This is one that I had missed when it came out. So I just finished it. Thanks for the mission. Had a big fun time with it. Was stumped on a bit of loot and it turned out to be The skeleton just off the top of the pyramid. I had failed to drop down there. Missed 1 dollar in loot and am assuming it is one of those critters that pops out of a tomb . I ran around with the sword trying them and none would give me a gem. Oh well I got real close.

One odd thing that happened to me. I had a lot of trouble getting around and opening doors and got stuck. So I came here and after reading in multiple posts about the Master Key I realized I had a glitch of some sort. I remembered getting that thing and went through the office door and up and looted the guard through the small wooden opening window and played the Victrola, watched the ghosts, and got the Gem. But after that the Master Keywas never in my inventory. I thought it went away as I had opened the door it was for. But that wasn't the case. So I re-started the mission and went and got it again. This time it stayed in my inventory and I was able to get around.

Really nice job on this one Sensut. Big thanks ! Keep 'em coming!