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Thread: Blockable Brushes. Can't believe I've didn't do this before...

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    Blockable Brushes. Can't believe I've didn't do this before...

    I was tinkering with the fog effects, having an annoying time getting it right. So, I was thinking about how doors would block vision. I'd figure what the heck, lets give those block-able brushes a go. Turns out that did the trick. They will stop fog from bleeding into other rooms that don't want it. I'm kinda hitting myself from not knowing sooner.

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    I haven't had any issues with fog bleeding in NewDark really, but this is good to know in case I do.

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    I can believe it, because most people have no idea what blockable brushes even do.

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    I find blockable brushes to be kind of tricky to use.

    I have a question for those who are more experienced with blockable brushes. Does anyone know if one can use a blockable brush to block vision but without stopping light?

    For example: I have a very long hallway and will be using fog to limit the players view. The only way I found to get the hallway long enough is to place doors which open while still in the fog, before arriving in the players line of sight. However, they also block light. Is there a way to stop blocking light, but only vision?

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    Blockable brushes are used to control cell divisions during portalization and optimization - they do not create anything that would block the view.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to re-create your scenario - I created a door between two rooms and a light source on one side. I was able to work around that blocked light using the trick below:
    1) Have your door at Closed state (default) and Optimize your mission. Dromed will create an additional cell at the center of the door, required to block the vision
    2) Select your door and change its Status to Open.
    3) Relight your mission - the light will go through
    4) Select your door again and change its status to Closed.

    The last bit to fix is, that when you start the game, the vision is not blocked, but once you open and close the door again, the blocking behaviour kicks in, as expected. So, you'd have to ensure, that this status gets reset at the start of a mission - be it a lever or something. Or maybe whatever way you control the closed/open state now, will do the job.

    It might be annoying to repeat it every time, but if you can live with the shadow for most of the testing time and do it only before the release, then it might be OK.

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    Why is fog alone not sufficient to block the player's view? Not sure what you're trying to achieve.

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    I believe Sperry wants to limit number of polygons drawn. (remember - Sperry loves Old Dark... )

    I used a similar technique in one of my missions, but I used it in a number of see-through windows, so I didn't mind the shadow.

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    Yes that's right. I'm using Old Dark and am attempting to find ways to surpass some limitations.

    Thanks for the info, PinkDot, that will help me achieve exactly what I was hoping to.

    Just one final question: is there a way to control Blockable Brushes without having to use doors?

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