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Thread: New Program: Dark Engine Object Converter Interface

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    I rewrote it to simplify things and add a couple of features. New program:

    I think the code for finding the textures is the same. If you provide a couple of example objects I can try them myself and see if there's anything I can do.

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    I totally missed that post, thanks R Soul! I'll see if maybe importing .e in blender, then export to 3ds, is a better 3ds to import to sketchup.

    Some example objects I tried, that I wanted:
    But even better is the blanketed versions #6 and #7 here
    However, both 3ds just fail to load outright, even in blender.

    So I went with bed1 here, textures were swapped on export and, missing polys in some areas.. Too Swiss cheese.

    The easiest, and no issues importing was the 3ds made from Textures swapped but easiest to track and work with. Not my first pick for a bed, I will have to make HD textures for it to make it match the rest of my mission, but may be the easiest to fix as I said.

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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Formby, NW England
    bintoe could not convert Soul Tear's bed. Could be too high poly or too much detail in one part which causes an error (mostly a guess)
    Christine's bed converted but could not be loaded. I converted to 3ds and tried to load it in Anim8or.

    One of the beds from Rose Cottage converted to 3ds but in Anim8or the materials were wrong.

    I've remembered a difference with BinMaster: After calling bintoe it reads the e file to find the textures. Much more reliable than DEOCI which scanned the bin file.

    Further discussion should take place in the BinMaster thread, and it's important to try doing the conversion manually from the command line to see if that works. If you get the same results doing it the old way, the problem lies with the .bin file format and object complexity.

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