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Thread: System Shock Infinite 2.4

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    The full version of System Shock Infinite 2.0 has been released!
    I have updated the first post with the new promo material.


    Extended trailer:

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    Silly question, perhaps, but is that video really supposed to be almost an hour long? (I'm at work and couldn't watch it with the sound on.) I'd love to watch a trailer, but at that length, even if it is an extended one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    Silly question, perhaps, but is that video really supposed to be almost an hour long? (I'm at work and couldn't watch it with the sound on.) I'd love to watch a trailer, but at that length, even if it is an extended one?
    The classic trailer is short, but it's quite outdated:

    In alternative, there's the story script page which hosts each of the videos making the extended trailer:

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    Hey guys, I know that I rarely post here and so none of you know me, but the Twitch channel ( is going to be streaming a few hours of System Shock Infinite 2.0 later today!

    The audience for the streams usually isn't too large (generally between 50 and 150 people, unless someone big like TotalBiscuit is the stream's host) but the streams are always a lot of fun, and the chat has a remarkable lack of trolls. What's more, today's streamer, Mat Van Rhoon, is a VFX creator by trade and will probably cook up a cool little intro video as well.

    I'm one of's regular streamers, and love the System Shock games (in fact, I streamed a good four hours of vanilla SS2 a couple of weeks ago), so I'm excited to see how the stream goes, and hope some of you can make it too! It begins at 11pm GMT / 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT.

    Also, if you do miss the stream and are interested in watching it after the fact, it'll be available at for a few weeks (until Twitch autodeletes it).
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    Here is the livestream aired yesterday on GOG, where Mat and Cat try out System Shock Infinite.

    GOG Twitch

    UNN Atropos, Captain Luke, Kolya, Dimi Doo and I were also there: we solved an installation problem and gave tips to unlock most of the events in MedSci. TheWeekendSlice helped us a great deal, after his own livestreaming of Fear 2. Mat and Cat had never tried the mod before, but did well nonetheless, even unlocking the Paradox Ending.

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    System Shock Infinite is being updated to v2.4 in an upcoming patch.
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    System Shock Infinite 2.4 has been released!

    Enhanced by months of user feedback, this update features a complete overhaul of the OS Upgrades system and further develops the Captain Diego storyline. Discover new weapons, enjoy unlimited time in the Cyberspace levels and unravel more mysteries to unlock the multiple endings.

    Story. What if it were actually possible, for the Soldier to meet up with Dr. Delacroix in the hangar bays? Join the two of them as they enter Shodan's world and become trapped in her schemes. What is real and what is hallucination, in her artificial reality? The answer lies in the amnesiac player's memory.

    Gameplay. Infinite plays a game of expectations with the veteran player. Core gameplay remains the same, but variation in the familiar events keeps you on edge: the formula is "shaken, not stirred". Choose a lower difficulty for a more arcade experience, or try the higher ones for some old-school RPG complexity.

    Steam installation instructions. Right click on System Shock 2 in your Steam library and select "Launch with Fan Missions". When FMSel prompts you about creating the \FMs folder, click "yes". Place Infinite's folder in \FMs and play via FMSel.

    GOG installation instructions. Run SS2Tool to update your game. It will add a shortcut to FMSel on the start menu: "SS2 Fan Mission Selector". When it prompts you about creating the \FMs folder, click "yes". Place Infinite's folder in \FMs and play via FMSel.

    Alternatively, you can use Blue Mod Manager and place Infinite's folder in \DMM. If you are having issues running mods and your game is installed in Program Files, move it to a different folder like C:\SS2.

    And here is the full 2.4 changelog:

    New OS Upgrades

    Environmental Resistance
    Provides immunity to all radiation and toxins.

    Grants +20 bonus defense and 3 extra inventory slots.

    Velocity Modulator
    Increases speed by 20% and grants immunity to fall damage.

    Security Expert
    Disabling security also shuts down any security robot.

    Synthetic Heart
    Increases hit points by 15.

    No time limit in Cyberspace and bonus to hacking against security terminals.

    Charged Strike
    Melee attacks can be charged for 100% more damage.

    You recover additional items from defeated enemies.

