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Thread: T2 FM 'Bones: Episode 1' - December 2012

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    T2 FM 'Bones: Episode 1' - December 2012

    Thief 2 Fan Mission
    'Bones: Episode 1: the Old Quarter' v1.0
    First release: 25 Dec 2012
    Please update Thief 2 to version 1.19 to play this mission.

    Thief Missions Download Page


    Just a few words and thanks are in order, and an apology: this mission was effectively abandoned for ages (years) due to real life and difficulties getting Thief 2 to install on my new pc (the -lgntforce thing never seemed to work for me). After version 1.19 came out I got up and running with Tafferpatcher and had some free time to finish this 1.19 is also great and I think Thief 2 still has some life in it..I think we can go another decade(!)
    But to the other people who put work into this: sorry it took so long.
    Better late than never though eh

    First things first, I have to thank a few people.
    First of all Jason (Storybuilder on ttlg) who wrote most of the readables, the intro and movie text and helped with story generally. He hasn't been around ttlg for ages but hopefully will drop in again at some point.
    Thanks to Laz for making a kickass intro movie.
    Thanks to Loanstar for voice acting/providing recordings as Garrett.
    Thanks to Rob Hicks for his work on DEDX. I think the new toys and arrows are great fun and would love to see DEDX2/Dark Metal, Rob, if you read this.
    Thanks to all the taffers in the Editors Guild and everyone who's written tutorials.
    Thanks to Daraan for Alpha testing.
    Thanks to everyone at Shalebridge Cradle testing forums:
    Tannar for setting up a forum for testing and all the beta testers who provided great feedback at a very busy/mad time of year.
    Beta testers: nickie, Nightwalker, The Phantom, Jones Crusher, bob_doe_nz, itllrun10s, Gloria Creep, gigagooga.

    This was intended as a two mission series, so more of the story was reserved for part 2 (not sure I will ever get to finishing mission 2..depends on real life)..Mission 1 I think of as a semi-decent 'back to basics' type mission. You'll mostly be stealing stuff (duh ) but can go about it pretty much however you wish.
    Also I tried to have more of a Thief 1 vibe where possible.

    Gameplay Notes:

    Please map the 'next weapon' function to a key in your custom binds to access the new arrow types in-game.

    Icebombs: If used on an AI they will become immobile for a time and see through. Later if you blackjack them it will count as a kill (as if the AI is frozen and then cracked).

    If you swim outside (blue water) the player will take a bit of damage. It's freezing!
    In the sewers (green water) the player won't take any damage from the water.

    Please turn Fog and Weather Effects ON (if your vid card supports these features).

    Known Bugs:
    It snows in the water some places.
    AI path finding anomalies from time to time.
    Some reports of disappearing doors from some testers.
    As further bugs/errors come to light I may do an updated version.

    Alright that's probably enough rambling from me..I'm off to eat junk food and play Dishonored.
    Hope you like the mission taffers..and Merry Christmas



    Intro text:

