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Thread: My first FM "The Mystery Man" released! (26/03/2001)

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    My first FM "The Mystery Man" released! (26/03/2001)

    At last, after many months of hard work, my first FM for Thief 1 is released: "The Mystery Man" ! I hope everyone likes it. (I'm sick of it by now lol). I would like to thank everyone here at the TTLG forums for their great support and their help with my various Dromed problems.

    Here's the link for you taffers:

    Have fun!

    If you get stuck there's a FAQ section for this FM, posted here, that reveals the answers to the most common help questions. Additionally, you can use the 'Search Thread' option to locate all posts containing certain keywords.

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    My Magic Items Demo (Thief 1)

    My FM "The Mystery Man"
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    Mystery Man rocks! From one taffer to another, you all must play this fm!! It's wonderful. And have to play it too...just because I said so. There's plenty of challenges for ya, some of the coolest puzzles ever and good atmosphere and a creepy ending for all to enjoy! And some really trippy technical effects. Doaal is really good when it comes to technical magic like S&R. Deffinitely worth your time. So whatta ya doing reading this? Go play! Nuf said.

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    Whee! I download every FM, regardless. Thanks for another addition.

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    I did a pre-beta quite a while ago and was very impressed by Doaal's ingenuity with S+R's. He's really doing some great stuff. I look forward to playing it now that it has been officially released.

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    You can download it at The Underground
    and at The Circle and also at The Keep of Metal and Gold

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    Skeptic Intruder

    Need a hint bad..

    Where can I find the Fire talisman on Expert? I've loooked EVERYWHERE, and its not in the same place as on Normal. I have the other 3 and every other objective complete except the gem.
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    Goldmoon Dawn

    I'm already well into the mission on expert. Yet, I sure could use some advice! After discovering the real reason why I was hunted, I just can't face down the two nasties that appear to welcome me. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    EDIT ~ btw, this level so far is simply amazing. Very fun. I haven't had this kind of fun since the first time I played The Sword (OM). Good Job.

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    /Downloading in just a moment...

    ~ Black

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    I beta-tested this and I have to say it is a really amazing level. Very secret orientated. And very cool and enjoyable a masterpiece some brilliant parts of this level really

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    I dl'd this FM this morning, and am enjoying the heck out of it. I'm in a similar place to Goldmoon Dawn, but only because I haven't found a cheap or easy way to avoid fighting them.

    Good level design, good use of AI, plot is a little obtuse in places, but a very good FM.

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    Goldmoon Dawn

    I just have to add that I have real_oRGy's Thief Gold Upgrade Patches running on this FM, and it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I've already pulled some very cool screenshots for my "FM Screenshot archive". Basically, I've played almost all of the FM's all the way through, and have kept a screenshot journal. Very fun, and cool to look through. Keep up the great work you Dromeders!

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    Can someone send me a copy of mission 15? Both things for it.

    Where the hell do you get off naming your mission "Miss15" Doaal? It overwrites the T2 mission 15!! How about naming it something esle like "MM" or something? Not only that, but by naming it Miss15 it doesn't show up in DarkLoader!

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    -"unnamed" 3% complete(expect this one to be twice as big as any you have ever played, and 3 times as good. Of course, we will just have to wait and find out, won't we?)

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    Ahhh... Masterthief30... "Mystery Man" is a T1 mission.

    Furthermore, a damn good one! I beta-tested too. Very clever challenges for people who like to get all the loot. Doaal's mind is about as twisted as madgod's, so if you like his missions, you'll probably like "Mystery Man".

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    Umm the FM is for Thief 1 Masterthief 30

    My Magic Items Demo (Thief 1)

    My FM "The Mystery Man"

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    Skeptic Intruder...

    The fire talisman and Nina's heart are in different places on expert. Try searching the small library near the dining room.

    My Magic Items Demo (Thief 1)

    My FM "The Mystery Man"
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    Skeptic Intruder

    [EDIT] oops sorry, hope nobody saw that.

    Thanks doaal.

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    Actually I did answer Sorry for taking so long Skeptic Intruder.

