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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

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    224. you take you Laptop out tonight to a cementary (in a fullmoon night) to play RTC !

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    225: After doing #224 your family has you committed when you come home screaming about "the walking dead" and burn your hands trying to strap a hot coal onto an arrow shaft.

    226: as they drag you away kicking & screaming to the bowls of the asylum, you vow "hah! i already know how to escape from Cragscleft prison!"

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    227. Whenever a Droopy Dog cartoon is on, you start blackjacking the TV while shouting, "Die, Karras! Die!"

    228. The name Constantine does not bring World History to mind.

    229. You laugh at the name Thomas Edison and confuse your friends by telling them the light bulb (and most machinery) has been around since the Middle Ages.

    230. You become very frightened that at any moment the world will end because you're not sure your path database has been computed recently.

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    231: you hear that God created the world, life, universe, etc. in a week so you figure you can at least create a mission in a week.

    232: It's been a year since you have started your mission!

    The air seemed charged with a special calm as if someone had waited there, quietly, and only a moment before he came, simply turned to a shadow and let him through.
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    233. You actually get these posts.
    234. The people at work are white wedges.
    235. You sense the insignificance and arrogance of the patrol guards, because if they only knew...

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    236. You go into buildings and say to yourself, hmm...this would make a nice level.

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    237: You buy a sword and use it to kill every spider you see.


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    238) you actaly think that it would be easyer to just use that auomatic dromed level build tels made (or whoever)

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    239) You bring up a post that has been in the storage room for nearly months

    The signature . . . ?

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    240. When you are sitting there working on your level and you finally look down at the timer.....

    To all those who think I won't see you in hell.

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    240. When you are sitting there working on you level when you look down at the timer.....

    To all those who think I won't see you in hell.

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    When you sit down on the subway, the doors close and the train trarts moving, you wonder how they got the "sliding doors" to move along with it.
    You mentally write "aiawareofplayer" and try to follow people you don't know into their homes.

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    Sneaky Acolyte

    You go into the woods, gather up moss patches, and jump on them to see how much noise you make in the "real world" (i am guilty of this )

    You come home and find that your house has been broken into. You say to yourself "What foul deed is this?" and you go out to the back shed, get your sledge-hammer and proceed to check around the house for the thief.

    You find the thief and you scream "Halt thief! I see thee thou shalt not escape."

    The thief jumps out a window and you give chase, screaming "Thou art for it now!!!"

    While in the public library, you need assistance and when you see a librarian, you say "Librarian, hold. I'm glad our paths have crossed this day."

    You constantly refer to your girl friend's brother/your brother-in-law as Basso.

    When your little boy asks you how a flashlight works you respond with "Well, back in my day we needed to use S&Rs. These new flashlights, they just use renderer-->dynamic light. Yep, those old falshlights had a lot more personality than these fancy new ones...."

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    250. You read this forum and say man how long will this keep on?


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    251) You don't let a topic die until it says 1000

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    252) You wonder why the guards in your level arent as impressed about the architechture as you are.

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    253) You try to fly by hitting SHIFT-E on your mental keyboard.

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    Taking a break
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    You imagine how complex your cat's patrol route is

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    255) You see S&R's everywere(stove, cigarett lighter, etc.)

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    113: 256:
    You look at other Taffer's screenshots and
    you recognize which stage of Dromed screens were taken in by items displayed at the bottom of the pics (weapons, damage meter, ect...)

    You use the term "Taffer" in any situation whatsoever (calling your boss a taffer).

    WHOOPS! (page 3 ???)

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    115) You just lose your job, girlfriend etc and start looking for Ctrl-Z.

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    Ugh...don't remind me.

    You see OSMs. Everywhere you go, it's OSMs. OSMs. OSMs. OSMs. Nothing but the damn OSMs. And why??? Just because you were damned to be the one to crack them.

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    robert gronemann

    You have Dromed installed on your laptop. Here are the top ten places you can now Drome:

    1. Work for lunch (or any) breaks.
    2. To bed; your wife reads books; you Drome
    3. Restruants. I always eat alone. Now I have AI conversations.
    4. Hey its summer! Drome in the park.
    5. The lines in the Superdome bathrooms suck at halftime, that is, without Dromed.
    6. Movies are predictable these days. But Dromed isnt! You pathfind and optimize 8MB during a Hollywood movie to wake up.
    7. Please turn off all cellphones and computers during takeoff.
    8. Rush hour radio is boring. Why not Drome?
    9. Camping just isnt the same without Dromed.
    10. On a date. Who says you cant have a social life? She's gotta go to the bathroom sometime!

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    Don't forget church, in the back pew or off to one side, while you occasionally look up at the architecture in the church for some "inspiration"

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    When walking in the park looking at a stream and lake, you toss flowers in to measure the flow brushes, while looking at the trees and seeing them as a series of connected cylinders, and wondering how long it took to optimize the said tree.
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