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Thread: T2 V1.19 FM: The Tower in the Forest (1/2013)

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    Registered: Dec 2012

    T2 V1.19 FM: The Tower in the Forest (1/2013)

    Hello taffers!

    Finally, it is done. My first post on, my first creation for Thief: I release my first mission "The Tower in the Forest".

    About the mission:
    Garrett received a strange letter telling him about a tower of the Mages, which is hidden deep in the forest. Being curious - and because this could be a good opportunity - he follows the instructions and reaches the tower. But what will he find there?

    Further information is in the anonymous message in the inventory. I recommend to read the readme! Actually reading is important for the whole mission, because the important clues are written in the books, scrolls, etc. - without you cannot solve the riddles.

    Languages are german, english, russian and french. The mission is for Thief 2, version 1.19 (NewDark).
    I highly recommend difficulty Expert ("Fathom"), because only there you can enter every area of the tower. Of course it is up to you. So, have fun! And do not despair... Although the treasure chamber is haunted, it seems.

    The links: [first version] [version 1.1 is bugged, please do not use it] on file-upload (temporary link) [version 1.2: v1.0 with french translation added] on Southquarter (thanks to Brethren) on Thiefmissions (thanks to epithumia) on Darkfate (thanks to clearing)

    As a last point I want to thank my beta testers, especially all those who helped me with more than only the beta test.

    Greetings, Notesthes.

    For those who need help, Ricebug has made a walkthrough.
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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Congratulations on the release! You've worked so hard on this and it's a really fun mission.

    And of course, welcome to TTLG!

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    Location: Siberia, Russia
    Congratulations on the release!

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    Looking forward to playing your first mission.

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    DromEd Archmage
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    It's your first mission? So, let's play!


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    It's always great to see someone new building for Thief! Congratulations on the release of your first mission! I'm looking forward to playing it as soon as I'm done the betas I'm working on now.

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    Congratulations on the release! Play all! This is the bomb!

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    Registered: Dec 2012
    Thank you.

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    This is AWESOME !! Downloading now and Congrats on the release!!

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    thank you Notesthes, wellcome, congratulations and ..... "break a leg" with your first one

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    Registered: May 2010
    Location: Taffer's Inn
    Congrats! Sounds really interesting Grabbing it now.

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    Master Builder 2018
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    Welcome to the forum, Notesthes. Congratulations on releasing your first mission! I am looking forward to playing it.

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    Congratulations with your first release, Notesthes! And welcome to the forums.

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    sweet, something to play this weekend :-)

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: West Seattle
    I'm a big fan of The Sword-style weirdness, but this get really bizarre!
    I think I might need some help navigating the Valley and maze to the Treasure Chamber...
    Also, is there a way up to the very top level in the roof garden?

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    If you're playing on Expert then yes, there is a way up there but it will only happen when you've done certain things.

    As for the Valley of Despair, there's a servant's note on the same floor as the kitchen, in the barracks area which gives you the direction you need to look when you get into the Valley. Just make sure you know whereabouts you started - i.e. north.

    The maze isn't vast but for the treasury, have a look at the notices on the treasury door.

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    Registered: May 2010
    Location: Taffer's Inn
    I'm stuck I can't find the switch in the upper part of the library

    and also can't find all of Krolock's writings in the library.I only found The Octanion of Earth

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Yes, that's quite tricky to find. Have you found the readable which talks about the different directions for the various elements? I found it helpful to make a note of those. And have you also found the scroll which talks about the switch. The scroll suggests the direction you should take to find the switch.

    Come back if that's not enough clue.

    As far as Krolock's writings are concerned, I think you will find what you need. I'm actually racking my brains at the moment trying to remember where that particular one is. I'll post a clue when I remember.

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    Registered: May 2010
    Location: Taffer's Inn
    Found the switch.After i found the note about the directions of the elements (at first i didn't knew what was that all about) i figured it out Thanks for the help Now to find those writings.
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    This is a fun one folks, definitely check it out. Here's a mirror: Tower In The Forest.
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    Registered: Dec 2012
    An instruction how to leave the Valley of Despair is in the treasure chamber.

    About Krolock.... the scroll you need (beside the diary) is in the NW of the library - upper floor.

    Thank you, Brethren!

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    Registered: May 2005
    What? "Proofreaders (English): My sister, nickie."

    This can only be good .

    Congrats, downloading, playing... My first contact with Thief in 2013 .

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    I am playing through this now and just wanted to say I am really enjoying it! Thanks for this Notesthes!

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    Location: Albertslund, Denmark
    Brilliant mission, thank you! I really enjoyed this mission, but i must be missing something right in front of me.

    I'm stuck in the archmage's room. There's probably a switch somewhere to get out but i really can't find it. Please help.

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: Wales
    Have a look at the bookcase furthest away from where you found the book.

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