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Thread: Ambient Loop Pack - 10 Feb 2013

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    Ambient Loop Pack - 10 Feb 2013

    This collection of ambient loops was created during the development of The Drymian Codex, but at some point each was replaced with something else. Since they’re not being used now, it seems a shame not to make them available to other authors, so here they are for your use in your own mission. If you use these, please make attribution to the original artist and song primarily, and also credit me with creating the loop from the original source material.

    All files are in IMA ADPCM WAV format, the same as LGS audio files, and are ready to be used in your mission. You could write a schema for them, like the following example, and then use the reload_schemas command afterwards and save your gamesys. You can also just rename them to override an LGS filename.

    //Comment describing the schema, e.g. “Loop for the crypt” 
    schema amb_crypt
    archetype AMB_MISC
    mono_loop 0 0
    volume -900

    Here is a list of the included loops by filename and original artist/song:

    devlake_lp -- Devil’s Lake by Patrick O’Hearn
    minds_lp -- Manufactured Minds by Atrium Carceri
    mywalls_lp -- Behind My Walls by In Slaughter Natives
    purga_lp -- Purgatorio by Yen Pox
    thefew_lp -- Knowledge of the Few by Atrium Carceri
    truth_lp -- Truth Revealed by Atrium Carceri
    unveiled_lp -- Unveiled by Atrium Carceri

    Download Here

    For those interested, the technique I use to create seamless loops is given in my tutorial on the subject. I am also happy to create ambient loops for anyone from any source material.
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    Excellent work Yandros, I'll have to use these in one of my future FM's

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