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Thread: Ultima Underworld Speedruns

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    Ultima Underworld Speedruns

    Partly inspired by TheCyberCat's excellent speedruns of the Ultima Underworld games, I created new versions which are even faster.

    Avoid watching if you have yet to experience the game

    UW1 - 17:25 -

    UW2 - 22:38 -

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    That's quite a feat, beating CyberCat's times. I've never wanted to do that myself as I kind of worry that it may remove some of the "magic" that this game holds for me, as I tend to savour the experience when I play through either games, but I admire how quickly you have managed to fly through all of the levels.

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    Similarly for me -- those times sound absolutely incredible, but due to my not yet being 'finished' with playing these games normally, I don't want to view them at the present time :) Congratulations, though -- I think it's pretty cool that people are interested in speed-running these games!

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