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Thread: Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 alpha

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Ireland
    I don't have much by way of comparison screenshots, but the EP Comparison Site is still up and has been updated with the changes.
    There's also a new "Variants" section on textures, which lists alternate versions which haven't been pulled into the pack. I've put every texture I've received into those variants sections, so you'll find textures I haven't had time to review there (feel free to comment on any variants that you think should be included!)

    I also have a list of most of the updated textures:

    ancient         brd_ladl        New
    ancient         brd_ladr        New
    ancient         brd_ledl        New
    ancient         brd_ledr        New
    ancient         brd_lfdl        New
    ancient         brd_lfdr        New
    ancient         brd_lwdr        New
    ancient         brd128b         New
    ancient         brdsml01        New
    ancient         brdsml02        New
    ancient         ceilstar        New
    ancient         decor02a        New
    ancient         decor02b        New
    ancient         decor02c        New
    ancient         walfresa        New
    ancient         walfrese        New
    ancient         walfresf        New
    ancient         walfresw        New
    artdout         walbasst        New
    bafford         b01             New
    bafford         b02             New
    bafford         b03             Modified
    bafford         b05             Modified
    bafford         b09             New
    bafford         b10             New
    bafford         b11             New
    bafford         b17             Modified
    bafford         b18             New
    bafford         b19             New
    bafford         b20             New
    bafford         b22             Modified
    bafford         b23             New
    bafford         b24             Modified
    bafford         b25             New
    bafford         b26             New
    bafford         b27             New
    bafford         b28             New
    basement        darcrk          New
    basement        detal1          New
    basement        detal2          New
    basement        edge            New
    basement        trim1           New
    basement        trim6           New
    catacomb        angel           New
    catacomb        brssdoor        New
    catacomb        brsslion        New
    catacomb        con1            New
    catacomb        con1sml         New
    catacomb        cup             New
    catacomb        lioncup         New
    catacomb        xcirc1          New
    catacomb        xcirc3          New
    catacomb        xcirc4          New
    catacomb        det1            New
    catacomb        gtomb           New
    catacomb        link            New
    catacomb        xlrg            New
    church          detal           New
    church          fancy1          New
    church          fring32         New
    church          hammer1         New
    church          hammer2         Modified
    church          inflr           New
    church          paintst         New
    church          party           New
    church          pillar1         New
    church          rose            New
    church          scroll          Modified
    church          skylight        New
    church          stucco          New
    church          trim            New
    city            cfwinf01        Modified
    city            cfwinl01        Modified
    city            cris05          Modified
    city            cris07          Modified
    city            cris464         New
    city            criswd          New
    city            crss464s        New
    city            detail          New
    city            door3           New
    city            dortop1         New
    city            famrelef        New
    city            girder3         New
    city            girder4         New
    city            rstuc2st        New
    city            rstuc3a         New
    city            rubermat        New
    city            win3            New
    city            win322          Modified
    city            win322l         Modified
    city            win323          Modified
    city            win324l         Modified
    city            win325s         Modified
    city            win32l          Modified
    city            win5            New
    city            win5l           New
    city            winwd264        Modified
    civicb2         adoor02         New
    civicb2         balcon02        New
    civicb2         bcolbot         New
    civicb2         bcoltop         New
    civicb2         bdoor           New
    civicb2         bmold11         New
    civicb2         bwin15          New
    civicb2         bwin15l         New
    civicb2         bwin16          New
    civicb2         bwin16l         New
    civicb2         bwin17          New
    civicb2         mold08          New
    civicbui        colwal01        New
    civicbui        colwal1a        New
    civicbui        colwal1a        Modified
    civicbui        detail03        New
    civicbui        mold05          New
    civicbui        obaswal3        New
    civicbui        odoor01b        New
    civicbui        owin06          New
    civicbui        owin06l         New
    civicbui        rdoorw          New
    civicbui        rroof           New
    concastle       embos1          New
    concastle       glass2          Modified
    concastle       glasss          Modified
    concastle       greenmar        Modified
    concastle       rug             Modified
    concastle       trim5           New
    concastle       trim7           New
    core            asfalt          Modified
    core            clnbrik1        Modified
    core            cobl2           Modified
    core            cobl2lo         Modified
    core            cobls1          Modified
    core            ironrock        Modified
    core            ledge           Modified
    core            ledge2          Modified
