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Thread: The random game [REDACTED] thread

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    Registered: Sep 2000
    Location: Hong Kong
    Thanks Bob

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    New Member
    Registered: Jun 2013
    I am interested for Silence and World to the West adventures if they are still on the offer ? Thanks

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    Registered: Apr 2008
    The original FEAR on Steam, if anyone wants?

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    I've got a Steam copy of Nidhogg to offer.

    PM sent, Neb.

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    Registered: Apr 2008
    Pathologic Classic HD on Steam.
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    Thing What Kicks
    Registered: Apr 2004
    Location: London
    Argh, wasn't paying attention to Humble Monthly and have ended up with a bunch of keys for things I already own:

    7 Days to Die
    Hitman: The Complete First Season
    Hollow Knight

    American Truck Simulator
    Binary Domain
    Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition
    Hard West

    PM me if you're interested in any of the above.
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    Registered: Aug 2005
    Location: Australia
    Yeah, I did the same thing.

    Hitman: The Complete First Season
    Hollow Knight

    If anyone else wants either of these shoot me a message.
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    Registered: Oct 2000
    Location: Athens of the North
    Since the above two have gone already I have another Hollow Knight available - PM me if interested.
    And now it's gone to a good home
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    Registered: Sep 2000
    Location: Hong Kong
    I've got an extra copy of Underworld Ascendant up for grabs (Update: gone). If you're in HK, buy me a beer, if not, msg me.

    Disclosure: I haven't played it yet so not sure if it's any good.
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    Registered: Oct 2016
    Location: The Mystic's Keep
    If anyone still hasn't played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I still have a spare Humble key kicking around from April. In a similar vein, I have a Tomb Raider reboot key from January (I have no idea why I haven't gotten rid of it yet).

    EDIT: Tomb Raider's gone.

    EDIT: So is DXMD.
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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
    I <3 consoles and gamepads

    Registered: Aug 2007
    Location: New Zealand
    Raptor: Call of the Shadows Steam key.

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Gimme. I loves me the retro stuff.

    Used to play Raptor a fair bit back in the 90s.

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