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Thread: The Hunter - Call of the Wild

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    The Hunter - Call of the Wild

    I've been playing The Hunter - Call of the Wild lately and I'm really enjoying it's stealthy gameplay in an open world full of grandiose nature views.
    In reality I couldn't hurt a squirrel, but I have no qualms shooting virtual deer.

    95% of the gameplay is silently stalking through the woods, following tracks until you found some fallow or roe deer, then trying to get as close as possible, taking into account: noise, visibility and wind direction.
    Then BOOM! - a super loud bang from your rifle and the deer scatter and vanish in the undergrowth faster than you can say Jack Robinson.
    What often follows is tracking a hurt animal, or if you landed the perfect shot, collecting the reward (in a quick menu screen) and then it's back to stalking.

    There is a lot more you can do like building High Seats, shooting with Bows (more silent, less accurate), visit other hunting grounds and hunt other animals. There's also a mission system which I haven't gotten into yet, because I prefer the free play so far.
    There are a lot of DLCs for this game, of which I only got the first weapon pack to receive a free recurve bow.

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    Oh yeah, forgot to mention there's also a fun (though not completely bug free) multiplayer mode.

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    Is there capture the flag mode where one side plays as fauna?
    Because missed opportunity if not.

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