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Thread: No Horizontal Camera Challenge for Thief Gold

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    No Horizontal Camera Challenge for Thief Gold


    Played on Expert, Newdark

    So far my challenges were about restricting my movements and about utilizing an in-game function. Time to move to next group - challenge restricting player's view. Rules are simple: turn left and right is forbidden. Everything else is fine. Since it's so easy to turn camera to the side, for the first time I'm gonna play without mouse, keyboard only. Looking into only one direction is scary challenge, so I was delayed it a bit. Also thinking about this challenge more I think that looking in every of 8 directions could give different experience.

    I think the biggest problems of this challenge may be opening doors and jumping out of ropes or even dealing with ladders. I tested this challenge before in Thief Gold and Thief 2 and it was very tricky. Since Thief Gold's training mission allows 3 points of view after failing 2 stealth tests, I'm gonna start from it. Let's start.


    I'm looking NW

    In this mode I'm gonna successfully complete both stealth tests. It's helpful to look down to know where to go. Weapon training isn't that hard either.. You just need to go closer to target to shoot it with bow, because it's not possible due to angle to shoot from far away. Training dummy isn't problem either and guard requires slashing him down couple of times, then quickly backtracking outside of ring, so guard will return to the middle. Attack him again and repeat until test will finish. To highlight door you just need to look down.

    Platforming test is where the challenge starts. You can't jump out of rope towards bridge, because it's behind you. I tried to do backward strafe jump over river with usage of jump acceleration, but unfortunately my best result was hitting left wall near passage. So I turned around and did a jump out of rope (bust #1). Jump over river is also tricky. Go slowly to right end of bridge, then do backward strafe jump (strafe left) to left side on the other side of bridge.

    Time for mantle test. I tried to drop on edge of wall I'm standing that is behind me. For that I crouched, went backward to edge near higher wall, strafed left. When I was started dropping I lightly pressed strafe right and forward to stay on edge. Very tricky, I fell dozen of times. Then I needed to get as close as possible to wall on the right side and back off a little, so I will manage to lean right backwards. Then I just stood, lean right and I tried to mantle and... I failed. Unfortunately I had not enough height while standing on the very edge of wall. And that's where I turned right to do mantle normally (bust #2).

    But it's not over. There is still goblet on table to grab and in this mode it's tricky, because you don't have too much time to idle. Opening door requires looking down. Then you need to strafe jump to table, go behind it and lean right to grab goblet. This ends this mission.


    Time: 0:13:40
    Busts: 2

    I'm looking N

    For this mode I failed hiding in shadow test. Let's see how much can change slight difference in view. Other stealth test is easy. Weapon test is even easier, because I can shoot into targets from far away. Unfortunately I can't open door - looking down or up doesn't help (bust #1).

    Next is platforming challenge. Again I can't use rope, but this time it's possible to jump over river. Go to west wall. Position yourself on right side of middle tree (it's the more on the west than north tree). Go forward to north wall. Go backward to 1st tree and then do 3 jumps while gaining momentum. You should barely jump over river. Sadly that's all. It's impossible to strafe jump out of the tree on wall (bust #2). So I'm using rope and do easy jump to the other side of bridge.

    I tried again to drop on edge of higher wall, lean right and mantle on it. This time it allows me to mantle, but unfortunately it immediately cancel and I fall below. I know it's possible, but I found another way to progress. Go back to edge above river. On wall's floor are blocks. Go backward 3 blocks and stand on left side of left block somewhere near middle. Your target is to start from very short backward strafe right to gain momentum, then you do 3 strafe jumps in the same direction and if you are perfect you will land on brick wall.

    Opening door is impossible (bust #3). Do strafe jumps towards goblet by altering between backwards and forward. Go behind table and grab goblet. You don't need to lean to highlight it. Wow, that was different experience.


    Time: 0:13:29
    Busts: 3

    I'm looking E

    This time I failed avoiding noise test. Shooting target is impossible (bust #1). To grab key I need to jump on table and look down to grab it, but opening door is impossible (bust #2). Platforming test on the other side is easy. Still I can't use rope, but I can go to west wall behind middle tree. Strafe left to north wall. Then strafe right and past left tree do 2 jumps to land on the other side of river. Mantle on tree and do forward strafe right jump with mantle to wall at the end. Mantle test is easy, because higher wall is in front of you. Door is easy to open and goblet is right in front of you. That mode was much easier.


