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Thread: T2 Newdark FM - Precious (December 5, 2012)

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    T2 Newdark FM - Precious (Updated 2015-05-01)

    Hello TTLG, I present to you "Precious" - a small city mission contained within a 64' cube. (Plus some empty space above so the rain would work.) I've been working on and off on this mission over about a year. Decided to finish it in Newdark. I tried to utilize space as efficiently as possible in the small space I had available. I think Ghosters will find it a fun challenge.
    Hope you all enjoy it!

    They say you're one of the best... and that you know how to be discreet, which is exactly what I need right now. John Everett, a corrupt politician and crime boss I've dedicated the last several years of my life to putting out of business, has kidnapped my daughter, Ariel, and is threatening her life unless I retire from public service, and give up trying to expose him. I can't let let him win... and I can't lose my only daughter! I need you to break into his house where he's holding her, and rescue her unharmed. Please! I love my daughter more than life itself, and I'll pay you as well as I can for her safe return. I pray you do not fail...

    Special Thanks:

    Note: Requires Newdark 1.22
    Darkloader and FMSel Ready.

    Mediafire - Version 1.1a - Updated 2015-05-01

    Old Versions
    Mediafire - Version 1.0d - Released 2012-12-05
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    Grats on the release. I got myself something to play tonight.

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    Congrats on the release

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    Great news! Congrats AntiMatter! Looking forward to it.

    Wow, it's really small! ~ 1.3 Mb! Cool!

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    It's not the size that's important, it's how you use it.

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    Congratulations on the release!

    I had a lot of fun testing this little gem. There's some interesting game play worked into a very small space, very similar to the old 64 cube contest entries. It's fully ghostable too. Have fun!

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    Congrats on your release AntiMatter ! "Mac"
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    That was a real treat, Michael! Thank you! Excellent creativity and use of space. I have one question, though: Can the portcullis by the zombie be opened? I got to both sides of it but never found a lever to raise it.

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    Russ: Down where the haunt patrols, one room has a boiler and another room has a switch for that portcullis. You need to "stoke" up the fire in the boiler, and close the door to it. Then go flip the switch that opens it. That switch isn't powered until the boiler is running.

    Really enjoyed the mission. Finished in about 50 minutes with all loot, the one secret and one bonus objective. Is there any way to get up where the guard with the lantern is patrolling? I liked the teleport trap! Nice work.

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    Naw, the Patrolling lantern guard is just for looks. I think there's a button or two in there though, related to a cut optional ghosting objective. The setup I was using conflicted with other metaproperties that used AI responses.

    Tannar answered the gate question for me nicely. =)

    BTW, my friends call me Mac, which derives from my initials. It's kind of odd when someone calls me Michael. AM16, Antimatter, or other variants are fine too though. =P

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    Great mission so far, but I'm stuck. I can't find the key to Everett's house.

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    You might buy and read the tip from the store at the beginning.

    Or just look at this spoiler. Access underneath through the sewers.

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    Thanks! I hadn't seen that grate

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    Congrats on the release, Antimatter_16 !
    I thought I would play this mission real quick, but I was wrong.
    Kept searching for the first key for almost half an hour and had to lookup the spoilers above.
    And now I have to give up for the moment, since work is calling

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    I was just saying how much I missed small contest-style missions over in the megathread- you FM authors and your way of reading my mind is, at times, terrifying.

    This was a lot of fun! I've finished everything, but I still haven't accessed that building near the beginning with the elevator inside of it. I see the key hanging inside, so I'm assuming I have to access it through the rooftop or sewers or something, but I can't seem to find the right way. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    That took me me a while,too.

    Go up the fire escape at the side, there's a switch to open the upper door you can frob through the window

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    Thanks for the help Swiz! Even knowing where to look, finding that switch was pretty rough.

    Once again, great mission! A few things:
    1. I loved all the little touches here- the bugs flying around the light near the open window, the fish swimming around in the water, the transparent windows showing you areas you can access later (the one with the lantern guard behind it that was there just for aesthetics was great too)...little things like these tend to impress me more than anything, so 90% of this mission was me going "OH HEY LOOKIT THAT." Really great work dude!
    2. The furnace puzzle. Not much to say, it was just awesome- as was the generator the barman obsessively turns back on. I really got the feeling I was annoying the hell out of him.
    3. The small area after the "Abandon all hope" plaque. WHY YOU TRICKY DEVIL YOU.
    4. A couple small issues in case you ever plan on updating this again: I get the feeling that the kitchen window just above the garden entrance is suppose to be accessible, but I always get stuck when trying to crouchwalk through it. The same thing happens when I attempt to exit through it from inside. Also, Everett seems to be able to see through doors; I knocked out Ariel with the door closed and he went into full alert in the next room.

    Thanks for the mission, Antimatter! It was extremely kickass.

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    Yeah I'm having a lot of fun with that one too. Really nice atmosphere and nice little touches like TheMike said. I'm not done with it yet but I'm really liking it, I like this idea of building missions in a very small area, I remember the 64 contest had a lot of nice entries and I wouldn't mind another one, to be honest.

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    I completely agree with The Mike!

    Which happens far too often and makes me a little concerned...

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    More to the point, it makes me concerned.

    I was asked recently about whether a NewDark contest might be in the offing. Perhaps the next contest could/should be a small size one - just for a change.

    But I agree with the size doesn't matter comment. This was fun to test and to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannar View Post
    I completely agree with The Mike!
    I may just take that quote and put it after all of my reviews from now on. Possibly after every paragraph of every review.

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    Congrats Something to play tonight

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    This was a nice little mission.

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    Thank you for a great mission! In fact the little space did improve this gem.

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    this was delightful! a fairly small area, but dense with character and things to do...
    I agree with TheMike's points - the little touches really added a lot - like the item in the secret area: creepy enough already, considering the view, but eew!

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