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Thread: T2 Campaign: Sturmdrang Peak (15/05/13)

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    T2 Campaign: Sturmdrang Peak (15/05/13)


    v1.1 Patched with French and German, and with better compression on some sound files to reduce overall file size:
    South Quarter - thanks Brethren
    Dark Fate - thanks Clearing

    Sturmdrang Peak v1.1 is now available!

    Now patched!

    Download 1.1 from:
    - Thiefmissions:
    - Taffer's Paradise:

    * Russian and German translations are included in the zip file. More languages coming soon...
    * Fully compatible with v1.18 as well as "New Dark" v1.19, v1.20, v1.21.
    * It is strongly recommended that you install the Thief 2 NewDark patch. The latest version at the time of writing is v1.21. This can be downloaded from South Quarter here:
    While it is not required to play Sturmdrang Peak, there are numerous fixes and changes to the engine that will improve your playing experience, most notably a better framerate in some high-poly areas.
    * It is also strongly recommended that you install the Object Enhancement Pack by Nameless Voice, as this will significantly improve the model quality of the game's original objects and add greater consistency to the mission. You can download it here:
    * This is a six-mission campaign.
    * You travelled light and begin without your standard thieving equipment. You will have a chance to choose more equipment near the beginning of the campaign.
    * Your equipment will carry over between missions.
    * It should be possible to play using any play style, but you may be limited by the equipment you choose.
    * Higher difficulties have extra bonus objectives and some more complex puzzles, but you won't miss out on any of the story on lower difficulties.
    * There are transcripts of all the main conversations in This is for hard-of-hearing players, and should be considered MAJOR spoilers.


    P.S. if you get stuck and need to ask for help, make sure you mention which mission you're on. Thanks!

    Please post questions on Mission 1 (Damp Atmosphere, not the tiny intro mission) in this thread. Use the following threads for the other missions.
    Mission 2 - Tunnel Rats
    Mission 3 - Gathering Tempest
    Mission 4 - Forgotten Depths
    Mission 5 -Unprecedented Retribution
    Mission 6 - Hubris and Humidity

    Added links to mission threads - Nightwalker

    Walkthrough now available: Click here. Thanks Ricebug!
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    Cast off, by Mohana!
    My FM campaigns Garrett's Young Years XTra, Reunion With Basso
    Want your upcoming FM translated in foreign languages?

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    Congratulations on the release, Nick! I see you couldn't quite wait for the contest to finish. Not that I'm complainin'.

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    Congratulation, finally something new Thanks.

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    Congratulations on the release

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    Yeeees!! Congrats

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    congratulations on the release Nicked

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    Congratulations on the release!

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    A new FM always makes my day - and a six-parter to boot! Thank you Nicked

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    Huge congrats on the release, nicked!

    Downloading now. How many parts does this have? Oh, I can't wait to play.... I was supposed to be working today.... Guess that's not gonna happen!

    Way to go

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    Aww man. Now I'm tempted to call in "sick" today.

    Congrats, nicked! I will start in on this ASAP.

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    Awesome, nicked! Congratulations! And thanks.

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    Oohh yeah!

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    Congrats on the release! Launching this now.

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    Wow! Thanks.


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    Congratulations on the release, nicked! I was lucky enough to be a betatester and I know you'll all enjoy exploring these missions. There are 6, by the way.

    I think it might be a good idea to open a new thread for each mission so it doesn't get too confusing and maybe use this thread for questions about the first mission. You could include links to the threads in the first post so people can find them easily.

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    Since starting this mission on Expert under New dark v1.21, I have 4 or 5 crashes to desktop in different places in mission 2. Each time I get a message C++ Runtime Error R6025 Pure virtual function call. I have played other missions under v1.21 without this problem.

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    I had that a couple of times with Cell 6, but randomly and not able to be reproduced at will. Tannar sent me an email about it so I'll see if I can dig up the info and pm you.

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    Brilliant game this...I have one shard, found in the pirate house, I am at the castle and knocked out the two pirate guards..there is a lock which I presume raises the portcullis to where I need to find a hidey hole for the mission to end but cannot find the key..also are the two missing shards here or further on....playing on hard by the way.

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    The other two shards come in the next missions. Have you had a good look round the city watch?

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    Location: Marlborough,England., going there now.
    Thanks Nickie.

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    Holy s..., 397 Mb! Downloading right now! Thanks, man!

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    Sweet, Ive been looking forwarding playing this..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicked View Post
    P.S. if you get stuck and need to ask for help, make sure the mention which mission you're on. Thanks!
    I highly recommend starting a separate thread for each mission.

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    Just finished on expert Didn't expect the last mission to be that long and awesome. Congrats again to the author It was an amazing ride! A replay will come soon since i didn't find many secrets

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