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Thread: 1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

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    1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much

    Thought I'd lower the tone.....

    1. You dream about aligining brushes and still get errors.

    2. You embark on a violent crime spree involving hitting people repeatedly over the head with a sword while standing right in front of them as you are convinced that you turned their awareness off.

    3. You go to church and start arguing about the exact terminolgy God employed when he said 'let there be light'.

    4. You get into the habit of taking an inflatable wall with you in case reality gets too complicated.

    5. You are astounded when you observe people make a turning of less than 90 degrees.


    'If the sun don't shine, there's probably a moon in front of it, or possibly a cloud.'

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    6. When you look up at the sky, you wonder if the "Stars" setting would be better for these surroundings.
    7. When you move to a new place, you start worrying that someone might be able to stick their head through the ceiling if they pile up enough appliances.
    8. You're in a private airplane, and when the pilot takes off, you say "Watch out for the ceiling."
    9. When someone opens a door and there's nothing behind it, you look at the person and say, "If you walk in, you're going to crash."
    10. When your educator (parent, teacher, proffesor, etc) talks about something, you think that it may be handy to derive a gamesys enhancement of the educator that would never talk...
    11. If your best friend won't leave you alone, you begin to think that maybe you forgot to add a link back to his/her house.
    12. You wonder whether your toothbrush is a fill air or fill solid brush.
    14. Whenever you read a book, you think, "Hey, where are the quotes and slashes?"
    15. Whenever you are in front of a window that does not allow sound through, you think, "They must have forgotten to intersect the room brushes."
    16. Whenever you hear the name Church, LeBlanc, or Leonard, you beat up the person, yelling, "You bastard! You stole my life with your level editor!"
    17. Your friend is getting a divorce, and is asking you for legal advice. You tell them, "I'm sorry, I can't help you, because this court case was not made and is not supported by Looking Glass Studios or Eidos Interactive."

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    18. Your spouse goes, "are you doing that Thief thing again?"
    19. You wake up at 4 am and realize you slept walked out of your bed, sat at your computer, turned it on, double clicked on "dromed", and are now staring at the 4 quadrants of the tool.
    20. During your free time, you stare at the solitary 16x16x16 air brush waiting for level inspiration.
    21. At any mundane task where your mind is free (shower, sitting on the toilet, eating, red lights, etc) you're planning your mission.
    22. Thief Editors' Guild is your reason for living. (j/k!)

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    23) When you turn on your computer, you check the forum before you check your email.
    24) You come home on lunch break to see if you can place a few my AIs and/or objects in you FM.
    25) You dream you are DromEding and when you go into REALLY go into game-mode.
    26) You are writing the text for things in your game at work on scrap paper.
    27) You talk to your friends at work about Garrett like he is your best friend.
    28) You have 5 gigs of your hard drive solely for Thief.
    29) The only CD that is in your CDrom is Thief. To the point that anyother CD that gets put in there. Your computer still labels it as Thief. (Trust me it happens..)
    30) You go to Church on Sunday and expect to see a Priest dressed in Red Robes.

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    31.You sit down and watch TV and wonder "Is TV an AI or solid brush?"
    32. When remodeling your house you find a wall in the way and stop, thinking "I could just delete it or put a air brush for a doorway.."
    33. When going to the opera you wonder what the PolyCount is in the main room.
    34. When doing HISTORY at school you wonder "This dosent say anything about Hammerites OR Garrett, TEACHER!!"
    35. When showing your friends dromed you tell them: "Save it, its going to crash"
    36. You memorize the error messages dromed provides.
    37. When making a big descision you think: "I know! I'll just save it!"
    38. You try edit your mother-in-law's AI AWARENESS
    39. You tell your friend, Go frob the "Medevial Architecture book" And he looks at youin extreme confusion.
    40. When doing carpentry work, your boss tells you to go get the hammer, and you bring back the sledge hammer.

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    41. You start calling people "Homefry." (True!)

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    42. At school you find yourself thinking about votraps and questvartraps and going throught the motions of level creation instead of doing the english final.

    It is a far, far better thing to keep a firm anchor in nonsense than to set out on the troubled waters of thought.

