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Thread: The Dark Mod updated to 2.06!

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    The Dark Mod updated to 2.06!

    After a lengthy public beta phase, we are proud to announce the release of The Dark Mod 2.06!

    The Dark Mod has undergone a lot of reorganization under the hood. A substantial amount of work was done to improve rendering performance and overall framework tech. Legacy OpenGL methods have been replaced with their equivalents in modern OpenGL. This is also the first TDM release to offer a native 64-bit build.

    A full changelog can be viewed here, but some highlights include:

    Better Visuals: Duzenko and Stgatilov have implemented a Soft Shadows option that finally removes the sharp edges of TDM shadows. This has a huge impact on the visuals of TDM missions. This option is currently labelled “Experimental” in the menu as we have had reports of issues on certain hardware. See here if you are experiencing flickering or other problems.

    Better Sound: EFX audio now allows users without Creative hardware to enable EAX in the menu—a feature that processes reverb data and changes sounds based on the surrounding environment. Currently, only a few maps, like Volta 2: Cauldron of the Gods, by Kingsal, are set up to use EAX effects, but since all users can now benefit from it, mappers are encouraged to use this feature going forward. Interested mappers should see here.

    Better Menus: The TDM menus have also been given a visual update, boosting the resolution and adjusting the graphics for widescreen monitors. Durandall has added scrollbar functionality to the mission menus, and Obsttorte has implemented a new menu option that allows users to customize the size and opacity of HUD elements, complete with a visual preview.

    New Assets: A new set of Springheel's architectural modules is included in this release--a set of 50 models for creating church interiors. A number of new models have been added to other sets. Also included is a huge number of new prefabs, allowing mappers to quickly and easily create detailed map sections, as demonstrated in Springheel's Speedbuild series.

    Better Mission Intros: This is the first TDM release to offer video codec support other than ROQ. TDM 2.06 allows for FFMPEG video support, which means that mappers will now have an easier time adding video briefings to their missions.

    Better Gameplay: An error that kept food from restoring health has been fixed, and all food will now restore a certain amount of health when eaten. Guards can now sleep and wake up while seated.

    Better Performance: Finally, experimental multi-core support is included for the first time, via patches from Cabalistic's VR branch. While this can cause performance enhancements, it is currently in "Experimental" form as some users may experience random crashes with this option enabled. Uncapped FPS is also now an option for users after this update.

    To update, simply run the tdm_update.exe file in your darkmod folder. Please be aware that old saved games will not be compatible with 2.06, so finish any missions you might be in the middle of first!

    To download TDM for the first time, please follow the download instructions on the website here:

    Not sure what TDM is? Watch our official trailer here:
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    Still Subjective
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    You guys have done a great job. Fabulous.

    Can I suggest you put margin:auto in the css of the containing div on the site?

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    Congratulations to all involved!

    Can't wait to delve into this.

    Awesome work!

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    time to finally have a serious go I guess.

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    Yes!!! Can't wait to try the new stuff
    Congrats to everyone involved!

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    Congratulations! What an impressive accomplishment!

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    Congratulations! I love the Dark Mod. I can't wait to give it a go

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    Damn... have to wait till weekend. So frustrating.

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    Congratulations to the team!

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    Awesome work guys, congrats on the huge release. I can't even fathom how much work must have gone into making TDM standalone. Looking forward to replaying all the missions 2.0 style...

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    Congratulations to everyone involved. I know there's been a huge amount of work to get this out and you should be justly proud of yourselves.

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
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    Congrats, that's quite an achievement.

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    Congratulations! I hope this blows some new life to the TDM community.

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    Great news! Congratulations!

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    Holyf***. I'm in. Like, now. NOW.
    Downloading at 7 kB/s isn't very promising but I will manage, I guess ;>

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    Sorry, we're getting a lot of traffic right now.

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    This is totally great! As someone who's had a bad time getting the doom 3. . .(and got the WRONG one when I did manage to get it. . .pfft Makes it harder when you don't want the 'actual' game to start with, I think.)) I'm thrilled to hear this.

    I'm off to download - and hopefully - if it all goes well, I know what I'll be doing the next several days!

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    Excellent work, Team TDM...

    ...Can't wait to try it out...

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    Amazing! THANK YOU. Loud cheer, hearty back slaps and big kisses to all involved.
    Been wanting to play these FMs for ages, but no Doom just gloom. Now happy happy smiley face

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    In the words of Garrett, "Here we go".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springheel View Post
    Sorry, we're getting a lot of traffic right now.
    No wonder!

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    FW:FW:FW: SO TRUE!!!
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    I guess I'll have to wait another half day or longer. Must be the traffic. I get "Cannot download from ANY mirror".

    Let's hope that is the reason. I did see a 1kb dl speed for a second or two.

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    Ive been downloading since I posted. When I get to fidcals mirror it drops to 13kb, but now Im on roggen, and its going super fast at 786 kb.

    I am so excited about this. Thank you guys.

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    Is it possible to download TDM 2.0 to one PC and then move the "install-folder" to another PC?
    I dont have my gaming-PC connected to the Internet.

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    Funny you should mention that, because that is exactly what I also plan on doing. Im assuming it will work...

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