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Thread: Eye of the Thunder - 20% and counting

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    Eye of the Thunder - 20% and counting

    As the title says, Eye of the Thunder is about 20% finished. I have a website up at:

    Copy and paste this into your address bar. If it doesn't work, whack off the .html and it should work then.

    The level is sitting at around 15 to 16 MB right now and I'm worried. Is there something I'm doing to make it so large? I have not saved the .gam file into the .mis. It is a .mis file, not a .cow. Am I doing something to make it large or is it just really large?

    If it is only 20% done and sitting at 15 MB, I have a problem. Here's a small description: A 600 x 600 x 75 area divided up into 9 200 x 200 x 75 squares. The buildings are all accessible (you can go into all of them) and they range anywhere from 20 x 20 x 18 to somewhere 100 x 100 x 50 (three stories). Any suggestions?

    "...and lo, by the Hammer of Righteousness has justice been forged..." Eye of the Thunder - Coming Soon!

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    Can't answer you completely except to say don't forget your gonna zip it before release, so it should be much smaller then.

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    re. 15 meg file size, is that having optimised the terrain or just portalised? If you haven't optimised you should, as it will cut the size by about half...even if you have already optimised i wouldn't worry too much though, as that will zip to about 20-25% of that size ie. 3-4 meg.
    But are you saying that only 20% of the terrain is built, or that 20% of the whole process of terrain/objects/scripting/tweaking is done. If it's the first you may have to rethink a bit, as there are brush and object limits. The real problem with large levels is not really pure size (because they compress so well) but rather its these brush/object limits.
    ps. type info_window in DromEd command box to tell you how many brushes/objects you've used thus far.

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