    Time: 0:07:31
    Busts: 2

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    I'm looking SE

    Time to start the real mission. KO-ing servant and patroller is weird, but not hard. I'm descending to sewers and manage to get necklace. I also can use last hatch to sneak behind stationary guard with key. I went on his left side behind him, looked down and lean right to highlight key. Swimming to spider cave was easy. But swimming back was harder. At least it's not so slow like always swimming backwards.

    In basement I managed to KO 2 talking guards. First went behind guard going through shadow, then after 2nd guard. Then I took flash bomb from chest and climbed the stairs. Loot from chest also wasn't any problem. Opening doors to main corridor of 1st floor is difficult. I need to stand near door, but not too close, lean right to highlight them, open them and quickly strafe left, because they open towards me.

    KO-ing kitchen servant wasn't hard, but getting vase was. I needed to get to storage and do 2 crates stack in front of kitchen shelf. And I'm getting confused what button drops crate and what throws it. Playing only on keyboard is so much harder than playing with mouse. Anyway, I mantled on stack, crouched and strafe jumped on shelf. I went backwards and finally grabbed vase. Getting this vase took me 10 min. Afterwards I went to KO drunken guard. To do that I needed to stand behind him, use blackjack and lean right.

    The rest of this floor isn't hard. It just requires good positioning. I had a bit of a problem with lever opening exit from mansion. I stood near it and lean right to frob it. 2nd floor wasn't difficult either. I went through library and waited for patrollers in dark corridor, then leaned forward to KO them. I went to throne room via left door, made noise and dropped flash bomb, then I KO-ed last guard. For scepter I went under it and looked up to grab it.


    First mission done. Run was slightly faster than my backwards challenge, but still really long. Basic interactions with just keyboard are hard, but the most problematic is finding passages. Looking down helps, but it's not perfect. On a side note, using spiral staircases is very satisfying. Also I didn't have too much problem with highlighting doors, so I'm guessing diagonal direction on compass (tiny grey triangle) allows me to open most doors. But it will be a problem when I will start playing while looking at north, east, west or south. I noticed that it was a problem in Keeper's Training.


    Time: 0:50:22; Loot: 1329/1429
    Pockets Picked: 2/4
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 13; Airborne Knock Outs: 1
    Damage Dealt: 13; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 0
    Busts: 0

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    I'm looking N


    First I need to swim through underwater passage and I nearly drowned, because I forgot controls. Managed to pick up diamond. Also found 2 nuggets in right passage. I think I usually skip them. I took crate with me. Afterwards I strafe jumped right into passage near zombie and then jumped left into another passage. I strafe jumped left to grab 2nd crate. Then descend and strafe jump above pit for another nugget. Then I put crate in order to jump from it on the other side of broken bridge. I returned for another crate and jumped on bridge, then crouched and leaned right to grab both crates.

    To get forward I need make 2 crates stack on wooden railing of bridge and jump from it backwards. It's really difficult to do. First jump left on railing and try to drop 1st crate on it. Pick 2nd crate, mantle on 1st crate, look down, drop crate and jump in place. Then jump into passage and grab top crate. Go up to church. Unfortunately loot there is unavailable. Even with crate I couldn't highlight it.

    Time for my 1st fight with zombies in this challenge. It's tough. 1st zombie has flies around him. I made mistake and lured him to church. I waited for him to get closer to holy fountain, frobbed it, went right and quickly jumped backwards. Targeting my bow was very tricky and I needed to shoot him fast, because if he would get closer, then shooting him would make flies explode and damage me. For non - flies zombies I lured them into corridor, KO-ed them with sword and then returned to holy fountain and then to corridor to kill them. But after shooting their bodies I needed to go right to avoid their part of bodies. For zombie with flies I lured him into corridor, then went for holy fountain and returned to kill him.

    To get to 2 nuggets on top of ladder I needed to do 3 crates stack. I used 1 crate I smuggled on this floor and crates from zombie area. From stack I jumped right and looked down to grab nuggets. Hammerites weren't problem either. For walking Hammerite I just leaned forward to KO him, for stationary - I went to wall, leaned left and KO-ed him. I also jumped over lying zombie and KO-ed another Hammerite by leaning forward from shadow. I had luck, because he went very close to me. Couldn't use elevator, because switches are on south side. So I'm forced to use stairs to enter Factory. By the way, going through Mine took me 40 min.


    I didn't do too much here. Just opened north door and KO-ed Hammerite. He noticed me on my first try. I suspect I accidentally moved barrel. Then I went on terrace and tried to lure and KO Hammerites working below, but they just ignored me. Only jumping on metal worked, but they were too sensitive to be KO-ed. So just like normal I dropped down and went to Prison.


