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Thread: Unofficial patches for T2X

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    Unofficial patches for T2X

    Hello, I adore the unofficial patches for T1-3, however, are there any such for T2X I am particularly interested in patches for modern machines and for widescreen. I have acquired Sound Blaster ZXR, good speakers and a good IPS display almost solely for Thief series, so now I want to be able to use it all Thank you!

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    check the very bottom of the very first post here.

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    You can also use a patched version of T2X available on Ricebug's Thief page. Treat it as any other FM and load it up through Darkloader or FMSel (just make sure your base Thief installation is upgraded to New Dark).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    (just make sure your base Thief installation is upgraded to New Dark).
    Thanks, do you mean Thief 2 ?

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    yeah, definitely use TafferPatcher on your T2 install before doing anything else.

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    Maybe it doesn't fit to this thread...but...

    I found out that the T2X miss24.mis unstripped version isn't the same as the original version.

    Here is a comparison of miss24.mis:

    Look at the light object. You can't find it in the unstripped version screen. But why? Are there more changes? I need this information.

    T2X original 1.1

    T2X unstripped version

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