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Thread: T2 fm-Cathedral of St.Vincent-6/18/2012

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    T2 fm-Cathedral of St.Vincent-6/18/2012

    Cathedral of St.Vincent

    I am honored to introduce another fabulous work of art by Pedro Quintela (cardia1), and of course me(DarthsLair) for story and gameplay.

    The Hammer Level contains elements multibrushed in from abandoned work by Dark Assassin, Glen, R Soul and Independent Thief, Continued-Teamwork mission by Pedro, and Rod.2011-2012

    Story: Garrett having a little ale at the ole Burrick's Head Inn, overhears a couple Taffers just returning from the Isle of St.Vincent.
    He overheard just two words; "Hammerites, and Golden Hammers". A few weeks later Garrett steps foot on the small island weary and tired from the long journey across rough seas.

    A small eatery and pub known as Cookies Place offered some good fried fish and chicken at a decent price. Garrett enjoys his meal, and sips on some aged ale, not knowing someone slipped a micky in his drink, forcing him to passout.

    He wakes up in jail, only to realize he has been framed for a local murder of a City Water Utiltiy Management worker by the name of Walter Muldale. Seems someone, and more than likely the same person slipping the micky in his drink also planted a note in Garrett's pocket indicating a meeting that night with Walter. Yeah, right, a setup!

    Garrett will need to escape jail, and find out who set him up, and find some way to clear himself of the false murder charge. Seems A long trip to a small island has proven to be challenging for Garrett, but as always, there is a need to pay the rent. After all, Garrett came to the island for Hammerite Treasure, so there is no better time than now to get started.

    Words of wisdom: It could take you up to 4 hours to complete the mission, as it is big, and please try not to spoil the show for those who haven't put in all their time and effort to complete without help. There are some spoiler video/walkthroughs, so you can watch Garrett as he completes the tasks necessary to win the mission. Please, only hints, but no outright spoilers !

    There are three conversations in the mission. The second one being the most important. Stay and listen to the conversation, so it will help you to understand what is going on in the Story. It will help to prepare you.

    Some helpful tools ingame: There are 4 useful maps in game just hit "M" or whatever key you have assigned for Maps. There are "Key: rooms listed by the name of the person. Some of these rooms are signifcant to clues or gameplay. Read every book and scroll you can if you think their is useful information in them. The Maps will save you time and frustration along with the use of your compass.

    Darkloader v 4.3 Ready, Now plays in Garrettloader. We have discovered that Garrettloader works best for TDS fan missions.

    Thanks for playing !

    Credits:A Great Thankyou to all of our great beta testers:bedwine,bikerdude,Dafydd,Dawggon,dbrilliant,Gloria Creep,Hellfier,itllrun10s,jonescrusher,Philflound,prjames,Sagittal,Soldi,Tannar

    Voice Acting: by Yandros:Plays Gutsy Malone, and Pedro Quintela :Plays Mayor Pedro Quintela. Frere Staven (Steven Mafiodo)Plays Hammerite Priest Michael in the Main Cathedral, Gore_Torn plays Police Inspector, Slyfoxx plays Garrett.
    GUILD2 Voice Pack Terry Head (YcatX) Supported by -Mike Chrzanowski For Thief5
    Guild1 Voice pack Steve Schmith (Darkwarror)(JoJoman)(Backed up by-Mike Romatelli)
    Th7-Female TDS Property. Thief voice pack extracted and converted to Thief2 by DarthsLair
    Some misc mixed voicing from T3,owned by TDS.
    Dog barking sound from the game "El matador".
    The Readme will fill you in on the rest.

    A note on the ingame conversations: If you save during a conversation, then quit the game and reload, the conversation will repeat itself from the beginning. The engine was designed this way so the player would not miss important gameplay information. You can save during the conversation, just not reload it after quitting and expect it to be normal.
    Stay and listen to the conversations , because some of them may contain important clues.

    Warning ! Disable your ep, or any enhancement, as this is mostly a custom fan mission with custom textures, objects, ai, so any enhancement is unecessary, and could cause crashes, and who likes those?

    Just some technical jumbo: This is a huge map, I mean, Huge ! It is maxed out on memory, and the brush count is scary, but beta tested fine using all of the modern machines, and my antique machine. There were no reports of framerate problems, but there are some
    sound propagation problems due to limited resources. I believe you will enjoy it !