    KO-ing 1st patroller wasn't hard. Then I went to guard post of Blocks #3 and 4. I get closer to Hammerite, leaned forward, used blackjack and quickly leaned left to hit Hammerite. It worked, lean forward got canceled, but before Garrett returned to his position, lean left was a bit more forward than usually and reached Hammerite. Camera wasn't problematic either. Just went under south wall and shot it. I went down to hideout, took key from body, crouched and took 2 coin stacks. For other 3 coin stacks I could only highlight them from standing position.

    Guard post near Blocks #1 and 2 was more problematic. I used the same technique to KO Hammerite, but this time I leaned right. I couldn't sneak to camera from left side, even if I could sneak to south wall, it could still spot me. So I went in front of guard post to right side, then sneaked under camera and shot it.

    BLOCK #3

    Getting to guard post was difficult. Hammerite sometimes will get quiet too early, but alert him too much and he will launch the alarm. Also you need to target him when leaning forward without moving too much or else he will spot you. Finally I jumped twice to alert him, jumped into his room when he went to door and quickly KO-ed him. Unfortunately I couldn't reach lever to open Basso's cell, so I was forced to turn left (bust #1).

    BLOCK #4

    This time getting to guard post was easier. I crouched in corner under cell in front of guard post's door. I shot arrow into floor in front of next cell, so Hammerite left his post without noticing me. So I KO-ed him. Then I jumped left into his room. Again couldn't reach lever for Cutty's cell (bust #2).

    BLOCK #1

    I used 1st floor left cell to hide Basso's body. Also 2 Hammerites passed me, so I could KO them and hide their bodies in cell. To get to guard post I just directly jumped right to it and quickly KO-ed alerted Hammerite. The same issue like with previous levers - can't reach it to open Issyt's cell with Hand of Glory (bust #3). Then I went to Barracks. Under stairs was a priest. I know he doesn't always spawn. When I tried to approach him, he would spot me. After few tries I managed to KO him during his surprise animation.


    KO-ing 2 patrollers isn't any problem. I can take 2 golden hammers, for south one I need to lean to the side. 2 candlesticks are out of my reach. I managed to grab golden hammer near priest and novice by luring both of them to me, then attacking alerted priest with blackjack until he decided to run away. I can't open any door. I went upstairs and the same story - I can't highlight any door. So I was forced to turn right to open south door (bust #4), then I needed to turn to open safe and grab diamond and necklace (bust #5). Sadly it just wasn't enough, so again I needed to cut south banner. Luckily it's possible without turning. I looked down and used powerful slash to cut it. Then I took 3 bottles and finally completed loot objective.

    Also noticed that secret passage is closed. What exactly opens it? I thought it's only opened on Expert, but I'm playing on Expert and it's closed. Weird.


    So I took Basso's body to guard post of Blocks #3 and 4 and jumped into water to get back to mine. I tried to use underwater passage, but it was too long to go through it with body. I returned to elevator, put body on it and ride to 3rd floor. I must say I had problem finding my path while carrying body, because it covers right side of screen. I still could descend on ladders and finally went outside only to notice that I made huge mistake. Well, at first I didn't try to test if I can cut banner without turning, so later I reloaded save from before entering this room. After finding that I can indeed cut banner without turning and grab 3 bottles, I forgot to grab loot from safe. And since I overwrited all my saves, I was forced to return to Barracks and grab this loot.

    But my return was much harder this time, because alerted from Barracks novice went all the way to Factory and alerted other Hammerites. Jumping out of terrace was also tricky, because Hammerites below were in search mode. Then there were 2 alerted Hammerites at the 1st guard post of Prison. Luckily one of them went past me back to Factory, other was KO-ed by me. I went to Barracks and again completed loot objective. On my return I had 2 alerted Hammerites and novice coming to guard post of Blocks #1 and 2. I KO-ed one of them, rest went away. Afterwards I returned to river and went all the way to outside.


    Mission 2 was first real challenge. Especially mine shown me how difficult will be platforming missions in the future. Also loot objective was problematic, I needed 2 busts to complete it. Can't wait for Haunted Cathedral. Searching for loot while looking in one direction will be a nightmare. That being said, next mission is maze with platforming, traps, zombies and monsters. This sounds very scary. Since this challenge is more frustrating than any challenge I did before, I'm gonna make bigger breaks between missions.


    Time: 1:40:37; Loot: 1138/1429
    Pockets Picked: 3/11
    Back Stabs: 0; Knock Outs: 18
    Damage Dealt: 115; Damage Taken: 0; Healing Taken: 0
    Innocents killed: 0; Others killed: 4
    Busts: 5
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