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Thread: CDP RED making a Cyberpunk game apparently

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    Did your friend Chris ever get involved in video game development? :)

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    Nope! None of our group did, although I did lose contact with one guy...

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    I mean when you have a faction called the Bozo gang, a little convergent evolution in thinking isn't impossible to imagine.

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    Are you thinking Bozo the clown or Bozo the dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post
    Seems pretty big in terms of gaming news.
    Can anyone name another AAA title which was pulled from a distribution network on the grounds of quality?
    Especially one as hyped as this one.
    ESPECIALLY given their "release date - when it's done" ethos.
    Nah, it was most likely wasn't pulled from PSN on grounds of quality, far more likely it's entirely political. PlayStation infamously generally don't do digital game refunds, even for pre-orders. They've happily kept selling other formerly broken, unfinished games like AC Unity and Fallout 76. CDPR issuing the statement that they'll honour all refunds blind-sided PlayStation, delisting the game from PSN most likely would've been retaliation against CDPR.

    Quote Originally Posted by faetal View Post
    Probably investors rather than gamers.
    This. Demanding the game be out for Xmas regardless of whether or not it was finished is a move that reeks of investor pressure. It seems to me that some you guys greatly over-estimate how much the AAA gaming industry actually values the opinions of their customers.

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    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    I've been enjoying the hell out of this. The game has been stable for me lately, since reinstalling Windows and using an older Nvidia driver. It still memory leaks hard, performance degrades sharply after about 2 hours of play.

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    After playing this CDPR deserves every bit of shot they’ve gotten about poor inclusivenesss of the game. I ended up getting a refund it was so bad.

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