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Thread: A Man Chooses, This BioShock Action Figure Obeys [Bioshock]

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    A Man Chooses, This BioShock Action Figure Obeys [Bioshock]

    To celebrate the opening of a new, international store for its merch, BioShock developers Irrational are offering this limited edition Andrew Ryan figure. More »


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    I see. Once again the reports of RSSBot's death were greatly exaggerated.

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    It cannot be stopped.

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    I'm relieved. I was growing rather fond of it. (The 'bot, not the action figure.)

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    Uh-oh, it's a Necron!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TTLG RSSbot View Post
    "You know the difference between you and the you five minutes ago? The you five minutes ago had five minutes to live."

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    Hash anyone sheen mah shwishknife? It hash a tooshpick ye know...
    Oh tish might work. Shanks.

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