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Thread: AM16's Thief2 Fixed 1.2d - Bugfixed Original Missions - Updated 2018-06-01

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    The latest is 1.27 so I assume this is a typo by AM_16.

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    Is this what is available on Steam now? I just installed T2 again after just finding out a week ago that it had been updated back in March 2019. And anyone have advice for managing a Steam only install? I've since misplaced my disks and Steam is my only source at the moment.

    How would installing the game to a "library" with Steam then copying the files... I want to make multiple installs with Thief and not sure the best way to do it.

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    Black textures in Kidnap mission - Site 7

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    I've been wondering what's wrong with the moon in "Shipping". Turns out Thief2 Fixed (1.3b) has modified values in miss2.mis for Celestial3 latitude and longitude and Sky Glow parameters. This isn't intentional, is it?

    It would probably be best to put the original values back in the mis file, but meanwhile here's a dml fragment that can be used as a workaround (this can be added to the end of t2skies\miss2.mis.dml):
    TagBlock "CELOBJVAR3"
           "Latitude" 30.0
           "Longitude" 45.0
    TagBlock "SKYOBJVAR"
           "Glow scale" 0.0

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    I moved the moon because it's in the wrong place for the "sunlight" (moonlight) direction.
    The sunlight is set to come from the north sky, shining toward the south. The original position of the moon was more in the south section of the sky, so it's moonlight would've been projected north. I wasn't going to change the sunlight direction (as that would be a substantial gameplay change) so IIRC, I calculated where the moon should be, based on the sunlight direction, and put it there.

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    Well, that explains it. IIRC, it's not the only light direction discrepancy in the OMs. In t2skies, I chose to ignore the whole issue. In this case, for example, moving the moon makes the sky look terribly empty when looking out over the water.

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