    My Magic Items Demo (Thief 1)

    My FM "The Mystery Man"

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    Skeptic Intruder


    I am slow on those replies.

    Sorry that was uncalled for.

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    My aplogizes Doaal. I did end up having to re-install T2, back up my mission files so they wouldn't go along with DromEd, re-configure the user.cfg and a few other minor things. But at least it all worked out. I think I will try your mission in T1 though.

    -Member of NAD
    -Break-in at Eidos: 0% complete.
    -"unnamed" 3% complete(expect this one to be twice as big as any you have ever played, and 3 times as good. Of course, we will just have to wait and find out, won't we?)

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    Goldmoon Dawn

    This level is VERY FUN!

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    Yes yes, its really good isn't it? Commands I high price...say four silver hammers? Possibly more? Good to see people appreciating a well done mission.

    Just wait till you get to the ending sequence...ohhh boy!

    Don't mind me, continue on.
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    I must have played through it 5 or 6 times on various difficulties duringthe beta, spent as much as 3 hours in a single game, and have tet to find all the loot. This is one great mission.
    Great job Doall on an extremely well done mission.

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    You've all talked me into it!

    I'll soon be sampling your wares, doaal.

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    Downloading now...

    Thanks.. I played every FM regardless..

    Still going..

    1 Autumn in Lampfire Hills
    2 Bloodstone prison
    3 Calendra Cistern
    4 Careless hand
    5 Cult Of resurrection
    6 Curse of the Ancients
    7 Dockland v1.1
    8 Enterprise
    9 Friends in the Shadow
    10 Guardhouse 2
    11 Hardluck
    12 Highrocks
    13 Hunt Montrose
    14 Hush hush sweet charlot
    15 Inheritance
    16 JOURNEY Escape from Guilesatpeak
    17 Journey 2 -Tuttocomb's Tomb
    18 Lord Binclair
    19 Lord Edmund Entertains
    20 Oblivion9
    21 Ramirez's Revenge
    22 Ranstall keep
    23 Rogue's Honour ( Bugs for the orb/eye)
    24 Seeds of Doubt
    25 Stowaway
    26 The death of Garrett
    27 The Keep
    28 The Library
    29 The Mage Area
    30 The order of vines
    31 The Prodigal Corpse
    32 The Vigil
    33 Trickster
    34 Turning the tables
    35 unforgiven 2
    36 Vayrx Obelisk
    37. Talisman of the Keepers
    38. Circle of strain
    39. Circle of strain 2
    40. Circle of strain 3
    41 The Monastery of St. Fera
    42 The Rose of Bantry
    43. The Final Crusade I gold
    44. The Treasury
    45. The thief quarter
    46. The Shadow of Lord Rothchest
    47. Docks
    48. Torben
    49. The Skull Of Herzeloyde
    50. Hammerhead
    51 awakening
    52. Koobze
    53. The Assasin at Sir Ganrish House
    54. Prison Revenge
    55. Fishmonger
    56. Fiend
    57. The assasination
    58. Lady Whitman's Disease
    59. The Bear's pit
    60. Temple of Illusion
    61. secret affair
    62. Deceptive sceptre
    63. The Odium
    64. Gerome of The Woodlands
    65. Poor Lord Bafford
    66. Noble death
    67. shadow business
    68. Dark Walker
    69. The immoral immortal
    70. The living city
    71. Saving private Rye Anne
    72. Skull of Lysander
    73. sword Drakul
    74. Temple of Forgers
    75. Fall of chook
    76. Creature clash

    I think ..I need to play 3 more then I will go for
    and then T2 FM..

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    Hey Goldmoon Dawn, have you figured out what to do yet? If not just reply or email me and I'll help you out.

    My Magic Items Demo (Thief 1)

    My FM "The Mystery Man"

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    Skeptic Intruder

    Your FM is most excellent doaal; one of the best.

    Spoiler maybe?

    I thought I'd been everywhere but I was short on finding all the loot almost 4000. How do you open the 2 walls underneath the stairs in the main foyer?

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