    core            patio           Modified
    core            planks1         Modified
    core            sand            Modified
    core            sandy           New
    core            stucco          Modified
    core            wallcrud        Modified
    core            wdpanel         Modified
    core            wdplnk          Modified
    core            wdplnk2         Modified
    core            wood            Modified
    core            woodbeam        Modified
    core            woodblt         Modified
    core_1          blustn          Modified
    core_1          clnbrik1        Modified
    Core_1          ironrock        Modified
    core_1          ledge           Modified
    core_3          grst6128        Modified
    core_3          locker1         New
    Core_3          mstn2128        New
    core_3          wd1128          Modified
    deep            siding          New
    deep            siding2         New
    dungeon         crag            New
    dungeon         floor1          New
    dungeon         floor2          New
    dungeon         floor3          New
    dungeon         floor4          New
    dungeon         grate2          Modified
    keeper          floortil        Modified
    keeper          kbookc2a        Modified
    keeper          kbookca3        Modified
    keeper          kwall01a        New
    keeper          kwall02a        New
    keeper          kwall04a        New
    keeper          kwall05a        New
    keeper          kwall06a        New
    keeper          kwall07a        New
    keeper          kwall08a        New
    keeper          kwall09a        New
    keeper          kwall10a        New
    keeper          kwall11a        New
    keeper          kwall12a        New
    keeper          kwall13         New
    keeper          stain1          Modified
    lostcty         borde128        New
    lostcty         border64        New
    lostcty         lc03            New
    lostcty         lc09            Modified
    lostcty         lc10            Modified
    lostcty         lc10            New
    lostcty         lc11            New
    lostcty         lc16            New
    lostcty         lc17            New
    lostcty         lc20            New
    lostcty         lc25            Modified
    lostcty         lroc1           New
    lostcty         lroc2           New
    lostcty         rof01           New
    lostcty         wal04           Modified
    maw             cavespi         New
    maw             d11             New
    maw             d13             New
    maw             d15             New
    maw             d16             New
    maw             d18             New
    maw             d19             New
    maw             d20             New
    maw             d21             New
    maw             d23             New
    maw             d25             New
    maw             d26             New
    maw             d28             New
    maw             d29             New
    maw             d30             New
    maw             d31             New
    maw             d32             New
    maw             d33             New
    maw             m02             New
    maw             m06             New
    maw             m07             New
    maw             m08             New
    maw             mawood2         New
    maw             mawood2s        New
    maw             mawspi          New
    maw             mawspi4         New
    maw             mawsto          New
    maw             mawsto4a        New
    maw             plant03s        New
    maw             ritualf         New
    maw             root            New
    maw             rootstep        New
    mbfloor         floord03        Modified
    mbfloor         floorr02        Modified
    mech            dalb3m          Copied
    mech            dalb3s          Copied
    mech            dalb4           Copied
    mech            dalb4s          Copied
    mech            dwal4           New
    mech            eleccab         New
    mech            gray            Modified
    mech            mdebri02        New
    mech            turqplug        New
    metals          jaildoor        New
    metals          plug            New
    metals          turq128         New
    mine            melevtr         New
    mine            mfloor01        Modified
    mine            msign01         New
    mine            msign02         New
    mine            msign03         New
    mine            msign04         New
    mine            mtrack01        Modified
    mine            mtrack02        Modified
    mine            mtrack03        Modified
    mine            mtrack04        Modified
    mine            mwalls01        New
    mine            mwalls02        New
    mine            mwalls03        New
    mine            mwalls04        New
    mine            mwalls05        New
    mine            mwalls06        New
    newcity         facde01         New
    newkeep         carp1           Modified
    newkeep         carp2           Modified
    newkeep         floortil        Modified
    newkeep         kdeca           New
    newkeep         nkbwal2a        New
    newkeep         nkbwall1        New
    newkeep         nkbwall1a       New
    newkeep         nkbwall2        New
    newkeep         nkwall01        New
    newkeep         nkwall02        New
    newkeep         nkwall03        New
    newkeep         nkwall04        New
    newkeep         nkwall05        New
    newkeep         nkwall06        New
    newkeep         nkwall07        New
    newkeep         nkwall08        New
    newkeep         nkwall09        New
    newkeep         nkwall10        New
    newmage         airhall         New
    newmage         brgrate         Modified
    newmage         coral1          New
    newmage         cryfl1          New
    newmage         cryfl2          New
    newmage         cryfl5          New
    newmage         cryfl6          New
    newmage         cryfl7          New
    newmage         cryfl8          New
    newmage         earhall         New
    newmage         firehall        New
    newmage         irograte        Modified