    Pedro has updated the fm. Info here:

    Get it here:

    And here:

    A big thanks to our great hosts.

    List of fixes: More loot on "Master difficutly" Spare basement key in basement. History of lost treasures book now goes into inventory so player wont forget about important clues. Priest Landers book, now formatted correctly. A full beta test on windows xp, and windows 7 proved this version to be far superior than the last three. Will now run in Garrettloader :1.41 and 1.42 . Thanks to Pedro for the Update.

    A big thanks to our great hosts: Komag, and Brethren for hosting our mission.

    Pedro is a great master at building anything, and always makes it look so beautiful !

    These are just small samples of his genius, so get in the game and check it out !

    Spoiler Videos-like walkthroughs
    Here are some spoiler videos in case you get stuck, and would rather see for yourself. The videos are well lit, so you can see where Garrett is at all times.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Note: The thread for the original version can be found here.
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    thank you. looks really promising. downloading now.

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    Loading to my Bulk FM files as I cruise TTLG.

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    The community is going to like this one.... Some of the best textures yet.

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    Thank you very much.

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    This is truly an original and amazing mission! I had a great time testing it. Congrats to Rod and Pedro on their excellent work!

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    mission updated

    here´s the mission updated:

    changes made:
    - wall textures aligned in the city watch station
    - Lamp light in the Mayor´s attic fixed
    -Ambient music in Cathedral slightly increased (Don´t worry Rod, its not so loud as before, its perfect the way it is now...and i can hear the hammers footsteps as well as the priest sermon )
    -Removed 150 loot

    I will try to make this mission run through Garrettloader, but in the meantime you people will have to use Darkloader in order to run this mission.

    Well i hope you enjoy playing this mission as much as we did creating it for you fans of Thief missions.

    And i hope i can work again with Rod on a future mission again, he´s a marvellous team mate and a great talented author
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    You're in for a big treat Taffers

    Success on the release Pedro and Rod.

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Congratulations on the release - y'all are gonna love it!

    - prjames

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    The Keep for Thief 1 and 2 FMs, Shadowdark for Thief 3 and Dark Mod FMs

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    Congratulations on the release! Thank you!

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    Congratulations, Rod and Pedro on this release! I can't wait to play it when I get a chance.

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    Great Mission

    Really enjoying this mission but I'm stuck near the end. Can somebody give me a hint as to where the 'blessed hammer' is please?

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    I know what I'll be doing for as much of tomorrow as I can manage! Congratulations on the release and I can't wait to play it!

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    Great to see a teamwork release - &, considering these 2 authors' past works, this would have to be fascinating
    Congrats guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draigcoch View Post
    Really enjoying this mission but I'm stuck near the end. Can somebody give me a hint as to where the 'blessed hammer' is please?
    Not to spoil :There are key rooms marked on the maps 3 of them in the cathedral. Main floor, midfloor and top floor. In those key rooms you will find info for everything you need to find to complete your goals. Actually too many easy clues.

    Thankyou everyone, it is always a pleasure to provide entertainment to our fans. Wouldn't be possible without the fabulous beta testers, hosts, and a great forums to test and present it in.

    Great update Pedro !

    Thankyou Ben for the links !

    Keep a taffing !

    Cheers !
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    Wow! Congratulations on the release, cardia1 and DarthsLair! The screens look great, I can't wait to play it!

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    You just made my week.
    Thank you very much.

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    I just experienced a crash I was carrying an unconscious Hammerite towards the back of the main floor (just past a blue room with pillars?) and T2 quit. I'll go back in tomorrow evening.

    The town is great, though! The only thing I would ask for is more building interiors to explore, but I haven't gotten any secrets yet so maybe I'm just not paying enough attention

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    I've been looking forward to this - congratulations on the release.

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    Downloading right now! This looks really awesome and congrats on releasing it

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    Really nice mission with lots to explore, love it!

    I have fulfilled all the main objectives, but i need some help with loot, even though i feel like I've looked everywhere.

    I'm playing on master difficulty and I'm currently missing 219 loot to finish. I have only found 2 of 5 secrets, so the rest might help with the loot problem. Anyone who can help with the secrets or obscure loot locations, please?

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    Congratulations on the release, guys Lovely screenshots.

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    mission updated to 1.2 :


    -aligned some wall textures in the city watch jail that i forgot yesterday to do, i was really tired

    Thank you people for playing this mission

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