    Lieutenant Stroud suddenly stopped writing her report, halting midway through a word. Her quill remained on the paper, a blossoming circle of black ink obliterating her previous work. A chill ran through her, like mice running over dry bones. Something was wrong.
    Her years in the city watch had honed her senses, and subtle clues--minute shifts in the light, a gentle puff of air--told her she wasn't alone.
    "Don't turn around," said a man's voice. His voice. Rage filled her blood, her mouth tasting of copper.
    Her hand blurred towards her belt. Panic seized her when she found the scabbard empty, her dagger missing. A small needle of pain flared in her throat. "Looking for this?" the voice asked as a blade pricked her skin.
    "Lieutenant Stroud, this is the third time you've tried that. You've really got to stop."
    Her rage fell away and a horrible, defeated sadness replaced it. "Leave me alone," she said.
    "In due time, Lieutenant. But not just yet."
    "What do you want?" she asked. "What more of my dignity can you strip from me?"
    "I want what everybody wants. You know; comfort, security, a home in Lampfire Hills. But what I want from you, Lieutenant Stroud, is information."
    She paused. "I...can't keep doing this."
    "Yes, you can."
    She closed her eyes, hating this man, this carrion bird, with all her soul.
    "People are getting suspicious. Even Captain Phillips. You burglarized the museum right after--"
    The man sighed.
    "Lieutenant Stroud...May I call you Jessica?"
    "Jessica, I have no interest in your relations with your fellow bulldogs. All I'm interested in hearing from you are the answers to a few questions."
    His voice became icy. "And you will answer them, because if you don't, your loving husband Arthur will discover that his son was sired by another man."
    A peculiar mix of longing and shame swept through her. Images of that summer with Kevin, all those years ago, spun through her mind, all fragmented, beautiful, and sad, like crushed flowers. "Damn you..." she whispered, her voice hitching.
    "You're not the first to say that, Jessica."
    "I know your name," she said suddenly.
    The man fell silent. She felt a change in the air; her words had startled him.
    "Do you now?" he asked carefully.
    "Your name is Garrett." She had been saving that fact to use if she really needed it. Now seemed as good a time as any.
    The man, the notorious thief named Garrett, fell silent again, almost pensive. Then he chuckled.
    "Bravo, Jessica, bravo. Fine detective work, my dear."
    "We'll catch you."
    "No, you won't. But you did show me I'm getting careless, and for that I thank you. Thus, an answer a few questions right now, and then I'll leave you alone. Agreed?"
    She nodded. Anything to be rid of this wood tick.
    "Yesterday, you oversaw the security detail for the unloading of a riverboat named The Spangled Cur. Rumor has it there was a very valuable spice shipment onboard. Is this true?"
    "Where is this shipment now?"
    "In the Eastport Beach dockhouse."
    Her tormentor paused. "Where?"
    "The Eastport Beach dockhouse. In the Old Quarter."
    She shook her head. "The re-opened Old Quarter, I mean."
    He grunted. He apparently wasn't used to the Old Quarter being open again either.
    "Where in the dockhouse?"
    "I don't know. Tendgaff, the dockmaster, took it."
    "Do you have a map of the Old Quarter? A current one, made after all the re-building?"
    She nodded, moving her hand to open a desk drawer. The blade asserted itself at her throat once more.
    "Ahh-ahh. Slowly," he cautioned. She did as he said, pulling the map out and handing it to him. It disappeared behind her.
    She waited for his next question, but none came. Curiosity began to gnaw at her, and she carefully turned around.
    Her office was empty. She leaped out of her chair, ready to fling open her door and charge out into the hall when a bit of movement caught her eye. Looking up, she saw the end of some rope disappear over the edge of her open skylight and into the darkness beyond. As she watched, a folded piece of paper suddenly fluttered down through the opening, turning in a lazy spiral. It made a small scuffing noise when it hit the ground.
    She snatched it off the floor. On the outside, in a neat, crabbed printing read a single phrase:
    She furiously tore open the paper, then froze when she saw what it was.
    It was a letter, one written in her hand. A letter to Kevin, telling him she bore his son. A letter she never delivered.
    That was how Garrett knew. And now it was hers again.
    Lieutenant Jessica Stroud sank to her knees, covered her face with her hands, and began to weep.

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    Fantastic! Just in time. What a wonderful Christmas present for us. Thanks and congratulations of the release!

    And that's one of the best briefings I've ever read!

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    Downloading now Thank you!

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    Thank you for this mission. Unfortunately i'm having some weird texture problems that i haven't seen in any other missions that i have played in New Dark as you can see in the images i have added (resized and brightened). I don't have any texture packs installed only ep.crf. Any ideas as to what the problem can be?

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    The Elusive One:

    I'm having exactly the same problem.

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    Yes, I have the same problem.

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    It's fine for me. I'm running the Tafferpatcher 206b version with all enhancements enabled and using FM Loader.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dump002.png 
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Size:	366.7 KB 
ID:	1579

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffox View Post
    It's fine for me. I'm running the Tafferpatcher 206b version with all enhancements enabled and using FM Loader.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	dump002.png 
Views:	28 
Size:	366.7 KB 
ID:	1579
    I used the latest Tafferpatcher when installed cca. 10 days ago but with Darkloader. Also, I didn't have any problem with other fms.

