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Thread: Handy Skyrim tricks

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    Handy Skyrim tricks

    Couldn't find a thread for this, so here it goes. I recently found a very handy trick to kill npc's without getting a bounty - and without killing them... It works about half the time (I think it might be a bug). You use the Ice Form on your victim and often the other NPC's will start attacking him. I'm doing the Dark Brotherhood quests now, and sometimes I get lucky, where I freeze my target in the middle of a town and the guards attack them and do my job for me
    I had tried using the Fury spell to get other NPC's to kill for me, but I get a bounty when I do that.

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    In the console:

    "tfc 1" - Toggles freecam and freezes the game world.
    "tm" - Hides all menus and HUD.

    You can use those together to make nice screenshots. The only limit I've found is that you can't toggle the freecam if you're in the middle of a cinematic takedown animation thingy. It will still pause the game world though.

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