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Thread: Custom keybinds?

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    Unfortunately the sound slower than the image.

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    part 2

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    Quite impressive - looks like you have most of the classic experience in place. Apparitions too...

    I guess you're using quite a few resources from the classic games?
    Widescreen and tweaks patches: The Sneaky Upgrade for Thief 3, the Visible Upgrade for Deus Ex 2

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    I got your reply, thank you. I dont remember the font since I made it a couple of time ago...But Im going to look after it.
    Yes, I used some resources, but I changed them (mostly).About the alpha version: all maps int the game are changed now, and I think the game is'nt fully playable in the "Alpha" state (some bugs still present).
    But when I have some freetime, I will do an alpha release, ( I have already planned it )

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    Hy Clearing !
    To do list: debriefings, level tweaks, gameplay tweaks, bug fixing...

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    sorry to see this dead

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