large distances that would kill Garret and think: he's such a sissy.

    141. Every time pain or an injury is inflicted you rate how many shields it would have taken off.

    142. You wonder how many gas arrows are linked to that bean burrito...

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    143: You discover how many gas arrows were linked to that bean burrito after rendering your entire family unconscious.

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    144: The number of emails in your inbox from "" actually dwarfs the number of emails from spammers like "Billy Bob's house of blow-up sheep fetish."

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    Kyran Ward

    LOL @ 132 & 133.

    #145 You fail to see why any of these might be considered outrageous.

    #145 When Kyran Ward tells you he was just about to post a quote one might chant upon losing one's car keys, you already know what that quote is.

    -gabe- (dressed in black)

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    #146 After a long Dromed-day, you finally decide to sleep, but 5 AM in the morning a mosquito wakes you up by buzzing around your head. After many, unsuccesful attempts to kill it, you just decide to "aiawareofplayer" yourself out of the mess.

    #147 Because it didn't work, you just decide to delete the mosquito archetype. (true story, unfortunately)

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    #148 - You wake up in the middle of the night with a cool idea but are not sure how to go about it. So you get up and post your question on the TEG in hopes it will be answered by morning...or am i alone on that one

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