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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

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    ~ 408 ~
    You know the layout of the original missions and your favourite fan missions so well you play only on expert, with your moniter turned upside down, using only your left hand for the mouse and keyboard and just for that extra thrill you close you left eye.

    (from experiance ; turning the moniter upside down is interesting, i haven't tried the others yet.)

    ~ 408 ~ (b)
    Thinking of new and interesing ways to play the thief universe.

    ~ 408 ~ (c) [3rd edition 2nd printing]
    Adding sub-sections, appendix and footnotes to ones #nth clue . . .

    I bump me.

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    You set as your home page (also true )

    You spend hours every day wondering what would have happened if that Dromed optimizer virus wasn't caught in time.

    During the time not spent at work/school, eating, going to the bathroom, and Dromeding, you spend the remaining time(approx. 1hr, used fir sleep) reciting every conversation (used and unused) from T1 and T2.
    <xhtml><eat id="mouth">potato</eat></xhtml>

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    > 4 1 2 <
    I can't stand it! a week without a post to this thread!
    think ! think ! think !

    You shift to a flat that is in an appropriate part of town
    i.e. built around 1900.

    {For those of you who live in Dunedin S.I. N.Z. the old RSA buildings are a gift from the builder}

    Hadst I a hammer wouldst you give me 2 coppers for it ?

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    413: You go into a crazed frenzy and knock you wife out cold when you find that she has uninstalled you game and uses the excuse "I was trying to download something".

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    414: You make an AI that looks like yourself (looks and voice) in dromed and make him AICoverstationActor: and have him perform scenes from movies, with copyies of self...

    Very Funny... Indeed... I'm still laughing...

    Wild At Heart:
    Scene with Cristen Glover (Where he is up all night making sandwitches: and he says:
    "I making my Lunch!" )

    ... um.. er... I guess you have to see it... (nevermind...)

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    415: You dig deep into the archives of TEG forums do bring this thread back to life

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    416. You add yet anoter entry to this after it has been revived from Novermber in an attempt to bring it that much closer to at least 500 replies.
    A Thief in the 30s, an original novel.
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    417: This thread actually makes it up to 1000.
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    418: You roam the streets with a giant ruler, trying to measure the proportions of that oh-so-cool courthouse

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    This thread, after about three months of complete inactivity, has actually received four or five more replies.
    A Thief in the 30s, an original novel.
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    419. When at a police station in real life, you wonder how hard it would be to pick-pocket the keys to locked areas (happened today).

    420. When cars in front of you move to slowly, you subconsciously reach for your car's giant blackjack...

    421. You really start to believe that you could knock somebody out with a blow to any part of their body, as long as they're not looking.

    422. You consider installing Dromed on your machine at work.

    423. You install Dromed on your machine at work.

    424. You get fired from work... and your biggest concern is getting your .COW to your home computer.

    425. You wish daytime wasn't so damn bright.
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    -426- You're trying to put a weaponstim receptron on your cat while both of you are sleeping!
    The thieves, the thieves, the filthy little thieves, they stole it from us... the's ours it is and we want it!

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    You get arrested from take pictures and drawings of Government Office Buildings thinking that you are a terrorist instead of a perfectionist "Dromeditor Brusher"....

    I need bail....

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    428: You stay up for 3 days in a row dromediting.

    429:You blackjack your pet because u thought it was an AI lurking about.

    430: You hide in the shadows for someone walk by and u hit them with a water balloon think u bagged a taffer with a water arrow so u hide when they look for u.

    431: U go trick or treating as Garrett. "I actually did this SNICKER! "

    432: U sneak around the city and wonder where's the bloody Starting Point.

    433: u blackjack your brother for stealing ur Megadeth cd.

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    You keep believing that someday you will get all your female voice actor lines finished by the time of your 40th birthday...


    You stop females randomly on the street to ask them to speak into the microphone... Needless to say... I need bail again...


    My 20 Month-old daughter keeps trying to eat the microphone, besides not every voice line can be "Galag ga dada"...

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    435: You try to find something in your room, and when you're unable, you think about going into Dromed and performing a search for the object...

    436: ...It takes you longer than 10 seconds to realize the error of your logic.

    437: You bring your thief discs everywere with you, in hopes that you'll come accross a computer you can install thief on and work in dromed.

    438: You coem up with trite expressions like "Dromeders: More than Portalize!" (Sing it in the tune of the old transformers cartoon!)

