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Thread: Important note: download-center of is offline

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    Important note: download-center of is offline

    Hi fellows taffers,

    Unfortunately I've got some rather bad news concerning the download-center of which I would like to share with you on behalf of the people hosting and maintaining the website.
    The download-center has been taken offline during the last weekend due to massive abuse by an unknown party.
    Hence, all fan missions, patches, DromEd accessoires etc. are not available for download at the moment.

    Now let me explain what happened:
    The whole website, including the download-center, is privately hosted and thus paid for.
    Since the beginning of January an enormous and unusual increase of traffic has been detected by the staff, which was cut-off by taking the whole download section offline on Saturday.
    Meanwhile, the traffic resulted in additional costs of 550 (~750 US$) for just one month.

    It has not yet been decided whether it will be reactivated soon and if there are any restrictions to be implemented for the future.
    The staff of or I will keep you posted on any updates.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience but there is no other option at the moment.

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    Usually when things like this happen it's some amazingly butthurt person DDOSing a part of a community. I've also noticed downloads are really slow lately with uncharacteristically high amounts of downloaders but that may just be some of the traffic that would get going there instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by intruder View Post
    resulted in additional costs of 550€ (~750 US$) for just one month.
    That seems excessive and extortionate in the extreme, if the hosting staff cut of access to the site then they should have done it way before running up a $750 f*****g bill...!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerdude View Post
    if the hosting staff cut of access to the site then they should have done it way before running up a $750 f*****g bill...!!!
    AFAIK, the ones who run TTLG.DE (as admins and such) did not see it coming. There had been no warnings for them. Whether that is common in such a case or not I do not know.

    The people offering the server service for money, on the other hand, should have mentioned this to the ones from TTLG.DE, I think, before the bill went sky high. Unfortunately, they didn't. Maybe they did not have to, according to the law.

    The world's a shitty place, and we're sitting right in the middle of it.

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    Really sorry to hear this, intruder. I know there's nothing practical that we can do to help but if it is decided, and possible, to reactivate it and financial help is needed for that horrendous bill, please let us know. Occasionally I have some spare money and I would be very sorry to see the download facility disappear.

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    Yes, me too.

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    Me too. Remember a few years ago when this forum needed funds to keep going? It wasn't long before the target was exceeded.

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    Hello folks. After consultation with our server admin I'm offering a possibility to help. Because you're aware of the financially problems, I do not have to explain this part again. But you can help with a donation. I can not offer the transaction details here, but you can write an e-mail to our server admin. I'm sure he's looking forward for this. The e-mail adress is stschiesche [ - at - ]
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    Thanks for letting us know. I'm a bit brassic at the moment but should be able to do something at the end of the week.

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