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    43. When You find yourself trying press insert to copy things and holding shift down to move things in programs other than Dromed. (trust me.. it happens tome all the time... I do it constantly even though the computer is beeping at me )

    *SycoCid Chucks a rock into the air*
    "whatever goes up, might not come down..."
    *the rock falls on SycoCids head and he pulls out his to-do list*
    1. change signature
    2. go see doctor"

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    Maybe this is more of a general thief thing but:

    44. You find yourself evangelizing Thief Gold to a fellow customer while browsing the game software isle.

    Have you checked into Bloodstone Prison? Rated "4.5 Silver Hammers" at TDP TEG
    Have you visited The Library? "gem of a level" "tons of replay" "1.5 to 2 Silver" - TDP TEG

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    45. Instead of adding to this list, you simply post 'use the search function'

    46. Your order of playing for thief 2 is to play each level in turn, then load it up in dromed and analyse it before going on to the next.

    47. Your order of playing for thief 2 is to load each level up in dromed THEN play it.

    48. If LGS don't release dromed, you are determined to fool our dromed into thinking that the levels for thief2 are actually thief1 levels.

    49. You set dromed up as your wallpaper.


    'If the sun don't shine, there's probably a moon in front of it, or possibly a cloud.'

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    Here's to number 50.

    50. You can spell out every DromEd command with all the underscores and name what each command does and how many parameters it takes, but you can't spell the word "qualm" or "soliloque"(Was that right?).

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    51. you get stuck on a question on your midterms and think, "I'll just hit ctrl+e and check the source."

    52. everything you hear reminds you of Thief (true story)

    53. you vow to follow the master builder in everything you do, and your priest stares at you like yur on drugs, or at least partially insane.

    54. you are assigned a project for a foreign language fair and immediately think of using a Thief level (another true story- designing a french chateau)

    55. you cant figure out why people arent following your trolpoints, and try to change their properties back to doespatrol=TRUE

    56. you add to a silly '1000 clues that you have been Dromeding too much' thread on the TEG board

    Builder Wanna-be

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    mad god

    57. Walking with your friends near some building you tell them: "Nice textures, hah!?"

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    58: You go to bed late (after Dromed'ing), look at the shadows being cast by moonlight, and think to yourself "They'd look better if that was Objcast'ed"

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    #58: You're afraid that if you do anything at all, large chunks of matter will start disapearing without reason, people will walk into walls all the time and the laws of physics will go awry. Therefore, you lock yourself in dark room and subsist on bread scraps, hoping no one will find you.

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    mad god

    60. The first beam of sun cuts the dust flying in your room full of shadows...
    First thought: "To sleep or not to sleep ?"
    Second thought: "How did they made such SFX ? I want it too..."
    and the first thought fades away...

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    61. You find that you no longer need to play a level. You just look at in dromed and you can visualise every room, every trap, every experience.

    62. You start referring people to the archtype numbers in your posts rather than the names.

    63. You start making a level with your eyes shut to further increase time spent awake dromedding.

    'If the sun don't shine, there's probably a moon in front of it, or possibly a cloud.'

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    continuing #44...

    64. Whenever you're at a software store, you make sure Thief (Gold) is prominently displayed, and if it's not, you move it in front of other less deserving titles. You disregard the fact that EB likes its shelves alphabetized.

    65. You automatically see real-world architecture in terms of the geometric primitives used in DromEd.

    66. You use the term "air brush" to describe a curved ceiling, and don't care that no one else knows what you're talking about.

    67. Your can't look out over a large area without thinking about polycounts.

    68. Whenever you see an octogonal or decagonal shape anywhere, you know making it a true curve was not an option.

    69. All things are objects.

    70. You die of dehydration. (It's a clue!)

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    Regarding, #64, I did that and convinced someone to buy it. Also convinced 2 friends to buy it 'cos I talked about it so much!!

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    71. You are constantly trying to press Alt+E to return dromed... in real life situations.
    72. You are getting hungry and thirsty so you put few breads and wine bottles in your level and go into game to eat them.
    73.Whenever you see an ugly wallpapers somewhere, you try to press Alt+T to bring up the palette.

    "Dont bang that door, I have an awful headache"
    (final words of some unknown hammer guard)

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    mad god

    74. "Pressure Plate!" - you think when automatic doors opens before you.

    75. You became to worry in very light places: no shadows to hide in.

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    76. Your wife wants to rearrange the furniture, so you create your house in Dromed and move furniture around to see how it will look.
    (true, was doing this last night)

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    77 The words 'Hey you Taffer' become a standard greeting.

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    78. You wonder how many patrol points it would take if you sent a guard to go to work for you.

    79. You worry if your AI that you sent to work will push the right buttons on the computer or if it will just frob the monitor and come back home.

    80. The police come to your house because your AI heard your boss sneaking up behind him, and attacked.

    81. You remove all tile floors from your house because they are too noisy.

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    82. You decide to change your son's name to Dromed.

    'If the sun don't shine, there's probably a moon in front of it, or possibly a cloud.'

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