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Thread: Are You Effing Kidding Me?

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    Don't be obtuse. I have no issue with however much or little he's donating. I do have an issue with lazy reporting which equates "most" with "all" but I'm happy to be corrected if I've missed a press release which clarified the situation.

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    I think its important to remember that star wars is fucking gay anyway and ralph mcquarrie is now dead so nothing even slightly cool will happen in star wars ever again so who cares? does it honestly matter who has their dick in the corpse?

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    To my amazement, Qantas had The People vs. George Lucas in their library so I watched it on the plane this weekend. It's pretty good if you haven't seen it, including a shedload of clips from fan works. I have to give him credit for not sending the lawyers after all the people making derived works.

    It left me wondering whether Lucas even understands what made the original storyline so compelling. Seems like his focus is the filmmaking, particularly the technical aspects, and the story was just something he made up along the way to make the films hang together.

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    George Lucas is a producer more than a film-maker. Also a shrewd businessman. He isn't a very good script writer either. To me the only thing that makes episodes 1-3 hang together is John Williams' music (in fact Lucas has said as much), and 4-6 just had better character development.

    It has to be said that he made a huge impact on film production in general, starting the ball rolling on modern special effects via ILM. Well, along with Steven Spielberg he pretty much invented the modern blockbuster action adventure film.

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    Anyone who hasn't seen THESE really should. Not only the most keen analysis of the SW/GL phenomenon, but good observations for any aspiring novel or screenwriter. The comedy is a bit dumb, but the actual content is brilliant. The conclusion is that, as heywood said, GL doesn't even really understand what went right in the first films.

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    I saw those a while ago. I wonder if Lucas has seen them? It really is amazing how dumb 1-3 are.

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    The Red Letter analysis of Phantom Menace made me realize how much of that movie is spent in fucking conference rooms.

    Well, "write what you know", they say.

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    Simon Kinberg is NOT a good writer. That's it, it's gonna suck

    EDIT: oh wait, Kasdan's also going to write. That's more promising.

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    It's an interesting turn of events if they bring their A game.

    My fear about this stuff is a good track record is no guarantee - Lucas and Ep 1-3 being a good example. If someone else was in charge we'd have been unsure; as it was we only realised what a mess-up it was going to be after the first film.

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    I'm starting to get interested now. With Kasdan on board at least we won't have any crap dialogue like 1-3. If Hamil, Fischer, and Ford sign on, though I still wonder how much really want to see them play those characters at this age. Indy 4 was painful.

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    This recent quote from J.J. Abrams has me a least a little more optimistic, like he might actually "get it":

    Media and fans have been offering you a ton of unsolicited advice about to how to approach the film. Is there any particular thing they’ve said that you’ve taken to heart?

    “It’s been nice see that how important it is and to be reminded how important it is to so many people. We all know that [creator George Lucas'] dream has become almost a religion to some people. I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right.”

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    Yeah yeah, thread necromancy and stuff

    So apparently they've announced the cast of Episode VII.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBC
    Original Star Wars actors Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will feature in Star Wars, Episode VII, the latest film in the franchise.

    Other actors confirmed are John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow.

    Star Wars, Episode VII will start shooting at Pinewood Studios near London next month.

    Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew and Kenny Baker will also return.
    Apart from Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis I don't even know any of these new actors, but I'm glad that they're using some lesser known (to me anyway!) actors instead of the same old faces.

    The official Star Wars website is currently down because of people like me, but this is all over the internet at the moment so I assume that it's true. Here's where I got the information from:

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    I'll be really disappointed if we don't also get Billy Dee Williams.

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    I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for the attention call, Tomi.

    *goes back to playing SWTOR*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    Apart from Max von Sydow and Andy Serkis I don't even know any of these new actors,
    Oscar Isaac is actually a really good character actor, for instance playing both the troubled husband in Drive and Llewyn Davis in Inside Llewyn Davis. A pretty wide spread as parts go.

    Also, Max Von Sydow is still alive.

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    I wonder if Andy Serkis will be in it in it, or as CGI alien comic relief...

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    Everyone and their dogs hated Jar-Jar so I'll bet that the (full CG, obv.) alien played by Serkis is the no-bullshit character.

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    I hope they return to having subtitles over alien sounding language. The "this guy has an Italian / Caribbean / English accent and thus is an alien" schtick in the prequels was patronising Disney bullshit.

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    Maybe Serkis will do mo-cap for Chewbacca.

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    Nah, Peter Mayhew is back.

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    Just read this and am curious now.

    "While original stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford had dropped hints that they would be reprising their roles for the new chapter, which takes place around 35 years after "Return of the Jedi," nothing was confirmed until today. As expected, the trio will be joined by longtime castmates Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO). "

    At least there's no mention of Jar Jar Binks.

    So far.

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    Wouldn't he be dead by this time? I have no idea how long Gungans live, and I'm kinda scared to stop by Wookieepedia...

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    No clue, Thirith. I just hope Abrams has more sense than to include a stupid character like Binks in his reboot. Jar Jar Jr., perhaps? Oh hell no.

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