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    i tryed it but i was not able to do anything with books in the different rooms,it was to dark unless i was against a wall,needs a better light source for character to see

    but i did explore the 3-4 story place and got to attic but wasent sure what to do next?,and i so wanted a jump option not sure why

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    level 1 - level trigger - enter door
    level 2 - level trigger - down the corridor left
    level 3 - level trigger - straight forward
    level 4 - go up the stairs
    level 5 - down the corridor
    level 6 - end

    this are the spots to change level, im still experimenting things, enjoy the atmosphere, i will correct the book tonight, i need to increase
    the reading distance, lots of typos on the reading yet, but at least they are working

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    Any update on this?

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    slowly yes ... i am working on the previous levels upgrades, with 5 new levels. New features, better books, better player movement, new ai a bunch of stuff.

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