    newmage         mar2            New
    newmage         wathall         New
    newmech         basegear        New
    newmech         gdpipe          New
    newmech         pipe            New
    newmech         trim            New
    newmetal        brgrate         Modified
    newmetal        irograte        Modified
    object          wcratert        New
    object          wmpole1         New
    opera           backdr01        New
    opera           backdr02        New
    opera           backdr03        New
    opera           backdr05        New
    opera           backdr06        New
    opera           backdr07        New
    opera           ceil1           New
    opera           curtain         New
    opera           mold4           New
    opera           mold5           New
    opera           moonmold        New
    opera           opceiling       New
    opera           opsign          New
    opera           opsigng         New
    opera           paper3          New
    opera           parer3          New
    opera           pillar1         New
    opera           pillar2         New
    opera           pillar3         New
    opera           railing         New
    opera           starmold        New
    opera           woodpat         New
    ramirez         case3           New
    ramirez         case3a          New
    ramirez         column1a        Modified
    ramirez         door128         New
    ramirez         doorbl          New
    ramirez         jefglass        New
    ramirez         patio2          New
    ramirez         r01             New
    ramirez         r02             New
    ramirez         r03             New
    ramirez         r04             New
    ramirez         r05             New
    ramirez         r06             New
    ramirez         r07             New
    ramirez         r08             New
    ramirez         r09             New
    ramirez         r11             New
    ramirez         r12             New
    ramirez         r13             New
    ramirez         r15             New
    ramirez         r17             New
    ramirez         r20             New
    ramirez         r22             New
    ramirez         r24             New
    ramirez         ramwood         New
    ramirez         window128       New
    ramirez         windowbl        New
    rescor_1        books01a        Modified
    rescor_1        books02a        Modified
    rescor_1        books1b         Modified
    rescor_1        books2b         Modified
    rescor_1        decwal02        Modified
    rescor_1        flower11        New
    rescor_1        oven2           New
    rescor_1        oven3           Modified
    rescor_1        tinybk01        New
    rescor_1        tinybk02        New
    rescor_1        woodbeam        New
    rescor_2        decwal01        Modified
    rescor_2        flower01        Modified
    rescor_2        flower04        Modified
    rescor_2        flower12        New
    rescor_2        flower13        New
    rescor_2        stain04         New
    rescor_2        stain04a        New
    rescor_2        stain3          Modified
    rescor_2        stain3a         Modified
    rescore         banner2         New
    rescore         books01a        Modified
    rescore         books02a        Modified
    rescore         books1b         Modified
    rescore         books2b         Modified
    rescore         decwal01        Modified
    rescore         decwal02        Modified
    rescore         flower04        Modified
    rescore         flower05        Modified
    rescore         flower08        New
    rescore         flower09        Modified
    rescore         flower10        Modified
    rescore         flower11        New
    rescore         flower12        New
    rescore         flower13        New
    rescore         flower3a        Modified
    rescore         mstone04        Modified
    rescore         mwood02         Modified
    rescore         stain04         New
    rescore         stain04a        New
    rescore         stain3          Modified
    rescore         stain3a         Modified
    rescore         tinybk01        New
    rescore         tinybk02        New
    rescore         wgrain03        Modified
    rescore         wgrain04        Modified
    rescore         woodbeam        Modified
    ruined          rstairs         New
    ruined          rwall10         New
    ruined          rwall10a        New
    ruined          rwall10b        New
    sewer           block1          New
    sewer           drain1          New
    sewer           iron            New
    sewer           ironflor        New
    sewer           litegrat        Modified
    sewer           pipe1           New
    sewer           scumfl2         New
    sewer           sewdoor         New
    sewer           slimeflr        New
    sewer           slugefl1        New
    sewer           stdr            New
    sewer           vertdrai        New
    sewer2          rug             New
    sewer2          rug3            New
    sewer2          rug4            New
    stainglass      stainmec        Modified
    temple          2levout         New
    temple          3levlin         Modified
    temple          3levlout        Modified
    temple          3stat           Modified
    temple          blustnc         New
    temple          ceil            Modified
    temple          facewall        New
    temple          floor3          New
    temple          floor5          Modified
    temple          glass1          New
    temple          glpriest        New
    temple          glpriest        New
    temple          glsmelt         Modified
    temple          glsmelts        Modified
    temple          hamtile         Modified
    temple          hamtile2        Modified
    temple          keepgb          Modified
    temple          keepgl2         Modified
    temple          stain1          Modified
    temple          talisman        New
    temple          trim3           New
    temple          window          New
    thief1/mech     rust            New
    thief1/mech     rust2rv         New
