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Thread: [Morrowind] Fortify skill

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    [Morrowind] Fortify skill


    After years and years i fired up up MW again, setting out to complete the game and its expansions. I have put i dont how many hours on it 11 years ago but never finished it due to a HDD fuck-up. The game is still as enchanting as it was back in the day, with or without the overhaul. Never thought i could remember this much, like coming back to a place you where years ago and everything is just so familiar. It al came back in the first minutes of starting a new char, the people, the places, the sounds and sights. Kinda weird for a game...

    I came across this guide that mentioned that with restoration you can create a fortify skill spell to boost armorer, among others, to great heigths(+800 for 1-2s) making it a major or minor unnecessary. Ive found several things on the fortify spell but nowhere is mentioned how to make it. The wiki mentions NPCs that sell fortify skill spell but thats not even close to what i am looking for.
    I've searched high and low for this and havent found much of use.

    Any hints on how to make such a scroll/spell/enchant?
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    If I remember correctly, the Fortify Restoration potions have an undocumented side-effect. Well, undocumented in the game, but well known amongst players. The Fortify Restoration potion also increases the alchemy skill.

    So the trick is to get a huge bunch of ingredients for Fortify Restoration potions.
    Also get a bunch of ingredients to make Fortify Enchantment potions.
    You make a potion. Drink it. Your Alchemy Skill will be increased.
    Make another potion. This potion will be even stronger than the first one. Drink it. Your Alchemy skill will increase more.
    Make a 3rd potion. It will be even stronger. Drink it.
    Make a 4th potion. It will very strong. Drink it. Your alchemy skill will have sky-rocketed.
    (Not sure how many times you need to repeat this. 4 or 5 times. Maybe more).

    Now your alchemy skill is huge.
    Now quickly (before the effect of the potion(s) wears off) make a bunch of Fortify Enchanting potions. Make ten of them, so you don't need to repeat this if you want to change something later.
    These Fortify Enchanting potions will also be ridiculously strong.
    Get 2 rings. Go to an enchanting table.
    Take a of those potions.
    Enchant one ring with "Fortify Alchemy".
    Enchant the other ring with "Fortify Blacksmithing".

    You can now use those rings to have an easy way to make very strong blacksmith items.
    And you can always make more "fortify enchant" potions with your ring.

    Note, you really do not want to make items that are too strong. It will ruin the game. Try to make items that increase skills by 100% max. If you make them strong, there won't be any challenge.

    Getting potions and enchantments at the right strength takes a little fiddling around. So gather all your ingredients. Then save the game. You can now mess around and test stuff. Once you know exactly what you want to make, and how strong it will be, then reload the savefile, and create your rings. I'll doubt you'll get it right the first time.

    You might also want to have a look at this page:
    See the "Creating Super Potions" paragraph.

    I'm sorry I can't be more specific. It must have been 9 years ago since I did this myself.

    Hope this helps.

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    I'm not completely sure what you're asking, so I'll try to cover everything briefly.

    First off you'll have to find someone to sell you a spell that contains the basic effect that you're looking for. For Fortify Skill spells you need to have Tribunal or Bloodmoon installed. You can then buy the spells from Nerile Andaren in the Mournhold Temple, Laurina Maria or Crito Olcinius from the Mournhold Imperial Cult, or Bronrod the Roarer in Skaal Village.

    Next, head for one of the spellmaker characters. There's one in almost every Mage Guild hall or Temple. I usually go to Estirdalin downstairs in the Balmora guild.

    Talk to the spellmaker and select "Spellmaking." You can now select the effects you want, then adjust the parameters for each one. The spell effects have a maximum value of 100 for fortify spells, but unlike Oblivion you can stack multiples of the exact same effect in the same spell to reach whatever final value you want. For example, if you want to make a Fortify Armorer 400 spell that lasts 2 seconds, give it the following effects:

    Effect 1 - Fortify Armorer 100 on self for 2 seconds
    Effect 2 - Fortify Armorer 100 on self for 2 seconds
    Effect 3 - Fortify Armorer 100 on self for 2 seconds
    Effect 4 - Fortify Armorer 100 on self for 2 seconds

    Now every time you cast the spell, you'll get a boost of 100+100+100+100 to Armorer for 2 seconds.

    Was that about what you were looking for?

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