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Thread: Kingdom Come - Deliverance

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Stabby, stabby, stabby.

    Basically, stab everyone. The slashing is too fiddly to ever get it to hit, so just ignore it completely, get a sword that does lots of stabby damage, and get stabby.
    Also grab a shield and learn the parry mechanic where you parry when the green shield appears in the middle of the reticle if you haven't done so already.
    Strength and Sword skill also have a big effect on the amount of damage you do. At my stage in the game, one stab is enough to kill a bog-standard bandit outright.

    But fully armoured dudes always take an age to kill, even if you're really stabby. Practice with the roadside encounters that repeat; those guys are always well armoured, and it'll give you a good idea of how long it takes to defeat a fully armoured opponent as well as allowing you to build your skill and strength.

    As for running away, it's difficult, but once you've got a little distance between yourself and the enemy, remember that when you whistle for your horse, it immediately appears. Hi-ho Silver! AWAY!

    Also, if you dive in to a stream (and there's almost always a stream nearby), you can cheese it a little, as enemies will have to follow you in single-file. They're too stupid to stay out of the stream, so you can pick them off with your bow. Which also works surprisingly well at point-blank range.

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    Cheerio, will have a... stab at it! I'd been trying thus far to get the hang of alternating slashing directions and parrying to the point I rarely even tried thrusting. And I'll check out that shield perk, the only one I got so far is Mule I.

    I should probably progress the main story a bit and see about getting a horse and access to a combat trainer.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    That shield perk is a freebie you get when progressing the main story.
    It becomes active once you have your first training session with Captain Bernard in Rattay. So yeah, I guess you've been playing the same way I had been, and avoiding progressing the main storyline. Get that particular early quest out of the way and things should get a lot easier.

    Not the best design decision, locking abilities behind story progression and not telling the player, but there we have it.

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    Ah, I see! Now that you mention it, I remember the prerelase videos featured the block indicator but it just slipped my mind, I was simply trying to time blocks by the enemy's swing.

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    I like watching the videos of this. It looks the part. Even the bugs and some amateurish assets (voice acting) seem somehow appropriate. No rush to actually get it though. I'll probably get it sometime next year. I'm still looking forward to the next Elder Scrolls more; I'm a sucker for classic fantasy.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    To be honest, my interest has petered out, and I've been drawn away by other games. It's fun, but moves at a glacial pace, and the combat is possibly even worse than Skyrim's. For all the slavish devotion to simulation, the lack of feedback and the fiddliness of slashing results in fights all just being non-reactive stabfests. There's very little feeling of weight to it all, and your blows very rarely feel like they connect, even when they do.

    On top of which, while it's probably more "realistic", there's a notable absence of combat, with most of the rest of the game being fetch quests.

    And the hunting is weirdly lifeless too. Animals behave very strangely, almost as if they're just particles rather than creatures, and there are no aggressive animals such as bears or wolves, which could have added some much needed pep.

    I will get around to finishing it, but at this point I'm hoping the main story introduces some interesting stuff sooner rather than later.

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    Patch 1.3.1 dropped just earlier, weighing in at around 5GB. Graphics settings for AA and V-Sync, quest fixes, an updated lockpicking UI, supposed performance fixes, Save & Quit, balance etc. I haven't gotten to play since last weekend, but looking forward to getting some hours in the next couple of days, will see.

    I did have a quick look tonight at the couple of mods I've installed:
    - Unlimited Saves: an update was needed and has already been published, a change in installation as well, tested the Schnapps version and it's working fine;
    - Sectorial Lockpicking: still works, but the new lockpick UI arguably addresses the same issue, I've removed it from now;
    - More Responsive Targetting: this still appears to be doing what it says on the tin, though I only got to briefly try it out when I first installed it so I don't know whether any changes in the new patch will impact its behaviour.

    Copied the patch notes in below.
    Release Notes for version 1.3.1

    • The game now has Save and Exit feature.
    • Saving is much more robust and saves won't get corrupted even if the game crashes while saving.
    • Performance improved
      - LoD switching tweaked, reducing pop-in and improving texture streaming.
      - Stuttering in some areas reduced.
      - Slightly smoother framerate on Vsync 30. (Consoles and some PCs)
    • Improved lockpicking
      - New interface design makes it much easier to hold the sweet spot while turning the lock.
      - Easy and Very Easy trunks are now easier to lockpick when playing with controller. (Mouse difficulty unchanged)
    • Improved pickpocketing
      - You will no longer get caught if you stop at the beginning of the minigame. (Unless someone sees you)
      - The risk indicator is now much more precise. When green, you are sure not to get caught.
    • Alchemy bench will no longer shoot you into the air.
    • The last quest with Lord Capon is now visible on the map when he is ready to assign it to you.
    • Guards won't frisk you so often.
    • Your horse shouldn't get stuck when jumping fences.
    • Horse items are cleaned along with player items in bathhouses.
    • You can see when looking at a bed whether it will save your game.
    • You can sleep on beds without having to sit down first.
    • Levelling up stealth by sneaking past enemies is more consistent.
    • Sneaking past sleeping NPCs is now easier.
    • Some easily accessible trunks with extremely good loot have been removed.
    • Cave mushrooms can now be found in many other damp places.
    • You can no longer autocook potions that you haven't brewed by hand at least once before.
    • German voiceovers will no longer cut off in mid-sentence in cutscenes.
    • Late game player strength tweaked
      - Some combat perks that were unintentionally overpowered were tuned down.
      - Weapons scale less with high-level stats.
      - It should now be much harder to kill high-level enemies with one hit. (Unless they're helmetless. Stupid Runt...)
    • Other combat system tweaks
      - "Untargeted attack" exploit fixed.
      - Enemy combat archery AI improved.
      - Guards now react to combat more aggressively.
    • And many other minor tweaks.
    • (PC only) It is now possible to select different types of anti-aliasing.
    • (PC only) It is now possible to set VSync to 30 or 60, or disable it completely.
    • (PC only) Steam Cloud saving enabled.
    • And over 300 other fixes in various quests.
    • Improved CPU load balancing - better performance.
    • Turkish subtitles added.

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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
    I <3 consoles and gamepads

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    Making of doco, Kickstarter reward for everyone AFAIK. In Czech with English subs, unfortunately.

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    PC Gamering Smartey Man
    I <3 consoles and gamepads

    Registered: Aug 2007
    Location: New Zealand
    v1.5 patch has 200+ fixes. Patch notes
    Probably a good time to jump in if you were holding off from playing because all of the launch bugs.

    DLC roadup detailed:-

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    Might be something to look forward to after I beat my certification exam...really need to buy a new gaming machine though. Some of the DLC also looks interesting with new characters and having a female protag has the potential for some interesting conflicts with the norms of the setting.

    In hindsight, does everyone still feel that it did a good job of giving the genre a somewhat more "medieval" atmosphere than the norm?

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    I'm hopefully just about to start playing Kingdom Come for the first time (installing right now and then I'll keep my fingers crossed that it runs somewhat well on my computer!) and I see that there's a bunch of DLC already available for the game. Is there some DLC that you folks would recommend for a first play through? Is the DLC something that I can just add to the game later if I wish, and don't have to start the game all over again to access the content?

    *sigh* The game is taking so long just to download that I might as well wait for the Xmas sales and see if the DLC is on discount.

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    The DLCs are short (around 3 hours each), but they improve the game. They're best done as early as possible (you can't access them immediately though). There's also an armor DLC which is actually pretty cool too. And a tournament DLC for free.

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