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Thread: Sneaky Upgrade Editor Edition: Unofficial patches for T3Ed and friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by snobel View Post
    Hopefully you're aware of the workaround? Select any arrow, then very briefly draw the bow. That'll get you unstuck, and the draw will be canceled when you let go so you won't waste an arrow. If you draw too far, hit Escape to cancel it.
    Well known workaround that I've discovered inadvertently. Or if you "fall" from a certain height (stairs, etc...) it might work, you land on your feet and you go again.

    But if you don't have any arrow in your gear, you're done. (e.g Thief's rising GE, only blackjack...) Got to reload and sometimes a far save .... Happened to me like a hundred of times.

    Every author should give at least one arrow (like a simple arrow at least) to unblock the frustrating jump issue...

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    Version 1.1.11 is out. Besides including files from the 1.1.11 game edition, here's what's new:

    • New triggerscript actions for setting ambient light, skybox light and fog, and the internal map name
    • The IBT export function now has a filename scheme for versioning and testing
    • The 'opt' version of the game exe has a better fly mode, accessed by pressing Delete
    • In fly mode, the PrintScrn key takes full sets of screenshots for cubemaps / environment maps

    The new triggerscript actions (ab)use the unused "execute command" action to provide new functionality. This is used in T3 Gold 1.4, where the merged mission maps, on all transitions between the two original half-maps, now have a pair of volumes in place which change the internal map name used for looking up the map title, savegame name and loading screen. (Also, original ambient light and fog is preserved but this is hardly noticeable.) See the readme for more.

    When exporting a map as IBT, the IBT filename will now be derived from the UNR name by discarding anything from '#' or '@' onwards. This is intended for versioning and testing respectively: exporting SomeMap#17.unr or SomeMap@PortalTest.unr will both produce SomeMap.ibt and SomeMap.gmp, so there's no need for updating Entry.gmp or manual renaming.

    Running the game with the 'opt' exe, fly mode can now be activated simply by pressing Delete (and press it again to walk). Pressing Shift+Delete will not change the mode but will return you to where you last changed it. There's no camera discontinuity on mode change, like with the console commands. (I realised after implementing this that there's already a keyboard shortcut to change the mode - but this version is still better...)

    While in fly mode, pressing PrintScrn will produce a set of six quadratic screenshots, ready for use in cubemaps or environment maps. Here's an example provided by peter_spy:

    The installer will also now fix an unfortunate typo in the Default.ini file that comes with the editor pack: CameraOverlay_0t=MechEyeOverlay should be CameraOverlay_0=MechEyeOverlay. With the invalid entry the editor thinks no overlay is in use, so it doesn't include the OverlayFx11.nvo shader file in Kernel_GFXALL.ibt. (This is probably the root of the tradition of packing all the shader files into FMs...)
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    Widescreen and tweaks patches: The Sneaky Upgrade for Thief 3, the Visible Upgrade for Deus Ex 2

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    I just tried the new sneaky upgrade installer and everything seemed to work great, but when I go to bind my controls there's nothing listed in the Inputs menu to change.

    If I launch the "without Sneaky Upgrade" shortcut, they're back and work, but any changes made aren't reflected when running with Sneaky Upgrade.

    I don't mind manually changing values but I'm not sure which file it looks for.

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    This is about the game edition? Disappearing text is a known (and original) problem but the Fonts mod makes it worse, especially in the keybinds table. Try disabling the Fonts mod while you're setting up the controls.

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    Yeah, and sorry about posting about the game edition here; it was the thread I found, but I see this is more about the editor.

    I bound them by finding the options.ini and setting them directly, but thanks. I'll try the fonts and see if that fixes it.

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    Hi guys, is there any fix for the input lag when you select things in editor viewports on Windows 10? It works okay on a new map, but if you open an OM for example, it can take like 2-3 seconds to select something, even with things being hidden. Is there any known workaround for that?

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    I had a brief look at it some time ago, hoping for an easy fix - but nothing stood out. It's probably the effect of 37 layers of Windows compatibility code...

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    Hah, makes sense. I wonder if running T3ed via WinXP VM would change anything, but I lost my tools ages ago. Thanks for the info

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