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Thread: ADG Terra Nova Review

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    ADG Terra Nova Review

    This weekend, Ancient Dos Games covered Terra Nova:

    I haven't played Terra Nova since the late 90s, so was good to see it in action (via video) again.
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    Thanks icemann. That was actually really good. I always enjoy seeing someone having fun with and generally appreciating this game. There were some spoilers here and there (mentioned for anyone who still hasn't played the game, but does intend to), and a few odd comments, but all in all it was definitely worth viewing, and it was certainly a more detailed run-down than I expected.

    I guess I ought to check out some other episodes in the series.

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    Finally did another great game (LGS) review...

    Thanks for the heads up, icemann. He also did a review of SS1. It's very spoilery and thorough.
    I learned something new from this review. I always wondered what the point of the smoke grenades was. I never bothered to try them so it didn't occur to me they were useful as a laser shield. Yeah, in real life, but in game?

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    I found his episode on System Shock 1 to be pretty good. He's clearly a huge fan of the series.

    A few standouts in the series so far:
    Dark Forces
    Duke 3D
    Command and Conquer
    Leisure Suit Larry
    Magic Carpet
    Mechwarrior 2
    Sim City
    System Shock
    The Elder Scrolls: Arena
    Wolfenstein 3D

    Though alot of that comes down to personal preference.

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    Lovely review, thanks.

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    This sounds and looks totally awesome, where can I get it? Since I am from Czech Republic I see no option unless ordering from foreign country. Is there a way to download this?

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