    thief1/mech     rust2rvs        New
    thief1/mech     rust4rv         New
    thief1/mech     rust4rvs        New
    thief1/mech     rusts           New
    thief1/mech     rustsgr         New
    thief1/mech     rustsl2         New
    tower2          eledge          New
    tower2          fgrid           New
    tower2          fledge          New
    tower2          gird1           New
    tower2          gird2           New
    tower2          gird3           New
    tower2          mag01           New
    tower2          mag02           New
    tower2          mag03           New
    tower2          mag04           New
    tower2          mag05           New
    tower2          mag06           New
    tower2          mag07           New
    tower2          mag08           New
    tower2          mag09           New
    tower2          mag10           New
    tower2          mag12           New
    tower2          mag13           New
    tower2          mag14           New
    tower2          mag15           New
    tower2          mag17           New
    tower2          mag18           New
    tower2          mag19           New
    tower2          mag20           New
    tower2          mag22           New
    tower2          mag23           New
    tower2          magpil          New
    tower2          magtie          New
    tower2          wfrez           New
    tower2          wmodec1         New
    vicm01          m01ceil1        New
    vicm01          m01ceil2        New
    vicm01          m01ceilb        New
    vicm01          m01ceilm        Modified
    vicm01          vic09m          New
    vicm01          vic15m          New
    vicm01          vic22m          New
    vicm01          vic23m          New
    vicm01          vic28m          New
    vicm01          vic32m          New
    vicm01          vic33m          New
    vicm01          vic44           New
    vicm01          vic47           New
    vicm01          vic68top        New
    vicm012         frame3a         New
    vicm012         m13ceil7        New
    vicm012         vic30           New
    vicm012         vic31coa        New
    vicm012         vic45           New
    vicm012         vic48           New
    vicm012         vic49           New
    vicm012         vic50m          New
    vicm012         vic68top        New
    vicm04          frame4a         New
    vicm04          m04ceilb        New
    vicm04          vdoorfr4        New
    vicm04          vic54m          New
    vicm04          vic59m          New
    vicm04          vic61top        New
    vicm04          vic68top        New
    vicm04          vic71co         New
    vicm07          m08ceil8        New
    vicm07          vic03           Modified
    vicm07          vic06           Modified
    vicm07          vic81           New
    vicm07          vic81a          New
    vicm07          vic82m          New
    vicm09          vic02m          New
    vicm09          vic10           New
    vicm09          vic11m          New
    vicm09          vic13           New
    vicm09          vic17co         New
    vicm09          vic17coa        New
    vicm09          vic26d          New
    vicm09          vic35           New
    vicm09          vic36           New
    vicm09          vic37           New
    vicm09          vic38           New
    vicm09          vic39           New
    vicm09          vic68top        New
    vicm09          wdtrim          New
    vmaw2           clayflo         Modified
    vmaw2           foraut1         New
    vmaw2           foraut2         New
    vmaw2           forwall1        New
    vmaw2           forwall2        New
    vmaw2           thatch          New
    vmawtb          blacktre        New
    vmawwin         iceclif1        New
    vmawwin         snowcrun        Modified
    vrescor1        rug03           New
    vrescor1        rug05           New
    vrescor1        rug06           New
    vrescor1        rug08           New
    vrescor1        rug11           Modified
    vrescor1        rug12           New
    vrescor1        rug14           New
    vrescor1        rug29rn         New
    wdfloor         wood02          New
    wdfloor         wood03          New
    ancient         brd_lwdl        New
    basement        crack           New
    basement        drkdrt          New
    church          glass1          Modified
    city            door3           New
    core            brickfl2        Modified
    core            cavrgh5         Modified
    core            hewn3           Modified
    core            hewn4           Modified
    core            huestone        Modified
    core            ironwood        Modified
    core_1          cavrgh5         Modified
    core_2          ironwood        Modified
    lostcty         lc13            New
    lostcty         lc18            New
    mech            fan01           Copied
    mech            mdebri01        New
    rescore         oven2           New
    rescore         oven3           Modified
    rescore         wgrain01        Modified
    rescore         wgrain02        Modified
    sewer           scumflr         New
    sewer2          walcrdra        New
    temple          windouta        Modified
    thief1/city     door11          Modified
    thief1/city     door2           Modified
    thief1/city     door3           Modified
    thief1/lostcty  lc13            New
    thief1/lostcty  lc18            New
    vrescor1        rug01           New
    vrescor1        rug15           New

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    [QUOTE=Nameless Voice;2480190]I don't have much by way of comparison screenshots, but the EP Comparison Site

    The link times out with a malware warning now.

  3. #328
    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Ireland
    Are you behind a proxy server? I've seen some work-type proxies that falsely mark the dynamic DNS domain as malware and block it.

    Not sure what you can do about that. I'd need to actually buy a domain name to make it properly trusted, something I never bothered with since there's very little of value of that website.

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