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Thread: To EAX or not to EAX?

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    I've always set up my missions to use EAX but I rarely used effects that had a lot of reverb. I use a X-Fi Titanium Fatality sound card and it supports EAX without needing Alchemy, although I did use Alchemy years ago on an Audigy card. I don't like the 3D effects or the crystalizer so I leave them off. One thing I don't really like is that I have to switch the card to game mode for games and entertainment mode for tv and movies in the Creative control panel. EAX in thief sounds great and gives me environmental surround so I can hear voices, footsteps and ambients all around me.

    Oddly when I play Thief 2 with the card set to entertainment mode, I can hear everything as if I was inside a massive single room brush. The door attenuation has no effect.

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    I was just googling EAX and thief and found this thread. I even found an old thread where I talked about not using it all the way back in 2013. Hah.

    Anyways, I've actually been curious if anyone has made a patch for Thief:Gold (or Thief 2) that addresses the EAX sound. I was just testing EAX on in Lord Bafford's Manor and it sounded terrible. The sewer system sounded somewhat decent but when I got to the "inside at last" part of the mission and started listening to the guards, it sounded like Garrett was on something. Just way too echoey. Am I just not used to it, or does anyone else feel it is too over the top?

    That's why I am wondering if maybe the EAX in the original missions was not set up properly. Or could it just be because I am using a modern machine that has built-in sound and I don't have a true sound card, so to speak (Creative soundblaster vs onboard sound)?

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    If you want, you could check this thread out if you haven't done it already. There's a test video and another link to some more info on the subject.

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    Interesting. Thanks for the share. I watched some of the video. I think towards the beginning of the video when you shot arrows in the "bathroom" room, that's what Bafford's basement sounded like. And I have a NewDark patched version of Gold, by the way.

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    I've been playing around with EAX for a while with various games since I've picked up some X-Fi units over the past two years. I think the reverb is a little bit over-done/too wet in both Thief games, but it's easy to forgive seeing as how this was brand-new tech at the time of Thief's release, so it's been applied in a "check this sh*t out"-type fashion. Despite that, I do prefer to have it enabled. EAX definitely adds to the immersion, especially in cave missions like Down In The Bonehoard, The Lost City, and Into The Maw of Chaos, and when using a good set of cans, it's easy to lose yourself in the game. Sound is a such a big part of Thief, so any official enhancement for it is very welcome in my book.

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