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Thread: Needed: Cinematographer and/or Animator for Mission Briefings

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    Needed: Cinematographer and/or Animator for Mission Briefings

    If you are interested and have some "spare" time, have I got a proposition for you . . .

    I'm looking for someone(s) who can make briefing/cutscene art and/or do film editing and/or sound editing for my Prequel campaign in the style of the original LGS T1 and T2 briefings. I have have plans for four:
    • prior to Finals at the Academy,
    • between Finals and the next mission (True Dreams),
    • between True Dreams and the final mission (Graduation), and
    • a final climactic cutscene which wraps it all up and provides a bridge to T1.

    While I have a pretty good idea of the stories I want told by each briefing and have some general ideas of what I want visually, I would like this to be a true collaboration and I am open to (and expect) your ideas to make these the best fan-made videos possible. I am also open to the idea of additional, in-mission animated sequences should you want to explore that, but at this time I am not planning any, and will need to be convinced that it adds to the player experience.

    I am working towards a campaign release date of mid 2014. If it takes until 2015 to get the missions the way I want them to be, then that's what it takes. My focus is on quality not schedule. That applies just as much to the cutscenes as it does to my modeling and DromEding for the missions. If more time is needed to make the right briefings, then so be it. I would rather release a quality product later than release something we are not proud of to an artificial schedule.

    Finals at the Academy, the first mission in this campaign was released December 2012, take a look and see what you think of it so far. If you are at all interested in a possible cutscene collaboration, please PM. Thank you.

    I have a private forum at shalebridgecradle, so if you are seriously interested, sign up for an ID there (if you don't already have one) and then let me know so I can grant you access to the forum.
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