    439: You end up making a thief 3 mod before it even comes out...

    440: If the CoSaS team let YOU work on it, CoSaS would have been finished by now... (or so you think)

    441: I think we can safely assmue that there's a couple people out there who have made very awesome FMs all on thier own, but they havn't found these forums yet and have no clue how to distribute thier creations....

    BTW: I'm personally guilty of the first 4... >=)
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    436: When you get stuck in jail you open it up in DromEd to see if there is a secret way out.

    437: When you need bail, you edit your starting point and add a "contains" link to a stack of gold coins.
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    437: You spend 2 hours every day watching B-movies, only to add every line into your new FM.
    438: You become a building contractor. On your first day, you get fired for rejecting several architects' layouts, when all you want is a secret passage or 2 and a StartPos.

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    439: Your best friend tells you he's worried about this 'addiction.'
    440: So you blackjack him.
    441: And he was your last friend. Who needs friends when you can create AIs that look and sound like them?
    442: You've renamed you two mouse buttons to 'attack' and 'frob.'
    443: You know exactly how every effect in every thief level was made. You still haven't played any of them.
    444: You can answer most of the questions people pose in this forum.

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    The numbers got messed up again

    454: When your child is born, you immediately put clogs on it's feet and drop it 1 foot to the floor.
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    A Thief in the 30s, an original novel.
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    Emperor took ME about a year of Thieving and DromEding to discover these forums. I managed to find the Circle but took a while to discover the link to these forums.
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    You've been working on Dromed sooo much that:
    455. You start believing in builder's divine power

    456. You research all historical data you can get your hands on and somehow find or try to relate to that master builder actually existed, and hammerites were actually the freemasons society

    457. You lay out plans for a temple of the master builder in Droomed, by interlinking a thousand computers for faster portalization rate.

    458. You finish the temple in Droomed

    459. You start building a temple of the builder in your backyard.

    460. You dress as a hammerite, polish your sledgehammer and go around the temple at night looking for thieves while humming to yourself, chanting phrases about the foundation and praizing the builder.

    461. You try to get a big pot of molten iron and forge hammers, later showing them in boxes as compact as possible.

    462. If the hot iron plan fails you just paint hammers on top of boxes.

    463. You purchase little hammers, paint them with gold paint and put them utop the pedestal in the middle of the temple.

    464. You look at the golden hammers and ask builder for wisdom and stength, while singing verses of the hammerite hymn you made up.

    465. You hire a team of bodyguards to guard the temple, and give them hammerite uniforms, when you yourself crumble uder the pressure of the job and promote yourself to a hammerite priest.

    466. You try to produce a flaming fireball containing a hammer.

    467. Failing to make the fireball, you realise that the only way to do it is soak a hammer in gasoline, set it on fire and shoot out of a cannon.

    468. When Thief 2 is released you upgrade the temple to a mechanist facility, changing banners, adding fancy machinery, cameras that produce the alarm sound, robots, and spider bots shooting round saw blades.

    469. You try to recreate an elevator from thief wondering for hours why the ptls don't work.

    470. You replace the ptls with electro magnets and ride for hours on the elevator, up and down, while praising the builder for his glorious power of invention.

    471. You try to recreate the poisonous rust gas that mechanists used to kill plants and eventually choke to death, screaming "Builder give me strength! I crumble!"
    While thy robots play a little tune: "And ....(input name)... took me away from mother and father, telling me that I shall inherit the earth"
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    472. You actually read this entire thread to see what everyone else said.

    473. You spend an hour creating six Hammerite guards standing in a circle facing each other, replace their meshes with anything from ExpWo3 to ExpMer2, edit their HtoHCombat settings to lesser distances, change their voices to servants' voices, put them on teams Good and Bad1 - Bad5 and stay up all night laughing your head off as six Creature>Animal>Human>Bystanders slug it out.

    474. You then have some friends over the next day and spend several more hours placing wagers on who will be the last one standing.

    475. You change the Hit Points and Max Hit Points values of the person you bet on when no one is looking.

    476. You get frustrated with that and just give your favorite person the properties Metaproperty>ARSources>BigHeatSource and Game>Damage Model>No effect.

    477. When DromEd makes you go back to your last backup and rebuild six areas with complicated multibrushing and object replacement, you actually like it more than ever.

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