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Thread: What are you kicking?

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    Still waiting for Tangiers.

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    I have been following the dev's personal Twitter for a while (because the official Tangiers account seems to have been abandoned), but no talk about Tangiers at all lately -- except a pinned tweet, from last year, saying that there is now a small team working on it. I assume they are still at it, but an official update would be nice. Apparently there is also a secret project in the works, but I have no idea what that is about.

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    I am a complete sucker for cyberpunk. Especially if it's an RPG.

    Along comes Cyber Knights and I was all over that. Cyberpunk setting, squad based combat (like the HBS Shadowrun's) and a upgradable base. Sure count me in. Early backers get the game for $15.

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    I love it when the "What Are You Making" and "What Are You Kicking" threads line up. When I see them, I immediately say "whattah ya buy'n" out loud.

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    Was looking good until I saw they sold non-cosmetic exclusive game content as part of the tiers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Along comes Cyber Knights and I was all over that.
    If you've not played it yet, their previous game, Star Traders: Frontiers, is a corker.

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    I think I backed that one. And a Steam search reveals - Nope that was Halcyon 6 - Starbase Commander, which I've yet to try out.

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    Besides Tangiers, I'm kicking Cyan's Firmament, with reports coming in regularly, and Onevision's DYSTOA, with no reports at all nor any social media activity the last three months, and last update on DYSTOA was late 2018, so not sure what's going on there (they do have two games out, so they aren't completely unknown)). I also kicked Skookum Art's The Pedestrian, which just got released and their reports were exemplary through out.

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    Something completely different, but I pledged to the Kickstarter for a Sous Vide device, which finally arrived at the beginning of 2020. I think I might just take it for a test drive this weekend. Poached eggs, baby!

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    Don't know if I'll be kicking it yet, but Jeff Vogel is back, this time with a remaster for Geneforge:

    Geneforge is one of my favourite games of his right after Exile 3 (and maybe Nethergate) and I think it still holds up, if you can get it to run on your operating system. It was after this game series he started with all the remakes and the more streamlined stuff like Avadon that started tasting a bit too bland for my liking. His better games, though, are like a can of Pringles crisps AKA crack in a cardboard tube -- not a substantial meal by any means, but a good light-weight snack that you won't even notice how fast they're gone.

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