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Thread: T2 Campaign: Sturmdrang Peak (15/05/13)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Random_Taffer View Post
    Excellent work, Nick! I had a rather fine time. Just finished it and I've been posting it as a Let's Play all day. (17 videos long!)

    Great work! I certainly hope this isn't the last thing we see from you, my friend.
    I'm up to video 5! It's really interesting watching someone playing the missions completely fresh (although I was shouting at my screen when you walked past that door! )

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    OK I got it ........ I missed the one on the roof

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    How do you steal the valuables from the Nobleman in Room 4 ? His door seems to require a key. Where is it ?

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    You can't do this objective until you've visited Sergeant Pavid and got some equipment which will give you a rope arrow so you can climb above the rooms.

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    Not really true. I did it without rope arrows. It isn't difficult to get on the roofs.

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    Yes, true.

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    This was a lot of fun playing and ghosting the campaign. Definitely one of the most beautiful missions out there. I especially liked the maps which where absolutely necessary for orientation in the huge areas.

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    This is a beautiful campaign! I didn't want it to end! Excellent work!

    Can't be me, I washed a few days ago

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    Thank you so much for this mission!! It looks excellent.

    However I'm stuck on the first mission Just kidding

    ...I just wanted to practice typing spoilers!

    The rain and seagulls in the second mission create such a lovely atmosphere. This is my first time playing a mission that everyone else didn't finish years ago.

    This is rather embarrassing but could somebody tell me what to type in the Random question "What studio inspired this site?" I assumed it was LGS...

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    Gitb, I can't find any secret on the roof of the inn, or on the inner roof that gives access to the nobleman's room, or any such thing. I can't even get onto the actual roof of the inn; it won't let me mantle onto it. If you mean the inside roof, I can't find any secret there. Could you be more specific?



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    It is the roof above the outside sitting area
    (seilpfeil an die obere dachkante und auf das untere dach springen dort erwartet dich eine kiste mit gold)
    rope arrow to the upper side of the roof and then jump on the lower roof

    By the way ..... are you stiöö working with Drom Ed .... ?
    Ich dachte ich hätte damals eine FM von dir gespielt und wollte nur fragen ob du noch aktiv FM's zauberst ?

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    Finished. A fantastic mission, thanks a lot Nick and his helpers! And a great credit scene to finish it all off

    Phew I think I need a break from Thief after doing all the missions non stop. 5 minutes should be enough

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    Thanks for releasing a fantastic campaign! I especially loved the puzzles in the temple. Great, varying architecture and themes in each mission. Fascinating story with lots of twists. I had a great time playing this.

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    i enjoyed this mission set,good job

    my fav mission of the set was the escape level

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    Thanks a lot for this campaign, great plot, awesome gameplay also thanks for the compatibility with 1.18 version.

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    Thank you for these great missions.
    Very good atmosphere!
    Great looking textures!

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    What a fantastic campaign! It looked great. As far as I'm concerned this was the best set of missions I've played in a long time. The puzzles were logical and didn't hitch you up endlessly being frustrated. Loved it Loved it

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    How do I break into the castle on easy? cannot find key for doors?

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    A couple of ways:

    1. Find the secret in the cellar in the tavern
    2. Have a look upstairs at the City Watch

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    3. Rope arrow through the window.

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    BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!!!! What an awesome campaign!!! Great story, characters, environment, everything!! One of the BEST of them all.

    Thank you so much for all your efforts. It was a fantastic adventure!!
    If at first you don't succeed...reload and try again!

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    Thank you, Nick. It was really wonderful campaign, a bit rough at times and I didn't like some parts of the plot, but overall very enjoyable experience.
    Very nice, rainy atmosphere. And it was a nice rest after those frustrating contest missions

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    Just finished the whole thing and wanted to say it was really enjoyable! It's been ages since we had a nice big campaign to play.

    Thanks, nicked!

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    Thanks for a great FM campaign! I really enjoyed the immersion and ambiance, and you didn't go too far with the puzzles. I can't believe I got through it having used the forum for one clue only! That armory key...

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    I'm stuck in Temple at 7x7 colour tile puzzle. The one with two hint plaques about counting 25 etc. I'm out of ideas, please help!

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