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    Thank you for the wonderful Christmas present, Zacharias!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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    I've tried again with Darkloader. It's still OK for me.

    btw: I'm enjoying this - many thanks!
    Last edited by ffox; 25th Dec 2012 at 08:46.

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    Textures are fine for me. (Mission loaded using integrated loader)

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    Like others I am getting the weird texture issue, i have tried with both darkloader and the internal FM selector. going now download the latest tafferpatcher and see if that fixes it...

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    Congrats on your awesome release.Will play it when i have the time

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    I also have the weird textures, but they don't bother me!

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    Ok. Apologies all for the texture issue..Kinda embarassing. I guess I still don't fully understand how the texture enhancements integrate with a Thief 2 install and why it works ok for some and not for others..

    I was trying to avoid just such a texture issue with the texture enhancement pack by changing .pcx files to .png but obviously I've stuffed up the palettes somewhere. Sorry..kinda sad.
    I guess I'll pull the file for the moment and try to fix it. Those of you who have got it please try the mission with fm selector (you have to remove a semi-colon from cam_mod.ini in Thief 2 dir to get fm selector to run).

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    A Thief Mission what a great Christmas present!!!!

    Thank you zacharias!!

    EDIT: P.S. I hope you get it fixed soon
    Last edited by pwl; 25th Dec 2012 at 13:11. Reason: no link yet

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    Ditto on the thanks! I knew at least one FM would come out today.

    I just wish you had not pulled it, even with a flaw. I have a few hours to kill before the festivities start and wanted to try it out anyway. Oh well Hope it is an easy fix, but if not, no biggie.

    Cheers and Merry Xmas,

    Bjack (wack - oof.. plop)

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    Thanks for the mission, zacharias !
    For me the textures did look odd as well first (using DarkLoader & TafferPatcher207, but not with all enhancements coming with it).
    I figured out that I would also need to install the 'NTEX Texture Pack' from within TafferPatcher.
    With that, all looks good so far.

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    ah..just forget the whole thing..

    Well..sorry for pulling it. But I'd prefer people play a version where the textures aren't fubarred It's a pretty big flaw.

    With that said I think I'm an idiot..with Dark 1.19 full.png or .pcx aren't needed at all (right?). Wait. They are for BaffordX amongst others (just tested it. Why is that? I thought palettes were a thing of the past).
    I think if people delete the full.png from Core_1, Core_2, Core_3 and City subdirectories (under fam directory) it will load ok. Christ this is like a public beta now, or crapping your pants in school

    Still confused about the texture pack though. If .dds has priority over all other file types why isn't from the texture pack visible in this mission? It should override blubrik1.png shouldn't it..

    I'm uploading a new version now...Gonna leave my pc on and go to should be the same i think..check in 1-2 hours.
    If that version's still no good, I will withdraw it and take a few days to redo textures..

    Again, sorry. Pretty inept display.

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    The download link doesn't seem to be working for me.
    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Try again now..
    I'm really tempted to pull this entirely though and fix the textures properly over a few days (and delete this thread )..Because i still can't be sure the texture enhancement won't interfere in other ways (had a little bit of this in beta). Thoughts?
    This problem stems from me overwriting old textures instead of using a new fam (I would have done that but way back when i was first doing textures the enhancement pack didn't exist anyway, so i didn't see any issue).

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    Just downloaded the new edition of the mission and so far the textures look normal now, thank you for the quick fix.

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    Merry Christmas and congrats on the release, Zacharias! I had a blast testing for you and you really came up with a wonderful mission. Again, well done!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacharias View Post
    I think if people delete the full.png from Core_1, Core_2, Core_3 and City subdirectories (under fam directory) it will load ok.
    Did that and it worked! -> EXCELLENT mission!

    Definitely one of the best missions this year and my personal favorite for 2012.

    Extemely nice city architecture, especially in the residential area and Eltz court!


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    Only played for about 5 minutes, but I already feel this is going to be a classic (at least for me). The atmosphere immediately sucks you into the awesome world of Thief. Thank you so much, zacharias !

    And thanks for the quick fix! But I have to say, it still looks really cool and creepy with those weird textures .

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