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Thread: T2 FM 'Bones: Episode 1' - December 2012

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    So when can we expect Episode 2? If the standard is as good as Episode 1 then I'm perfectly happy to wait.

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    Realistic answer: erm..probably not for a while, if ever. I've got too much on my plate at the moment to have any serious time for DromEd. Having said that much of the architecture is done already so if some free time pops up it's possible i guess.

    Oh, someone asked about the Undule textures. I guess the originals have been taken down..I had them somewhere but can't seem to find them..You could always use the versions used in a FM i guess, although some colour data will be gone.
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    Lovely mission, thanks guys. I'll return here just to wander around with a warming glass of sherry now and then. I added to the dockside atmosphere by running an ocean wave soundtrack in the background (

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    Seen the review and screenshots of the mission, and just had to try it. Awesome job, zacharias! Thanks a bunch. Love such non-linear "playgrounds" with an outstanding atmosphere.

    Thanks Squadarofl for loot list as well, missed some items at first.

    Here's a pockpicket list as well:

    01 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer on eastern bridge)
    02 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer on western bridge)
    03 -- Purse, 100g (blackjack-proof guard near western bridge)
    04 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (female archer patrolling across the town)
    05 -- Sister FlyWheel's Key (female mage patrolling near the center of town)
    06 -- Purse, 100g (guard in Stoneleight Street shop)
    07 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer patrolling area north of shop)
    08 -- Purse, 100g (guard outside Mortlock's entrance)
    09 -- 1 x Fire Arrow (archer outside Mortlock's entrance)
    10 -- Papyrus (archer outsider Mortlock's entrance)
    11 -- Purse, 100g (guard inside Mortlock's house)
    12 -- Purse, 100g (guard near Hammer statue)
    13 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer near Hammer statue)
    14 -- Belgoi Key (1) (guard patrolling outside Dr. Belgoi's apartment)
    15 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer stationed on small balcony south of Dr. Belgoi's apartment)
    16 -- Belgoi Key (2) (on Dr. Belgoi)
    17 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (female archer overlooking back entrance of Master Frobisher's)
    18 -- Security Code scroll (crossbowwoman outside Dockhouse -- Swan?)
    19 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (female archer after small sewer patch -- one with frogbeasts)
    20 -- Purse, 100g (guard patrolling area close to Crown Court)
    21 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer patrolling Stoneleight Street)
    22 -- 3 x Broadhead Arrow (archer near SewerHouse)
    23 -- SewerHouse Key (1) (guard near SewerHouse)
    24 -- Key (1) (on man in sewer)

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    An hour in the mission and i'm really enjoying it, descended in the tunnels below the ruined castle and it's hell down there

    Also really liking the explore the city vibe, many thanks for this great FM, hope we'll see part 2.

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    I just spent over two hours playing this mission and enjoyed it tremendously!! Kudos Zacharias (and all who contributed)! I loved the ambience, graphics and mission in general! It was so much fun being able to explore so many places and to travel via rooftops & ledges as well on a large map. I thought that there was a Part 2 already included in this mission and was severely disappointed to discover Part 2 hasn't been completed yet! I sincerely hope you finish Part 2, Zacharias; I feel as though the story is so incomplete! Thank you for Part 1, however.

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    just got done replaying this missions and still a great mission,but i am now able to see how the map is in section but blend together well into each part

    does anyone know if the author is still around and if there will be a part 2?

    a must play for any thief fan

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    I also played this one today, and enjoyed it immensely. Also curios about a sequel

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    Great mission. One of my favourites, to be sure. Thanks Zacharias!

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