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Thread: I need some updated/current Oblivion mod advice

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    I need some updated/current Oblivion mod advice

    So, I bought this:

    TES IV: Oblivion: Game of the Year-Deluxe ed.*

    Being that I pre-ordered the thing and played vanilla before they even patched it (they might have had a day-one patch, dunno) and still had an amazing time with it, I am not looking to completely revamp the whole game and its systems. Instead, I'd like to make it prettier, un-consolify (?) the User Interface, and possibly add some tweaks to things like making the guards lose their seemingly telepathic link to the character (like when you are sneaking around a house at night, for example, and suddenly, with no alarms having been raised or any suspicion aroused, "STOP RIGHT THERE" gets screamed in my ear and a giant guard head dominates my screen as they attempt to arrest me for trepassing/thievery), and so on.

    I haven't had anything to do with this game, quite literally, for years. Attempts to scroll through the mod list at the 2 major sites in insane as even the top-rated and hall of fame mod lists contain dozens of pages. it is overwhelming and makes me lose interest in moddng it at all.

    Also, I assume there are a couple mod-managers out there. Any preferences on these and why? Thank you, guys and gals. I appreciate it. My time is too little these days to spend hours trying to sort this, and I know at least 2 of you (dethtoll included) have recently played it so maybe the info is fresh around here.

    love you guys! THANKS AGAIN!

    *mouthful, eh?

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    DarnUI's a good way to go for a UI fix. If you want to make the game a little tougher, get Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.

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    Way late here, but if you want to have to discover the DLC instead of having it all pop up in your face when you exit the sewers, there's a DLC called Delay_DLC that's pretty sweet.

    (FWIW, there is something similar for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas as well)

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    damn, missed that. I wish I had time to peruse those mod sites more.

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    Either Wrye Bash (to make bashed patches) or TESEdit (to make merged patches) in order to make mods play nicer together.

    Oblivion Mod Manager - Activate and deactivate mods, group them together, install mods using OMOD packages (a popular way to distribute mods), make your own OMODs for convenience.


    "Must have" mods:

    Class Advantages - Adds class specific perks, including custom classes, so your high level characters end up having some unique abilities.

    CLS Object Renamer - Lets you change the name of an inventory item.

    Display Stats - Lets you see more stats for your inventory items.

    Galerion True Unarmored - A pretty good attempt to bring the Unarmored defensive skill back to the game.

    Harvest (Flora) - Gives you a visual indicator so you can tell the difference between harvested and un-harvested plants.

    Map Marker Overhaul - A number of features, including adding tags to map markers and adding your own markers.

    Mart's Monster Mod - New & more varied critters/NPCs/loot/alchemy ingredients.

    No Psychic Guards - Addresses your guard issue.

    No More Annoying Comments - No more of that "Hey, you look like an alchemist" nonsense from NPCs when you have high skills.

    Poison FX - Lets you easily see who's been poisoned, including yourself.

    RefScope - A modder's utility that lets you see huge amounts of information about things in the game world, including what mod they came from, who has what spells, and so on.

    SM Hand Combat - Tweaks Hand to Hand skill so it's actually useful.

    Legendary Mastery + AV Uncapper - Raise skills and stats above 100.

    Toggleable Quantity Prompt - Allows you to hold down modifier keys as shortcuts for "one" or "all" when moving/dropping/selling/buying items. Saves a ton of mouse clicking.


    Making stealth more Thief-like and/or better:

    Thieves Arsenal - Basically brings Thief features to Oblivion.

    Stealth Overhaul or Sneaking Detection Recalibrated (one or the other) - Expands sneaking in various ways. I prefer SO, but SDR is a more "ultimate" (and complex) stealth mod.

    Darker Dungeons - Gives you nice, inky pools of darkness to hide in.

    Darker Nights - As above, but outdoors.

    Sniper Sneak Skillup - Gain a little Sneak experience from successful sneak attacks.

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    Taking the Death Toll
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    uninstall.exe is also a pretty good mod

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    verbose douchebag
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    It seems the mod to end all mods. Particularly sinister at 3:30

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    Definitely use Wrye Bash. It makes things so much easier. I get my mods from Nexus and I have tons of them. I am currently playing. Nexus has great search options to narrow down the mods, too. I pay attention to endorsements, too. The other website I used to go to for mods (The elder scrolls something or other) is pretty outdated with most mods so I stick with the Nexus mods.

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