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Thread: T2 FM: "Prophet" Preview

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    T2 FM: "Prophet" Preview

    *Update 02/07/13* Just a heads up that I built a new PC and it will take me a few days to be back in full swing. I've already got Thief 2 and DromEd up and running on v1.19 and it runs flawlessly. Now I just have to get my graphics and modelling programs back up and everything will be back to normal, other than the fact I have a brand new machine! Cheers!

    This is the preview/news/progress thread for my FM project "Prophet".

    I'm basically posting this to get the word out about this project and get some feedback and thoughts about it, and then also to have it included in the upcoming FMs list. The Phantom pm'd me last week to check on it so I thought it was a good time for an update. Please let me know what you think, expect, or hope to see in this mission. Jump straight to the full-res shots on my flickr feed. Thanks!
    About the mission:
    Author: Phantom
    Earlier mission(s): none
    FM in development:

    Prophet (T2)
    Details: A Dark Project style mission that has evolved over several years of development.
    Synopsis: After escaping from a botched execution, you must elude capture and discover why someone wants you dead.
    Current status: Steady Progress (60% complete)
    Estimated release date: 2013
    Screenshots: yes
    Lighting: 70%
    Large Obj: 60%
    Small Obj: 20%
    AI Meshes: 30%
    VO/Music: 0%
    Weaponry: 20%
    Scripting: 15%
    Storyboard: 95%
    Interface: 30%

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    ah..The Phantom pm'ed Phantom..(that took me a while..)

    Looks great..all the best with it. In my experience when you think you are at 90% you are really only at 80% or so (plenty will usually crop up in beta) anyway you are well on the way.

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    That looks amazing, I can't wait!

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    Looks great!

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    Wow! Cool! Already want to play!

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    Very nice pics! It's always great to see new authors! Looking forward to your mission. You should also post a pic or two in this thread.

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    Looks awesome!
    I like all these little new details that you have put in.
    Considering the architecture and lightning, this mission will surely have a very nice atmosphere.
    The lightgem & health counter look a little bit rough though and actually reminds me a little bit of some very old games.
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    Looks super great

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    Looking very, very interesting indeed.

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    Amazing work, especially those AIs!

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    The Phantom thanks Phantom for posting this preview

    Really nice screenshots. I like the unique style and feel of the mission, and those AI's are lovely (I remember seeing them earlier in this WIP thread).

    Looking forward to it

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    Screenshots look amazing. Really awesome work, I can't wait to play it!

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    Woa, this is gonna be a very interesting mission, Phantom, looking forward to it!!!!!
    Now you got feedback........back to work you taffer!

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    Cool. Good work!

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    ARGH!! (cant wait.. it looks so GOOD!!!! Praise the Builder!)

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    Shots look awesome, Phantom! Can't wait for the release. Great work!

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    Great work
    I love the shades of brown.

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    "Estimated release date: 2013"

    well.... we now have 2013... do release it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks guys and gals for all the wonderful comments. I'm trying my hardest to work consistently on this project amidst all my hobbies. Quite frankly once Bioshock Infinite comes out you probably won't hear from me in a month!

    Here are some more screens I took not really to be good screenshots so much as they are to show some objects and AI that I've made. If you hadn't noticed there are no original objects, meshes, or textures from Thief in this mission. Everything is being done from scratch, that is, I'm making the meshes and objects, and converting textures that I've found from various free texture sites.

    I'll also put some progress percentages at the top of the page so you can see how things are going...

    You can still visit my flickr feed to see all of these full-res.

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    Those screens look AWESOME can't wait to play!!

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    Looks amazing

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    This looks really sweet. I hope we get to play it this year!

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    Just checking in - any word on the progress of this mission?

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    Any progress with Prophet?

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    Oh yeah! this one is amazing. Cannot wait for this release.... One fellow looks like a lumberjack so to speak. All kinds of custom stuff.

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