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Thread: CDP RED making a Cyberpunk game apparently

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    Deus Ex absolutely is cyberpunk, and a fine example of diverging styles in the genre. Anachronox too had a blend of styles.
    And I don't think you need to go much further than "because most artists/writers/directors/producers are regular people who do not have enough creativity and vision to change the game" to find an answer to your question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted O'Toole View Post
    No history that I know of. Just not in the mood for being insulted due to a difference of opinion.
    Yet you resort to insults pretty much straight away too.

    I don't feel like getting a 3 day ban over stupid bullshit again so I'll just stop here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dethtoll View Post
    I don't feel like getting a 3 day ban over stupid bullshit again so I'll just stop here.
    No! If you give up now they win!

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    The only winning move is not to play...

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    How about a nice game of chess?

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    Back to the topic at hand...

    I loved both of the Witcher games. While I agree that there were a number of serious flaws in both of them, I still regard them as classics and a welcome departure from many of the generic RPG titles that have flooded the market over the years. One of their greatest strengths is the storytelling and the way in which the story unfolds throughout the games, tempered by the choices made by the player along the way. Not having read any of the Witcher books though, I have no idea how close their interpretation is to the novels and thus am unsure what their storytelling skills will be without a strong backstory to support their game. As we have seen with a number of games, basing a game on an PnP RPG is not a guarantee of success. A good example of this was Troika's TOEE -- they did a fantastic translation of DND 3.5 to a CRPG but did not do enough to bring the interesting back story to life. Fortunately, they redeemed themselves with VtM:Bloodlines.

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    I'd definitely like a good Gibson-themed game. I remember greatly enjoying (but never beating) Neuromancer on my C-64 when I was a wee lad. (Digital: A Love Story brought some of that feeling back, actually...)

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    Looking forward to seeing some proper info about this. It was close between The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex 3 for me to choose my GOTY for 2011 but the former got it. And that was quite something in my book, considering that it was ten years down the line that I'd finally gotten a title I felt was a proper DX game.

    I'm curious to see what approach they take to world building, combat mechanics, object affordances, etc. and how close they stick to TW2 structure in those respects. Thinking about it, I guess I'm kind of hoping CDPR will try to make a DX game.

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    If they made a Judge Dredd rpg I'd play that.

    "I am THE LAW" *bang*

    Could see that as a sandbox style game.

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    Cyberpunk Q&A:

    Richie79: What elements are you using as inspiration (references) for making Cyberpunk?

    Marcin Momot: There are quite a few actually. Aside from the obvious ones like the works of William Gibson or the Blade Runner movie, we also take from the first Ghost in the shell, both anime and manga. We’re also looking up to ShellShock because of its interesting approach to gameplay. The first part of Deus Ex is also a very important source of inspiration to us.
    I'm currently trying to get an answer whether they meant System Shock rather than ShellShock :scratch:

    EDIT: two more questions and answers from the polish forum, translation by me

    Kielek486: What will the editions be (i.e. Collector's Edition or Normal)

    Marcin Momot: I think considering our penchant for having special editions for our games up to date, and also the fact that we always strive to give the players everything we can in thanks for their support, you can expect unique gadgets and bonus materials, which entails releasing more than one edition of the game. Let's remember though, that this is still a song of the future - I'll let you know when we'll get around to working on that.

    Vojtasass & Kereth: To what degree will Cyberpunk reference the p&p game's mechanics? How extensively is Mike Pondsmith involved in designing the game?

    MM: Really a lot of people in our studio are fans of the p&p Cyberpunk. These are people who grew up playing this game, and now have the chance to shape its computer game adaptation. While working on both Witcher games, we learend how to create mature stories for discerning audiences. Our method of narration, attention to detail in presenting locations, sometimes very brutal realities - all this we want to carry over to the Cyberpunk world. As far as mechanics and solutions that we'd want to implement go, we have a whole slew of gameplay ideas that we couldn't use in The Witcher, because they wouldn't fit that world - Cyberpunk gives us more leeway in this regard. Mike Pondsmith is the father of the whole system, he created it along with his friends, together they established the rules, so naturally we're working very close with him, to best match his vision and mechanics in our game. During his last visit, Mike spent a huge amount of time with the team, talking about particular solutions and establishing details of gameplay mechanics. From what I've been able to hear from him personally, it's clear that he's very satisfied with our vision and ideas.
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    I always found that my imagination is more practical that other people's. Usually when reading a book that's been turned into a movie I find that the movie was far more "artistic" than my imagination was. I'm not a fan of the cliche'd cyber punk idiom, but I have to say that there are a couple of examples I always thought did it right.

    Minority Report. Showing a future where things basically look the same as it does now. Where the entirety of advanced human civilisation didn't bulldoze every thing in every city to build new buildings that look more like "the future". The scenes in the rural areas and the slummy parts of the city were great this way.

    I also thought Total Recall did a great job, if you can consider that cyberpunk. His jackhammer looked like... a normal jackhammer. It all just looks so normal and non-fantastical, and yet it was believeable that it was the future.

    Really... Everything around here looks just like it did in the 80s. We're just running around with Ipads and smartphones now instead of CRT screens and no WIFI. New technology augments what we already had, not replaces it.

    *gets off the P.K. Dick bandwagon*

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    ShellShock confirmed as mistake, he did mean System Shock.

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    Title announced as Cyberpunk 2077.

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    Awful title, but maybe they're deliberately going for the 80s feel.

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    It's just using the naming convention from its source material.

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    Their website seems to be down, maybe high traffic?

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    Working for me, also says it's up.

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    Still not working for me, and says the same.

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    Working here too. Not that there's anything to see.

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    Just saw that. Obviously it's pre-rendered, but if those are actual art assets from the game, holy shit.

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    Of course they're not, those characters and meshes have hundreds of thousands of polygons, while in-game characters rarely exceed 30k these days.

    I didn't like the girl (looks like she was taken from some cheesy photo-shoot), but everything else looks quite decent.

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    I liked all of what I saw there.

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    Hmm I actually quite liked it, very well done, even if not too informative. But I do like how they focused on showcasing the art and setting rather than action/story, fairly unusual approach.

    That being said, looks pretty generic as fuck :| but it's CD Projekt so I remain hopeful!

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