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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

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    113?! WTF? You're screwing up the numbering, that should be 349!!!


    350: You're so absorbed by dromeding that you've no time for mundane numbering for the 1000 clues list...
    351: You're thrilled that Dromed came with that free "thief" game.
    352: Either that, or you forget that you have THIEF all together...
    353: Instead of Dromeding in your free time, you work, eat, and sleep in your "free time"
    354: Your friends and family have actually started to understand what the hell it is you're doing on your computer half the day...
    355: ... and can now make thier own levels.

    ok, i know it should go under 1000, but i can't wait that long (or has this already been said?)

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    356) Whenever something goes wrong in real life, you say " Oh well, we can always load the backup file "

    357) You have customised the menus, text, window size and colour schemes of Dromed so much that it is no longer recognizable as Dromed.

    358) You use Dromed as a word processor, timer, file sorter and general operating system.

    359) You bought a monochrome monitor just for use with Dromed.

    360) You have significantly modified and improved the OM's.

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    I wonder why nobody's mentioned that yet:
    361) You get employed as a Thief 3 designer

    And three others:
    362) You decide your masterpiece requires something much better than "just optimizing", so you start building the BSP tree by hand with a hex editor.
    363) You start hex-coding your whole levels, not using DromEd at all!
    364) You did something wrong while designing the level, which would normally cause DromEd to crash during optimizing - but, since you do this stuff manually now, you come across the offending bytes and spontaneously combust.
    find / -name \*yourbase\* -exec chown us:us {} \;

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    (365) You walk outside, look across a beautiful field and wonder how high the polygon count is.
    (366) You think about making everything you see a level in DromEd
    (367) You start to wonder what DromEd stands for
    (368) You wonder if you'll go to the Builder's Paradise and meet The Master Builder, or if you'll go to the Maw and meet the Trickster (again)
    (369) You talk like Garrett and become a cynic.
    (370) You become an addict, and your parent's constantly ask you whether you "need your fix"
    (371) You realize that everything that Tyrilix has written has happened to both him and you.

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    Oh and...
    (372) You buy a blackjack (true and sad, I did)

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    Originally posted by Tyrilix:
    Oh and...
    (372) You buy a blackjack (true and sad, I did)
    OOOOOO where did ja buy it?
    "Garrett is a master thief who makes Sam Fisher look like one of those goofy toy monkeys with clattering cymbals!" ~D-Pad Destroyer~ GamePro
    ~Clan NBU~ Forever Watchful...

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    I know why BWV1080 put 113 instead of 349.

    The first page of this thread goes up to 112, so it would seem that the bit that says this thread is 4 pages long wasn't noticed.

    373) The '1000 clues' target gets met.
    374) Then thread called Another 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much gets started.

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    375) All the clues have been said twenty times before.

    I don't know, I haven't read the entire thread

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    you hold your key in front of your flat, expecting the door to open

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    377) Your wife asks if you're back on the weed, as your eyes are bloodshot 24/7.
    378) For the same reason cops won't talk to you when you get pulled over, they just arrest you to save time.
    379) You critique the lighting in your living room and start moving plants and furniture around to get a more realistic look.
    380) Three neighbors are sueing you for black-jacking their dogs and one cat.
    381) When the wife's away you move the computer and fridge into the bathroom, to save walking time.
    382) You break an ankle jumping off the roof, exclaiming to the confused paramedics that you hit 'shift q' so nothing should have happened.
    383) The psychiatrist at the hospital doesn't believe you either.
    384) You wonder how to adjust a healing potion's properties to duplicate the effect of the thorazine they just injected...

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    385 TheSpeedPotionsYouHaveBeenExperimentingWith S t i l l N ee d
    S o m e W o r k . . . . . .

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    386 -When it's time to make a callendar -with the best of "1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much" ...

    Actually I think this would be a great way to start the day ....
    Placing it in the startup menu... (Year Callendar)

    guess Totality regret this topic now.......

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    Originally posted by shadowthief:
    OOOOOO where did ja buy it?
    Sorry I haven't checked the forums in awhile (sin, sin!), but i ordered it from a Shomer-Tec catolog (I think anyway, it was my dad's) for about 16 bucks. Happy Taffing shadowthief!

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    387 - When your girlfriend catches you cheating you hit yourself for forgeting to move that trolpt OUT of the bedroom

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    you sue ADT(secruity company) because their alarm system didnt come with a RelayTrap and a DestroyTrap.

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    You tafferise the builder's spoken word;

    One of the most versatile words in the builders english today is the word 'taff' that, simply by the prefix and/or suffix can mean almost anything.

    as a verb; 'Taff off Bejorin!'

    exclamation; 'Caught us a Taffer!'

    as a state of consciousness; 'I feel taffed after last night!'

    inquiry; 'who that taffing about then?'

    dissatisfaction; 'well isn't that taffastic!'

    past tense



    And as almost every word in a sentance;

    'taff the taffing taffer!'

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    389 - People who spend their days explaining all the ways to use the word "taff". (good job)

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    390. You go to a party and wonder why the framerate isn't any lower than .25

    391. When you spend 3 hours a day in the Thief forums. (very true. current time-3hours:15minutes:11seconds)
    <xhtml><eat id="mouth">potato</eat></xhtml>

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    >392< [a] Walking around the streets, late at night in full plate armour, with a hammer.

    >392> [b] Walking around the streets, late at night in full plate armour, with a hammer searching out nails that aren't quite in properly and whence finding that nail that didst offend the builder using overhead swings to smite it back into place

    {Thanks for the inspiring quote ataricom }

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    >393< Speaking involuntarily in Old/Archaic English.
    {Whilst working 'front counter' at KFC I nearly blurted out ;

    'The builder shalt pound thy potatoes til a mash maketh, and boil thy gravy to the sir's contentment.'

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    394 - You spend the better part of almost every day for more than a year working on the same thief 1/2 level.

    395 - You start the (crazy) 15 year project of creating your entire Country into a thief 2 level, and you actually finish it.

    396 - laptop computer and put it in a backpak, hooked up to VR goggles that your wear, so you can DromEd where ever you go.

    397 - you wander off into town whereing these goggles and when your laptop finally runns out of battery power you end up in one of the weirdest places with a crowd of ppl around u.

    398 - You have the imprint of DromEd burned into your vision(mind).

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    : 399 : Speaking in your sleep your new 'Garrett quotes'

    'Let the hammers of justice miss me by a country mile'

    'There's something basically wrong with a city that doesn't have a pizzeria'

    'If i dropped a bottle of wine in front of that guard would he be clever enough to drink it or would he wonder where it came from . . .'

    'I'd sound like a taffer if anybody heard these soliloquoy's'

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    !!! 400 !!!
    Your diet consists of loaves of french bread, wedges of cheese, the odd cucumber, apples, a purple unamed fruit, entire deer legs, and two carrotts and one parsnip.

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    401 - When you die you have a computer running DromEd buried with you.

    402 - You make a little room attached to your house with no doors or windows, you paint it blue, and place a teleport trap linked to your alarm system, in your kitchen.

    403 - Your first house is a castle

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    404 - YOu then fill that blue room with 20 or so guards

    405 - In your FM, you create a computer, and when you frob the computer, DromEd 2 comes up on the little computer screen.

    406 - You build a level INSIDE a level.

    407 - When some1 yells at you you wonder who would've changed their schema from m20nicyguy to m20rudeassbastard
    Friends don't let friends post stupid.
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