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Thread: More interesting screenshots...

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    More interesting screenshots...

    I thought somebody ought to post another thread. I've picked up Skyrim again (still haven't killed Alduin, I'll get round to it some time) and did a bit more with mods as I have a half capable laptop now. HD Textures not a problem.

    I'd resisted female body mods initially, but I think the Nord women should probably be more curvy. Perhaps I've gone too far in going for the TERA online armour conversions, because they look totally out of place.

    I also managed to get a posing mod (FNIS/Pinup Poser) working, although it initially kept crashing for no apparent reason.

    Yes, this armour makes no sense whatsoever in a very cold place, but I think the Forsworn women must be pretty chilly as well.

    Also I didn't like the too clean skin so I added Body Imperfect to CBBE. At least she looks a bit like she got into a fight with a bear.

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    I suppose nobody else has been noodling with posing mods.

    I accidentally got an interesting effect by leaving Sylde's magic readied before playing the pose:

    However, Whiterun stables was not the most interesting location to be pretending to get ready for a battle. She was wearing the Blade Dancer "armour", which has the "A sabre cat tore off half my clothing in the last encounter" look:

    So this pose made me think she was saying "So, I was like in this grody nord ruin and this Draugr Deathlord just totally freaked me out..."

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    Those ladies will catch their death of cold!

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    I'm just going to pretend the armour has an insulating enchantment...

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