    Blast Proof
    Grants immunity to psionic burnout and splash damage from heavy weapons.

    Damaged recharge stations no longer explode when used.

    Subconsciously implements any unrecovered memories.
    (Note: this one unlocks all endings!)

    New Features

    Tier 4 Power: Entropic Tide
    Slows down organic and mechanical targets in a 50 feet radius.
    The effect is permanent. Ineffective against psionic creatures.

    Saving the Many
    Implemented a sidemission to save the crewmembers that were assimilated by the Many.

    New Weapons
    The pipe wrench, pulse rifle, phaser rifle and fusion launcher are now available.

    Quest Progress
    Tears in protoreality now reflect your progress in recollecting your past memories.

    Lt. Shephard's Encounters
    Shephard now plays a bigger role, and you'll have to fight his team to collect more memories.

    Cyberlink Cutscene
    On Expert and Infinite, running out of time in Cyberspace triggers a new cutscene.

    Streamlined Story
    Added new logs and story sequences to better flesh out the story.

    Voice Acting
    Marie Delacroix's and Captain Diego's voices have been improved.

    Infinite Difficulty
    Cybermodules are even scarcer now, on the highest difficulty setting.

    German Translation
    You can now enjoy all logs and subtitles in German, courtesy of UNN Atropos and Vegoraptor.


    Infinite is now compatible with SHMUP and Vurt's Organics.
    HD texture packs no longer overwrite some of Infinite's custom assets.
    Strength bonuses now properly benefit melee attacks.
    Memory chip logs can now be read with the "play last log" button.
    Restored the original names for anti-personnel bullets and anti-personnel shells.
    Increased rewards received by players during the Many and Lt. Shephard routes.
    Tears now preview which items are rewarded in the different routes.
    Removed outdated descriptions from the Stasis Device and the Marie:Security PSI power.
    Rebalanced the spawn rate of organs inside of special eggs.
    Hacked turrets no longer eject their casings around the player.
    Replaced damaged medical units that would still heal the player.

    Restored Polito's message to the player in Recreational.
    The brig cutscene no longer stops when you force open the forcefield.
    Replaced the music played during the Escape from Cyberspace event with a longer version.
    Fixed an issue with psionic echoes appearing before the music started, in the Rec lounge.
    Terminate Traps in the finale can only be destroyed by hacking, as originally intended.
    Dropping and picking up the simulation chips in Ops won't trigger the same email again.
    Additional Toxin-A vials are now available in the Body of the Many puzzle.
    Fixed an issue with the hackable corpse in Operations being difficult to hit.
    The door to the Recreational Theatre no longer disappears when opened.
    Recut Diego's dialogue in the lower level of Recreational.
    Fixed a bug which would cause Sgt. Bronson to move to the wrong location.
    The Recreational lobby cutscene no longer triggers exclusively at the entrance.
    Removed the cutoff points and reintroduced Marie: Escape in the Body of the Many.
    Fixed a potential conflict with an hybrid playing the wrong animation in Medsci.
    The secondary entrance to the recharger room in Medsci is now easier to spot.
    Fixed several typos in the text-only logs.


    Directed by Xdiesp, Art by Captain LKL.
    German translation by UNN Atropos and Vegoraptor.
    Proofreading by System Shocked, Haios and UNN Atropos.
    Pulse Rifle, Pipe Wrench models by Arcaniac.
    Ball Lightning Rifle model by Rainalkar and Rocketman.
    Fusion Cannon model by Assidragon (Ravenlord).
    Thanks to Hikari, Thiefsiefool, Zygo and NamelessVoice for their support!

    Punished Marie Delacroix 2.4
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    Alright...Looks like enough has been worked out to give it a go.

    See you on the other side.

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    My review of this FM.

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    Is this powerhouse of a project compatible with the Corbeau unofficial v2.44 patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Juggler View Post
    Is this powerhouse of a project compatible with the Corbeau unofficial v2.44 patch?
    Yes, it actually requires New Dark: so if you're using the GOG version of SS2, run SS2Tool once before installing. The Steam version is up to date at the moment.

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    Pretty much every new SS2 project nowadays requires newDark by default.

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