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Thread: Thief2 New Dark FM - Love Story V Part 1 (14th Aug 2013)

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    On expert you also need to use the fuse

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    Yip. I thought the note was referring to the gate in the immediate vicinity.

    I already made a plan though.

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    You will need to find the fuse and use it to get the power to the tower restored. This is required on Normal, Hard and Expert if you want to open the gates at the top of the tower.

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    Nice little Winter Mission! 1 hour 42 min to get Loot 2697/3122, Pockets Picked 13/13, Secrets 4/5 I never did find the fuse though.

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    replaying this need one bit of help,i found 3 gears one in jail behind watcher,behind some boxes,i found another one in wharehouse,and i found one in house where you put out candle to get picture to move ,where is last one?

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    Downwinder look for a cart outside one of the buildings.

    Marmbo look very closely in the guard barracks above the jail.

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