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Thread: Thread necromancy?

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    Thread necromancy?

    Hello all. What are this board's conventions regarding thread necromancy? It seems to follow the "one game one thread" convention, but I wanted to make sure.

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    Common sense?

    I don't think most people will complain if you revive an old thread to shed new light on a old topic, if it's still relevant.

    The worst necros come from people who find an old thread in a search and want put their $0.02 in, years after anybody cared. Don't do that.

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    Apologies for missing the question - luckily heywood answered.

    Part of it is because spammers who slip through our net often dig up an old thread to post some kind of placeholder post to later fill with a dodgy link. I don't think you come into that category.

    As far as Thief Missions (and probably elsewhere) is concerned, it's just helpul to have questions, answers and discussion about a game in one place.

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    Will revive this thread in 2030!

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    Thanks for the answers.

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